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Changes in LoreRoot-lack of RPC items


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It's been awhile since I played besides these last two months.

However, when in Loreroot, I felt like the land was very empty in terms of interaction. ( I don't know if madman's game was broken and therefore got removed or what, but I liked that puzzle)

I like the reemergence of the LoreRoot guards, I think that is important for new players to have a boundary.


However, in my attempt to generate a quest of my own, I realized that there are only TWO clickies (that I could find) that are RPC-usable. one in the library (which I couldn't edit), and the arch. This distinct lack of ability to integrate player-generated quests that involve LR may have a deleterious effect on the number of players that regularly visit Loreroot in general.

*and the chest in the defense tower*

Just some thoughts. Are there other RPC clickies that I missed? There are several (particularly on trees) that do nothing when clicked. And a few objects that were obviously clickies at one point (or I recall them being clickies) but are not now.

Some guidance in this matter would be appreciated. 

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Some lands have fewer, but combined, they make for plenty of clickables in the realm. Ever since I started playing, I've been told that a quest that makes you run around from land to land is a good quest. Loreroot might lack such clickables, but it gained a tag dispatcher and resource-related clickables that let you make paper, barriers, memory stone tablets a.o. in the last year(s).

Just to make sure, when you say LR has too few RPCQ clickables, you say it because you'd like to create a quest that takes place only inside the land?

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No, I didn't want make a quest just inside LR. I wanted to make a quest that took players all throughout the different lands. 

I just thought it was hard to take players into LR without requiring them to make resources->yes making resources is cool, but it is also kind of restrictive if that is balancing somehow to make players go there. If I (or any player) want to make a quest that doesn't require resource gathering (like text-based quests, with some artworks), then LR isn't a very viable option atm. (Please keep in mind that this is probably irrelevant with the introduction of A25-- as MDSCript and A25 appear to be 2 different things).




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I mentioned those clickables to point out that LR has had some points of interest added lately, it's not like it's been neglected. Certainly, that doesn't help with what you want to do, but I don't think you need too many rpcq clickables anyway. 

If you can suggest some good options for clickables and their use, perhaps they'd get added?

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Ah, I see your point.

We could turn any section of tile on madman's game into a clicky, make any section of the bridge away from madman's game into a clickie, add another book clickie, make something else at oak fort, besides just alliances (even the broken bridge itself could become clickable-if only for the message that it is out on this side as well). Literally put a stone on the path anywhere closer to the main entrance, and BOOM, clickie!


I don't know. My main goal with this post was to make my plight known. In the hopes that perhaps one more could be added by someone with A25 tools. 

As I said, please excuse my ignorance. I was having trouble finding a lot of assistance when I was in-game so I wanted to ask here how to go about it. I also am not trying to say that there is anything wrong with LR, quite the contrary. I just remember there being more to do.

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I can certainly create and add of more clickies from elements already within scenes. If thou hast an idea for an element within a scene that should be turned into a clicky, let me know, and I shall create of it.

Creating of new elements from new artwork were also possible, if the new artwork were provided.

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