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The Empty White Knight

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Recipe: Aramor Warrior (level 2) totem + Hollow Warrior totem + Ashes (I can't remember how I got these but I'm fairly sure they're rather rare) + Basic Iron Ingot + Lonsdaleite Shards + Uncut Diamond (Idea being the diamond is used to catalyze the combination of the two [presumably] less hard items into a Lonsdaleite-infused armour and weapon)

Alternately could be a Tainted Nutcracker, but that doesn't feel quite right

Knight's Fenth consumes Death Spores to become real, due to his self-destructive nature

Targets random friendly creatures with damage ability using huge attack & defence stats and relatively high initiative, eventually learning to target weak, then dying, then strong (himself hopefully :p) creatures.

If possible with the combat system as-is, I could see him damaging random between all creatures including friendly and enemy, but if not possible I'm not sure I like that idea anyways, just figured I'd mention it

Starts as a childlike & humanlike creature with his sword too big for him but he can lift it anyways, ends as a well-poised knight with horns coming through his helm and blood dripping from his sword, maybe a crown of thorns too :P

Combiner inside the House of Tainted Times (or outside if you simply MUST)

Doublefreeze and Vampiric Auras (if that's too much, just doublefreeze would do) starts with Vampiric, learns doublefreeze at max (level 5)

High risk high reward creature, difficult to attain

If Necrovion is too populated with creatures, maybe Underground would be a better fit, but his nature fits well with current NC creatures (UP and TS) in my mind

Inspired by White Knights (the modern colloquial usage)

Edit: Incase some don't know the term, here is a serviceable definition

Any glaring oversights you might notice?

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