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A new type of paper that after the day it was written, cannot be edited, to store one's mind, thought and memories of the events that took place. It would be more of a "collection", with entries sorted by date, time, and possibly a user-assigned significance.

The idea is to promote journals from being written, and events to be recorded by multiple eye-witnesses and written with their own take. It would also serve as a tool to remember one's own journey through the land.

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There are players that have written on their personal page memorable feats (some have dated them as well). Although the journal page idea is appealing, I think it doesn't make sense to have a personal page and a journal page, since content will probably be the same at core. I'd like to see such a page somewhere, though.

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I'd say that the journal/diary page be a more specialized page. Due to this nature, one could easily assume the purpose of such paper and give it features to make it more convenient.

The core difference was listed already, though I'll make it a bullet-point to clarify it:

  • Journals will not be editable past the day it was written
  • Journals will have the date assigned automatically
  • Journal entries can be listed on a long list, as multiple pages with their own title and the date it was written
  • Journal entries can be marked with importance and category, making it easy to search/filter them

I'd say, the key difference being like between a standard notebook and a diary, while one can use both the same way, there would be features unique to the diary that makes the process more streamlined and convenient.

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Regarding an example, take Chew's recent coronation as one. There were many eye-witnesses, each with their own perspective, their own comment and their own observation. An ideal use-case for such a journal entry: One may list their own observation, what they saw and what they thought about the event. This loosely connected journals can be studied and shared by future archivists (should the writer decided to share it) to get a more unique perspective on the event, one that isn't simply what the limited words an announcement can portray.

Such event may not find itself on personal pages, but I do believe it is important enough that many would consider freezing the moment on their own journal, frozen and unaltered in time for eternity

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