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Regeneration ritual - shop purchase


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I've been neglecting the powerup & rechargers branch, since combat is not my thing, but the items in there are still useful, even for me...except the regeneration rituals. Those ARE useful, only not for people like me. I mean, it's a lot easier to use concotion of true self + distribute vitality to all. 

But I'm looking at regeneration ritual of youth and I'm thinking a new(ish) player might benefit from it. So...could there be coded a solution to bottle those items and made tradeable? Or woyld it be too much of a hassle? (after all, new players can buy it themselves and i can ignore it and not buy it)


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Now that I have a little more cash in the bank, I'm looking at these items and thinking pretty much the same thing (this is the one branch that stops me from resetting, because I want to know what it ends with).

Touch of God - Regeneration Ritual

Extreamly powerfull regeneration ritual. When you activate this ritual, 16 of your creatures will recover full health.

Regeneration Ritual of Youth   
This Ritual is an enchanted ritual that will not only regenerate 8 of your creatures but will also give you a temporary bonus to regeneration (60), attack (12) and initiative (16). Effects last for 15 minutes.
This is what I'm looking at and I can buy them right now, but it's to nobody's benefit. If there was a way for me to buy them and for them to turn into some spell that can later be accessed by an MP3 or for these to be gifted to random newly-created MP3 accounts, it'd be cool. Of course, if it's too much trouble, I won't insist.
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  • Root Admin

gifting to mp3 accounts no, its abusable due to alts, or at least thats what i think now.

Having such thing "for later use" sounds really good, i will try to remember it for when i will work some more on the shop. For now i wish to go on with other things first, maybe the shop later.

There are shop items in the features section that no longer make sense, and those have priority.

The shop holds items prepared many years ago, and while the shop is our only financial survival way (except what i put in constantly), its updated very rarely. I don't want to focus too much on the shop, otherwise i risk making too many paid features. 

Since they are all priced the same, you should consider some of them as a donation better :) 

I will try to fix many things as much as i can, but there are so many, md is so big...




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