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What does A25 mean?


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A25 is a codename which is used to refer to the big changes in MD that come with removal of flash and a variety of "new age" MD features such as the ability to modify and configure scenes by "non god" characters. Over time it has became to mean the variety of big "game" changes that Mur and myself have been making.

The codename was named after a joke between myself and Mur. He said that X changes will be ready by Autumn, I joked back that he didn't name and year, and flippantly suggested that it would be Autumn 2050 (implying that the work he was doing would never actually be finished, at the time he was known for never finishing a single project in MD). After that we both started to referring to some of the big projects as Autumn2050, which has now been abbreviated to A25.

16 hours ago, Aia del Mana said:

I believe this were the thirty year deadline set by Chewett for Mur.

Its been around for a couple years now, so not a 30 year deadline.

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In other words, A25 has become my plan to create all tools needed for a player to expand md without any need of file access or coding skills. Right now the "A25 team" is a handful of players that have these tools and that use it. 

From time to time i allow someone new in, and give an other player the chance to play (and keep) god-mode tools for creating quests and stuff for the others to enjoy.

Unlike chew said, no i am not naming any big change "a25" but instead i do that only for the things that are related to these tools or interfaces. I flag them so in the announcements, so that people having the tools will know they have access to that, and the others to know that those things announced are in the hands of those having the tools.

While i put all the tech details in the "questmakers backpack" forum section, the announcements are written so that it should be clear for everyone what possiblities any new A25 tool opens.

For example, if i say in the announcement that a A25 tool was made to create borken pattern type puzzles, you can expect such puzzles comming up in the next days/weeks, done by those that use these tools.


I hope its more clear now, good topic btw :)

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