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Auto resize problem on mobile


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The pop up window, like messages, updates and adventure logs, etc. , cannot fit the screen well. 
what usually happens is part of the left and right side is hidden. 
for some window with a clickable button in the bottom, it’s usually hard to click as the button is hidden behind the bottom edge of the window. For example the fight log, it’s hard to click the result button. 

As I use the mobile to play very often recently, it’s painful sometimes.


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In addition, anything that requires static selection access (clicking and holding) such as sliders or drag and drops for combiners do not work on mobile. Is there anyway we could have players input  values next to valid ingredients or type in a value for erolin devices? Particularly as both fights and combiners are on GI, I would hate for a new player to think that something doesn’t work at all (not knowing it is exclusive to mobile) and therefore give up.

Since chewett has made another forum topic about all papers being buggered, though inelegant, could pop ups instead be smaller size and say something like info will open up in new tab? Or would this turn people off more than text boxes not resizing properly?

I’m sure making these changes would require of a lot of coding as well as some some loss of aesthetics, however it might be helpful.

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some other issues on mobile:

1. cannot move the slider when choose the percentage of pray power. 

2. in some locations the arrow is unable to click. as inside MB capital and some places I don't remember clearly. 


And the button of the fight result is hard to click on both PC and mobile.  

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