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My budding role

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Hello all!

I have been back in MD for a few months at this point and I have been enjoying it quite a lot. I have pondered many of the mysteries that MD still provides. I have aimlessly wandered, seeking to re-discover long-forgotten events of the long-buried past. I have sought to learn more of what has happened in my absence, to contribute more to the realm as I feel within my scope of talents.

I am not sure what Steno's inevitable role will be but for now I have decided that Quest-making and story-telling are what Steno has a strong desire to do. He is unsure of the quality or permanence of his contributions but he shall attempt to make them anyway. He enjoys these endeavors and finds that he loves it when the realm is full of these kinds of aspects. Steno, being a believer in that most famous phrase by Mahatma Gandhi "be the change that you wish to see in the world". Therefore he has endeavored to ascend to MP5 to discover more, but more importantly to advance his creatures to offer better rewards for the quests. If he enjoys quests then he wants to make quests for others to enjoy as well. The best gift is the one you give yourself. Steno needed to meet the Role-playing requirement in order to ascend. He would not have ascended if there were not enough people present who believed that he was ready to ascend. So thank you for believing in him!

For those of you at his Ascension, he shall grant plushies to those in attendance. If you solve the riddles and get the clue word by guessing the location and password  then you come back and tell steno in sage's keep. First person to answer each riddle will get additional plushies.

Find below the riddles that he has given. You can attempt all three if you wish. All three are up so if you're stumped on one you can move on to the next. :)



I have lain here for what feels like eons,

While all has changed, even pantheons.

Lying among the ruin of war,

As an attempt to open the door,

to get to the end of conflict.

Many of my pages from me have been ripped.

All to see if the tide could be tipped.

Alas I lay here, long forgotten,

though victory achieved, its spoils ill-gotten.

Though all around me stand ready,

To aim these tools that you must hold ______?



As you hear such a melodious tune

you realize you know not your destination

though you hope you'll be there soon.

This may be a test of your dedication

as you must play [T1] the point halfway,

using tests of your observation,

between a "B" and an "A".

As into my secrets you seek to delve,

remember, including me, there are only twelve.

Though only 4 tell my story.

We all have inside us ivory.



I come in bits and pieces,

put together I form a whole.

It's athletics for the mind,

the more you think, the more you find.

Sometimes it can be a grind,

but then, that is the goal.

What am I?

Now tell my name where you see a fin

and you will never have to think on me again.


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In spoilers is the unfiltered log of Ascension party for @Ailith



Aelis:Ha, I beat you to it!
[09/05/20 18:06] Aelis::)
[09/05/20 18:06] :Aia curtsies to all present in the Keep
[09/05/20 18:06] Steno: *grins* hello friends!
[09/05/20 18:07] Aelis:Hello there *grins*
[09/05/20 18:07] Steno:Ah, Aia!
[09/05/20 18:08] Aia:Greetings, Steno. I do apologise, but fear I may not be able to remain present for the festivities.
[09/05/20 18:08] Steno::) Do you recall what I spoke about earlier? The building of a wickerman, made of thorns and iris?
[09/05/20 18:09] Steno: (That is okay. I tried to make it feasible for your time-zone, but I don\'t think I did a very good job)
[09/05/20 18:09] Aia:I recall of a message with allusion to the same.
[09/05/20 18:09] Aia: (That\'s fine, there is always going to be a time zone for which things won\'t work)
[09/05/20 18:09] Aia: (Also as a shift worker even if things work out for my time zone they might not always work out for me anyway)
[09/05/20 18:10] Steno:So I was considering a skeleton of the ritual something like this for the cauldron
[09/05/20 18:10] Steno:When you get the right hand you say
[09/05/20 18:10] Steno:"the hand that deals with what it must." Then say something like "I place my trust and life in thee"
[09/05/20 18:11] Steno:"with the sacrifice of the futile I give them form"
[09/05/20 18:12] Aia: (sorry, what is this ritual planned for again?)
[09/05/20 18:12] Steno:the left hand would be for things that are \'lusts\' or wants, so just as important as the right hand, but different
[09/05/20 18:12] Steno: (I was hoping to make it a reanimation rituation, but the words and forms are honestly escaping me)
[09/05/20 18:13] Aia: (Ah, is this for your own ascension or for the reanimation of a particular recent victim of lashtal?)
[09/05/20 18:13] Aia: (Or another ritual - mind you, there is a lot of room for rituals like this in the right context and to make the right things happen)
[09/05/20 18:14] Steno:Potentially for anyone murdered. I was thinking about a single-person cauldron item that required resource-gathering on the part of the dead
[09/05/20 18:14] Steno: (to be a solo-revival mechanism that required resourcesand/or clickies)
[09/05/20 18:14] Aia: (Would this be functionallty different from a single-person grave-wreath item that required resource gathering on the behalf of the dead?)
[09/05/20 18:15] Aia: (functionally*?)
[09/05/20 18:15] Steno:Yes, the dead themselves would have to gather, would be the intent.
[09/05/20 18:15] Aia: (Ah, I see. I think it definitely would be good for the dead to have their own way to revive)
[09/05/20 18:15] Steno:So here is basic roadmap I had, I don\'t have right words or \'ingredients\' to ritual, just 5 components so far.
[09/05/20 18:16] Aia: (This framework seems interesting. Would you also be putting other limbs into the cauldron or perhaps a torso and head?)
[09/05/20 18:16] Steno:right hand=musts/ left hand=lusts (wants) , right foot=going/ left foot=past places you\'ve been/ trunk or torso=the experience to know the difference
[09/05/20 18:17] Steno:Basically they would get the 5 parts from clickies, but there would be 2 unique dead resources=irises and thorn brambles, that need to be placed in the cauldron to along with the 5 parts
[09/05/20 18:18] Aia: (the symbolism could be like being at a crossroads)
[09/05/20 18:18] Steno:irises=the flower that symbolizes knowledge/ the thorns are that putting yourself inside the wicker man must be painful to you
[09/05/20 18:19] Aia: (One foot in the future, the other in the past. One arm for hedonistic desires, and one for necessities; the head and heart and odds to steer them down a path)
[09/05/20 18:20] Aia: (Your thoughts are not too different from Azull\'s.)
[09/05/20 18:20] Steno:Indeed, the heart was supposed to be the torso, the head was my idea of the only thing you started with :P
[09/05/20 18:20] Aia: (He asked me for a flower drawing some time ago for this very purpose)
[09/05/20 18:21] Aia: (You can see it in Necrovion, but the functionality is not there yet)
[09/05/20 18:21] Steno: *chuckles* Of COURSE he did! That\'s why he just smiled when I told him this idea!
[09/05/20 18:21] Aia: (It wasn\'t an iris though, but that might be a consideration for another drawing)
[09/05/20 18:21] Steno: (I have seen it I like it)
[09/05/20 18:22] Steno: (ritual should always be steeped in symbolism) The problem is the words. I have the basics, but no words. Certianly nothing on par with your rebirth ritual\'s language
[09/05/20 18:24] :Lazarus nods to everyone present
[09/05/20 18:24] Steno:Again, the ritual would be in a half-destroyed book that the player finds, alongside harvesting implements (if that\'s the way to do it) . There is a cost, besides pain but the page is gone from book
[09/05/20 18:24] Aia: (It is easier to write around something when you know the underlying function)
[09/05/20 18:24] :Aia waves to Lazarus
[09/05/20 18:25] Steno:So player would "lose" something to choose this route, forever. But I want something more intricate, more delicate than just a simple permanent -5% Ve
[09/05/20 18:25] Aia: (In the same way that it is easier to draw something when you have a stimulus for it rather than without)
[09/05/20 18:25] Steno: (indeed, all creativity needs a muse)
[09/05/20 18:25] Aia: (ah, a negative boost to vitality would be interesting)
[09/05/20 18:25] Lazarus: (Didn\'t know that hole on the left side is clickable)
[09/05/20 18:26] Aia: (wonder what happens when you get negative total vitality)
[09/05/20 18:26] Steno: *waves to Lazarus* Welcome to the "Steno had another idea so watch him talk through it! :)
[09/05/20 18:26] :Steno looks for Mallos
[09/05/20 18:26] Aia: (I\'m sure Mallos would do something odd with it)
[09/05/20 18:26] Lazarus: (I have a message for you Steno, click on that hole on the left and speak "mp5")
[09/05/20 18:26] :Steno chuckles
[09/05/20 18:26] Lazarus:Ah it is an idea? I thought you were just rambling
[09/05/20 18:27] Steno:No, I need Aia to use her fancy words and thoughtful/creative mind to help me word a cauldron spell
[09/05/20 18:27] Lazarus:Sounds interesting
[09/05/20 18:28] Lazarus:Please, continue
[09/05/20 18:28] Aia: (How is the judging going for the Sage\'s Keep quest, now that you are here?)
[09/05/20 18:29] Steno:I was thinking Aia that this route would be pretty easy to do, the only artwork could be the completed wicker man himself, oh and I guess the burnt book. But everything else could be done in-clicki
[09/05/20 18:29] Aia: (Let me think on some ritual-words for the framework that you have suggested to me)
[09/05/20 18:29] Aia: (A thought about the "ease" of returning to life)
[09/05/20 18:30] Aia: (I do think it needs to be way easier than it is now)
[09/05/20 18:30] Steno: (I am not involved with it, I have sent it off ot the judge. It will be a difficult thing to judge. It is the hangover that it tedious for me)
[09/05/20 18:30] Aia: (But it can\'t be too trivial)
[09/05/20 18:30] Steno: (sorry \'easy\' means easy to implement. NOT ease for player)
[09/05/20 18:30] Aia: (1000 flowers is a bit prohibitive)
[09/05/20 18:31] Aia: (the fact that the 1000 flowers needs to be collected by others is even more prohibitive)
[09/05/20 18:31] Steno:I wanted the heart to be the last part found, someplace that is THREE dead anchors away. After all, they have to return to the another location with the completed man
[09/05/20 18:31] Aia: (the fact that kill items just require one gold to activate is definitely very imbalanced)
[09/05/20 18:32] Steno:The final location of the wicker man wouldn\'t be the graveyard, it would be someplace that isn\'t dead anchor, so you have to do the ceremony while watching the clock
[09/05/20 18:32] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Aia
[09/05/20 18:32] Steno: (for your help and presence)
[09/05/20 18:33] Aia: (I assume that this is with the provision that moving as a dead person would be easier than it is now)
[09/05/20 18:33] Aia: (At the moment the dead essentially can\'t move... lol)
[09/05/20 18:33] Aia: (since the announcement was made that the free credits don\'t give AP to the dead)
[09/05/20 18:33] Aia: (and that all the AP of the dead are consumed each movement)
[09/05/20 18:34] Steno:No, with the movement restriction. I was thinking of making it scaled. It is EASY to find the left hand and the left foot, like within 1 movement cycle
[09/05/20 18:34] Steno:the right hand and foot are 2 movements away (but separate) as they are harder to identify in life
[09/05/20 18:35] Steno:and the heart, the "wisdom to know the difference" is 3 movement cycles away. Then you have to go to some scene (perhaps at way of cleansing, so popes can watch)
[09/05/20 18:36] Steno:and build the wicker man and complete the cauldron spell before the tether pulls you back to your leyline to the dead, the graveyard
[09/05/20 18:36] Steno: (If it is easy to find 40% of needed parts, players will have hope they can revive, and desire to continue)
[09/05/20 18:36] Trola:hello all
[09/05/20 18:36] :Steno waves to Trola
[09/05/20 18:36] :Lazarus nods to Trola
[09/05/20 18:36] Aia: (Interesting, so the difficulty of this quest is not in gathering a large number of things, but really in being able to travel with death anchors)
[09/05/20 18:36] :Aia waves to Trola
[09/05/20 18:37] Trola:Steno here will party take place?
[09/05/20 18:37] Steno: (yes, though the gathering should be able to be done throughout. I\'m thinking you need 20 rose brambles, and 10 irises, graveyard has 5 of each, so it is easy to deplete)
[09/05/20 18:37] Aia: (It would be relatively simple using A25 to make five clickies that give you items and the cauldron to check that you have them, combine them and return you to life)
[09/05/20 18:38] Aelis: *waves* Hi, Trola!
[09/05/20 18:38] Aia: (It would be harder to make the person speak the ritual - but actually this is possible as well, with a new function that Mur coded earlier this year)
[09/05/20 18:38] Steno: *smiles* Yes Trola. Right now I\'m just brainstorming an idea with people here.
[09/05/20 18:38] Trola:should I come back later?
[09/05/20 18:39] Steno:I think speaking the words would be important. Also unique. No Trola, please stay. There\'s a reason I am thinking outloud in public/ :)
[09/05/20 18:39] Trola:don\'t want to interrupt :)
[09/05/20 18:39] Aia: (What would need to happen would either have to be coded the same way that tea-making is coded, which is not A25)
[09/05/20 18:39] Aia: (or the way that Mur has coded, which actually gives some leeway for some wrong words)
[09/05/20 18:40] Aia: (Which is possible with A25)
[09/05/20 18:40] Aia: (The phrases would have to be sufficiently short and simple for this however)
[09/05/20 18:41] Steno:So I give of my wants
[09/05/20 18:42] Steno:"I give of my needs", I give of my goals, I give of my dreams", I give of the path I have tread?: for example?
[09/05/20 18:42] Aia: (Yes, those would make ideal phrases)
[09/05/20 18:42] Aia: (easy for people to type in the given time)
[09/05/20 18:43] Steno: *thinks* Aelis, Laz, Ledah, all, any thoughts?
[09/05/20 18:43] Steno:*Trola too :)
[09/05/20 18:43] Lazarus:It sounds good so far
[09/05/20 18:44] Steno:Sweet! Now to talk to Azull about it and to draw myself a wickerman :P
[09/05/20 18:45] Aelis: (sorry, I\'m trying to work on a song. I didn\'t read everything)
[09/05/20 18:45] Aelis: (sounds good from what I\'ve read tho)
[09/05/20 18:45] Steno:Thank you Aia, I really appreciate it, if you have any thoughts on the words, please let me know.
[09/05/20 18:45] Aia: (You\'re very welcome! It\'s nice of you to share your ideas with me as well)
[09/05/20 18:46] Steno: (sorry it took longer than the promised 5 minutes)
[09/05/20 18:46] Aia: (I\'m thinking of some ritual-words at the moment using your framework)
[09/05/20 18:46] Aia: (That\'s perfectly fine!)
[09/05/20 18:47] Steno: *laughs* What a benevolent king! Making jumplinks left and right!
[09/05/20 18:47] lashtal:Greetings to you all
[09/05/20 18:48] :Steno waves to lashtal
[09/05/20 18:48] Aelis: *smiles* Hello, lashtal!
[09/05/20 18:49] lashtal: (working on a song? :-) )
[09/05/20 18:49] :yokin failed to cast a spell
[09/05/20 18:50] :lashtal bows to the ascending one
[09/05/20 18:50] ~~Ghost~~:[Spell] Twisted light on
[09/05/20 18:50] Aia: (... someone needs to revive yokin so he can attend this)
[09/05/20 18:50] Aelis: (xD actually I\'m trying to play the melody AND the bass on Limbo)
[09/05/20 18:50] Aelis: (my fingers hurt already)
[09/05/20 18:51] :~~Ghost~~ hugs Steno
[09/05/20 18:51] :~~Ghost~~ and passes his body
[09/05/20 18:51] Steno: (hahaha!- you mean we need to put some meat on his bones? :) )
[09/05/20 18:51] ~~Ghost~~: (don\'t do that)
[09/05/20 18:52] Steno:dang Tissy is trying to beat my consecutive day count!
[09/05/20 18:52] ~~Ghost~~:it
[09/05/20 18:53] Steno: *bows to Chewett* Thank you for deeming my silliness worthy of a jumplink!
[09/05/20 18:53] ~~Ghost~~:it\'s a permanent race XD
[09/05/20 18:53] Steno:*vanity, not silliness XP
[09/05/20 18:53] Trola:How many you have Steno?
[09/05/20 18:53] Steno:91.
[09/05/20 18:55] Morlecid:I have 0!
[09/05/20 18:55] Steno:You can do it Morlecid! I mean getting to MP4 within 29 days is itself an accomplishment
[09/05/20 18:55] Morlecid:what
[09/05/20 18:55] ~~Ghost~~:you were going super fast
[09/05/20 18:55] Trola:You need to pump those numbers up son! (Meme potential Steno?)
[09/05/20 18:55] ~~Ghost~~:mortal
[09/05/20 18:56] Steno: *laughs* Indeed Trola. (Morlecid, it says you only have 29 days of activity, but getting 200 fights in that time is pretty astonishing)
[09/05/20 18:56] MaGoHi:chew?
[09/05/20 18:56] Morlecid:oh this is only my second time mp4
[09/05/20 18:57] Chewett: (Chew?)
[09/05/20 18:58] Steno: (brb-grabbing a quick snack to *chew* on ;) )
[09/05/20 18:58] :MaGoHi passed Gateway teleport pebble to Chewett
[09/05/20 18:58] :MaGoHi passed Gateway tour flag to Chewett
[09/05/20 18:58] :MaGoHi passed Gateway tour megaphone to Chewett
[09/05/20 18:58] :MaGoHi passed Gateway tour megaphone to Chewett
[09/05/20 18:58] :Aia passes a note to Steno
[09/05/20 18:59] :MaGoHi passed Hot Air Balloon to Chewett
[09/05/20 18:59] :MaGoHi passed Hot Air Balloon to Chewett
[09/05/20 18:59] :MaGoHi passed Hot Air Balloon to Chewett
[09/05/20 18:59] :lashtal passes another note to Steno
[09/05/20 18:59] MaGoHi:should be all i think
[09/05/20 18:59] Chewett:Thank you
[09/05/20 18:59] MaGoHi:thank you
[09/05/20 19:00] :Aia curtsies low to Lintara
[09/05/20 19:00] :Morlecid purrs
[09/05/20 19:00] :Lintara nods to Aia
[09/05/20 19:01] :Lazarus bows to Chewett and Lintara
[09/05/20 19:01] Aia:Your Majesty, thy presence were a blessing, as always.
[09/05/20 19:02] Lazarus:Indeed so
[09/05/20 19:02] Steno:So many monarchs! Now I have to figure out how to bow to 2 people at once!
[09/05/20 19:02] Lintara: *nods back to Lazarus* Thank you for your kind words, Aia and Lazarus. You may stand.
[09/05/20 19:03] :Steno bows in a crazy style pointing in two directions at once. It shouldn\'t even be possible
[09/05/20 19:03] lashtal:Don\'t bow too rapidly or they will think you\'re headbanging
[09/05/20 19:03] :Chewett bows to Lintara
[09/05/20 19:03] :Aia slowly rises to her feet
[09/05/20 19:03] Sunfire:evening
[09/05/20 19:04] Lintara: *nods to Chewett* Greetings, King of Marind Bell and Grand Duke of the East.
[09/05/20 19:04] :Steno decides to kneel in front of chewett for good measure, to show he favors his monarch
[09/05/20 19:04] :Chewett thinks Steno is crazy
[09/05/20 19:04] Chewett:Lintara, you know me.
[09/05/20 19:04] Chewett:Call me Chewett, nothing more. please.
[09/05/20 19:05] :MaGoHi headbangs like the others do
[09/05/20 19:05] Lintara: *sighs a little* Chewett, if we\'re not being formal, then please say hello in normal fashion.
[09/05/20 19:05] :Steno knees are starting to hurt. Looks for his master of ceremonies, Ledah
[09/05/20 19:05] :Ledah coughs
[09/05/20 19:06] Chewett:I am first your friend Lintara, the rest is unimportant *smiles*
[09/05/20 19:06] Chewett:Get up you silly fool Steno, Ledah is here
[09/05/20 19:06] Lintara: *nods to Steno as well* ( *and tries not to think she\'s headbanging at this point* )
[09/05/20 19:06] :Steno stands up
[09/05/20 19:06] Ledah:Yes, yes, quite the crowd it seems.... More than for mine! Tsch.
[09/05/20 19:06] :Morlecid headbangs
[09/05/20 19:07] :lashtal horns up
[09/05/20 19:07] Taurion:Greetings creatures of the four corners of the realm
[09/05/20 19:07] :Taurion bows to all
[09/05/20 19:07] Steno: (if you have to leave before you go, pm me so I can give you something later)
[09/05/20 19:07] lashtal:Ah, you mention horns...
[09/05/20 19:07] lashtal:Greetings Taurion
[09/05/20 19:07] Morlecid:hello fellow beasty
[09/05/20 19:07] Taurion:lashtal, Morlecid *nods*
[09/05/20 19:08] Lintara:Good evening, Taurion.
[09/05/20 19:08] Taurion:Queen of the Jungle *bows*
[09/05/20 19:08] :Ledah clears his throat
[09/05/20 19:08] :Aia waves to Taurion
[09/05/20 19:08] Ledah:Right, enough of the niceties, I\'ve got a ceremony to ad-lib here
[09/05/20 19:08] :Lintara nods back
[09/05/20 19:08] :Steno chuckles
[09/05/20 19:09] Taurion:Lady Aia *nods*
[09/05/20 19:09] Taurion:Right, apologies
[09/05/20 19:09] :lashtal turns to Ledah
[09/05/20 19:10] Ledah:We are of course, all here for Steno today. When he first offered me 5GC to make a speech, I told him to make it 10GC and here we all are. So, what is there to say about the guy?
[09/05/20 19:10] Ungod: (I made it)
[09/05/20 19:10] :Lintara focuses her attention towards Ledah
[09/05/20 19:10] MaGoHi:he is rich!
[09/05/20 19:11] :Ungod bows to the king of speeches Ledah
[09/05/20 19:12] Ledah:He is from the good old days and a returned soul, it is just a shame he decided to return to MB, if you ask me. Nevertheless, he has already proven himself skilled in making and completing quests.
[09/05/20 19:12] :Aia nods in agreement
[09/05/20 19:12] Ledah:I am sure I speak for us all in welcoming him to MP5, especially as we will all need 500 wins shortly.
[09/05/20 19:13] :Morlecid meows in agreement
[09/05/20 19:13] :MaGoHi sharpens his ears
[09/05/20 19:13] Ledah:Last but not least, I have a gift for you. It is a creature I feel symbolises you perfectly, encapsulating your future potential and dashing good looks.
[09/05/20 19:13] :Steno facepalms
[09/05/20 19:13] Ledah:I hope you treat it well, should it perish, I will never forgive you.
[09/05/20 19:13] :Ledah passed Shmsh Fenth to Steno
[09/05/20 19:13] Ledah:To Steno!
[09/05/20 19:13] :Ungod claps claps claps
[09/05/20 19:14] :Aelis claps
[09/05/20 19:14] :Chewett claps
[09/05/20 19:14] :lashtal claps
[09/05/20 19:14] :Sunfire claps
[09/05/20 19:14] :Lintara cheers and applauds
[09/05/20 19:14] :Aia applauds
[09/05/20 19:14] :Ledah cheers
[09/05/20 19:14] :Taurion raises his hammer
[09/05/20 19:14] Steno: *blushes immensely* What a truly fantastic gift Ledah! Thank you!
[09/05/20 19:14] :Morlecid claws at Steno
[09/05/20 19:14] Ledah:Does anyone else have any kind words? Don\'t mention his marble obsession.
[09/05/20 19:15] :Aelis coughs
[09/05/20 19:15] Aelis:I have a few words
[09/05/20 19:15] :Ledah passes the mic to Aelis
[09/05/20 19:15] :Aelis grabs the miq
[09/05/20 19:15] :Aelis walks forward and turns to the crowd
[09/05/20 19:16] Aelis:I met Steno a couple months ago. I remember that we had a nice conversation in the East (of course) . I also remember feeling like I\'d known him for a long time.
[09/05/20 19:16] Aelis:Since that day, we\'ve had numerous exchanges and, with each additional one, my respect and admiration for him would only increase.
[09/05/20 19:17] Aelis:Throughout the years, I\'ve come to notice something interesting in the realm. Every once in a while, there comes someone or a group of people and you can easily tell they are destined for greatness.
[09/05/20 19:17] Aelis:We can all agree that Steno is definitely one of those. His case is rather unique, though, because he\'s also a vet! He\'s waaay up on my friends list.
[09/05/20 19:17] Aelis:However, at the same time, he\'s got the drive of a fresh newcomer. This is a very powerful combination! I, surely along with others, am really looking forward to seeing his next steps in the realm.
[09/05/20 19:18] Aelis: (I tried guessing what might come next for him, but he seems to be working on so many different kinds of projects that predicting his next steps is quite impossible)
[09/05/20 19:18] Aelis: *turns to Steno* My friend, I\'m truly happy to see you rise to MP5. May it open new doors and lead to new stairs for you to ascend.
[09/05/20 19:18] Ungod:+claps*
[09/05/20 19:19] Aelis:I see you understand the power of symbolism in the realm and, as such, I would like to give you this in honor of this ceremony, this place and this land.
[09/05/20 19:19] :Aelis passed Angien card to Steno
[09/05/20 19:19] :Aelis passed Bell Key to Steno
[09/05/20 19:19] Aelis: *bows and claps* Go Steno!
[09/05/20 19:20] :Morlecid passed Sugared newt to Steno
[09/05/20 19:20] :lashtal claps
[09/05/20 19:20] Morlecid:I left some sugar on it for you
[09/05/20 19:20] :Aia applauds
[09/05/20 19:20] :Ledah tears up a little
[09/05/20 19:20] :Taurion moos
[09/05/20 19:20] :Ungod claps
[09/05/20 19:20] :Sunfire claps
[09/05/20 19:20] :Lintara applauds
[09/05/20 19:21] Steno: *clasps Aelis\' hand* Thank you, my friend.
[09/05/20 19:21] Trola:To Steno!
[09/05/20 19:21] Ledah:To Steno!
[09/05/20 19:21] :yokin claps silently in case some bone drop
[09/05/20 19:21] Aelis:Does anyone else wish to say a few words?
[09/05/20 19:21] Aia:To Steno!
[09/05/20 19:22] :Aelis plays with the miq
[09/05/20 19:22] Ungod:If I may...
[09/05/20 19:22] MaGoHi:I like the way he thinks!
[09/05/20 19:22] :Aelis hands the miq to Ungod
[09/05/20 19:22] Ungod:*hank you
[09/05/20 19:22] Ungod:Thank you*
[09/05/20 19:22] :Ungod takes the mic
[09/05/20 19:23] Ungod:Well, this being a ceremony, I have a somewhat laid-back speech, but I hope I\'ll be forgiven.
[09/05/20 19:23] Ungod:Now, Steno\'s a great guy to have around, and since he is so aptly suited to MD, one does wonder:
[09/05/20 19:23] Ungod:what came first? Steno or MD?
[09/05/20 19:24] Ungod:I just hope he doesn\'t burn himself out, it\'s better to be a turtle, I believe.
[09/05/20 19:24] :Steno looks in panic for Mur, in the hopes the secret doesn\'t come out!
[09/05/20 19:24] Ungod:This having been said, I hope he achieves all he desires and we\'ll be here to support him (here , in Marind Bell)
[09/05/20 19:25] Ungod:Wellcome to mp5, Steno!
[09/05/20 19:26] Steno: *nods in thanks to Ungod* Thank you, my friend!
[09/05/20 19:26] :lashtal claps
[09/05/20 19:26] :Aelis claps
[09/05/20 19:26] Aia: *smiles* May I speak briefly?
[09/05/20 19:26] :Ungod passes the miq to Aia
[09/05/20 19:26] :Aia accepts the microphone
[09/05/20 19:27] Aia:In all my time within this realm, I must concede that I have never met aught quite so fervently energetic and freely giving of ideas as Steno.
[09/05/20 19:27] :Ungod passed Voice stone to Steno
[09/05/20 19:28] Ungod: (took a long time to find it)
[09/05/20 19:28] Aia:I am quite enraptured by his love for this realm, and this were evident in his attempts to improve of it, as well as to make it pleasurable for others.
[09/05/20 19:29] Aia:Steno, the realm needs thee; mayst thou inspire more to be as thyself.
[09/05/20 19:29] Aia:A small gift; in jest, but also, as token of our many discussions:
[09/05/20 19:29] :Aia passed Spamming aide to Steno
[09/05/20 19:29] Aia:May this aid thee in future pursuits of memery.
[09/05/20 19:30] :Ungod laughs and claps
[09/05/20 19:30] Aia:But more so than this, mayst thou never be afraid to voice of thine ideas.
[09/05/20 19:30] Steno: *chuckles, accepting the aide* Thank you, my lady
[09/05/20 19:31] Aia:I shall look forward to our discussions over some energetic sparring.
[09/05/20 19:31] Aia:To Steno, then. *applauds*
[09/05/20 19:31] :yokin applauds
[09/05/20 19:31] :MaGoHi applauds
[09/05/20 19:31] :Taurion raises his hammer low and prepares to speak
[09/05/20 19:31] Trola:To Steno!
[09/05/20 19:32] Taurion:I had a dream once about Steno...
[09/05/20 19:32] :lashtal claps
[09/05/20 19:32] :Lintara cheers
[09/05/20 19:32] :Aia passes the microphone to Taurion
[09/05/20 19:32] Ledah: Il\'l ...hic ... drnik to that
[09/05/20 19:32] Taurion:He was running away from the Marble Dale park, he seemed to be in a hurry, or was being chased by something
[09/05/20 19:33] Taurion:He washed his face on the lake at Willow\'s Walk. I came up to him and asked "Are you alright?"
[09/05/20 19:34] Taurion:He then said in comprehensive mumbling "I am not, I am battered by that!" he points behind me
[09/05/20 19:34] Taurion:I looked behind me and it was a large shadow with the letters MP and then 5 on its forhead
[09/05/20 19:35] Taurion:I woke up screaming in the Champion\'s Challenge as I have fainted and everyone was there, I whispered to Steno to not go to MP5 lest he\'ll get murdered by them
[09/05/20 19:36] Taurion:Then I ate grass because I was hungry. To Steno! *raises a handful of grass*
[09/05/20 19:36] Taurion:Oh, before I finish, I must give you a gift, one last time
[09/05/20 19:36] :Taurion gives all heads to Steno
[09/05/20 19:36] Trola:To Steno!
[09/05/20 19:36] Ledah: To Stnoe!!
[09/05/20 19:37] Ungod:nice speech *claps*
[09/05/20 19:37] :yokin drops his jaw bone on the ground
[09/05/20 19:37] :lashtal claps
[09/05/20 19:37] Steno:NOOO!!! I\'ve worked so hard to avoid them!
[09/05/20 19:37] Taurion:Pass the Headmaster legacy to chicken! *looks for Tissy*
[09/05/20 19:37] yokin:siii steso!
[09/05/20 19:38] Chewett:I wish to say that
[09/05/20 19:38] Chewett:Offically, and on record
[09/05/20 19:38] Chewett:Steno is a massive pain in the ass
[09/05/20 19:38] Chewett:He creates all these wonderful quests that people do I need to give rewards out!
[09/05/20 19:38] Chewett:As a friend, he is a great one.
[09/05/20 19:38] Chewett:So while I jest that I must spend many hours helping finish off his quests. He is good at it.
[09/05/20 19:39] Chewett:Best wishes to Steno, as MP5
[09/05/20 19:39] :Chewett bows
[09/05/20 19:39] Steno: *bows* Thank you my king.
[09/05/20 19:39] :Ungod claps
[09/05/20 19:39] : *hhszau*
[09/05/20 19:40] :yokin applauds
[09/05/20 19:40] lashtal:Too Stoned! *claps*
[09/05/20 19:40] :Aia claps
[09/05/20 19:40] Taurion:Long live the meme Lord! *hands Steno a note that says "Why so Serious?" to acknowledge his April fool\'s day event*
[09/05/20 19:40] Lintara: *chuckles* To Steno!
[09/05/20 19:40] yokin: *clears puts his jaw back in position* may I?
[09/05/20 19:41] Steno: (don\'t worry Taurion. I have the list of participants for that quest taoed to my screen :P)
[09/05/20 19:41] Ledah: Yoikn has the forlo!
[09/05/20 19:42] :yokin doesn\'t find the mic so he just lifts his skull high
[09/05/20 19:42] Taurion: (It contains a Joker creature :D)
[09/05/20 19:42] yokin:I\'ll keep it short. Or I have to look up the dictionary.
[09/05/20 19:43] yokin:I met Steno the 2nd day he returned. I feel so lucky to spend these days with him. otherwise I might not stay this long.
[09/05/20 19:44] yokin:sorry just ported back to graveyard...
[09/05/20 19:44] :Taurion chuckles
[09/05/20 19:45] :Morlecid gnaws on yokin
[09/05/20 19:45] yokin:in the realm, I\'ve never seen such a people could be talktive on almost any subjects, with his willing to not let go any chance to make the world better
[09/05/20 19:46] yokin:to help the others in any aspect.
[09/05/20 19:46] :Tyche looks at all the people, befuddled by what ascending means
[09/05/20 19:46] yokin:He\'s a true friend to everyone, a treasure to the land.
[09/05/20 19:46] :Lazarus nods in agreement
[09/05/20 19:47] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to redneck
[09/05/20 19:47] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 19:47] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 19:47] yokin:congratulations Steno. I give you this iron weight, as you\'re kinda a standard to me
[09/05/20 19:47] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to MaGoHi
[09/05/20 19:47] yokin:and of course, I have nothing else to give you.
[09/05/20 19:48] :yokin passed Ironing weight to Steno
[09/05/20 19:48] Steno: *smiles* Thank you yokin, I hope you didn\'t mind that I started giving a few gifts myself. :)
[09/05/20 19:48] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Aelis
[09/05/20 19:48] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Aelis
[09/05/20 19:48] yokin:of course not
[09/05/20 19:48] Steno:May I speak?
[09/05/20 19:48] :Ledah cheers for plushies and iron weights
[09/05/20 19:48] :yokin puts back the skull on his neck and steps down
[09/05/20 19:49] Ledah:Maybe
[09/05/20 19:49] Steno: (sorry Chew, you can\'t get plushies XD)
[09/05/20 19:49] Ledah:Sure, why not Steno
[09/05/20 19:49] Ledah:I\'ll allow it
[09/05/20 19:50] Steno: *accepts Miq from Ledah and steps up* Thank you all for attending! I never set out to receive such kindnesses from you.
[09/05/20 19:51] Steno:You all have been a blessing in my life, an outlet for me to pursue my creativity (something I though I had left behind me) . A chance to meet new people, to understand the human mind and philosophy
[09/05/20 19:52] Steno:Thank you for giving me the power to ascend, for without your presence, I would not be able to ascend, for it is my belief that in MD, you are not of a higher MP until you are recognizes as ready
[09/05/20 19:52] Steno:for such by the community, in part or in whole.
[09/05/20 19:52] Steno:Now I will keep giving out plushies as rewards. But I also have some fun for you all
[09/05/20 19:53] Steno:Which I will explain in about 5 minutes, when I am done giving out my thanks
[09/05/20 19:54] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Sunfire
[09/05/20 19:54] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Lintara
[09/05/20 19:54] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ungod
[09/05/20 19:54] :redneck passed MB handkerchief to Steno
[09/05/20 19:54] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Lazarus
[09/05/20 19:54] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Trola
[09/05/20 19:54] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Morlecid
[09/05/20 19:54] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Taurion
[09/05/20 19:55] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to lashtal
[09/05/20 19:56] Steno:Okay, who wants the chance for more plushies?!!!
[09/05/20 19:56] Ledah:PLUSHIES
[09/05/20 19:56] :Tyche nods her assent to Steno’s note
[09/05/20 19:56] Morlecid:no!
[09/05/20 19:57] Aelis:!!!
[09/05/20 19:57] Steno:So... I have tried really hard to create a clickie-riddle system that hints at both password AND location.
[09/05/20 19:57] Sunfire:perhaps
[09/05/20 19:57] Taurion:Congratulations once again Steno, may you have a great MP5 experience and I am grateful for being a part of your ascension!
[09/05/20 19:57] Steno:There are different difficulties, and thus, different levels of reward.
[09/05/20 19:58] Taurion:Until next time! *nods to all as he prepares to go back to the Labyrinth*
[09/05/20 19:58] Steno: (I\'m going to ascend after I send riddles, just in case it does something unexpected)
[09/05/20 19:59] :yokin passed Gold coin to Steno
[09/05/20 19:59] Steno:The first riddle that is solved (by coming back and saying the clue word in chat to me here) will give 5 plushies. the 2nd riddle solved will give 10, and 3rd 15 to first person to solve.
[09/05/20 19:59] yokin:dead dont\' keep gold
[09/05/20 20:00] Steno: (yokin, you need two gold coins to pay the ferryman to cross the styx)
[09/05/20 20:00] Steno:Okay, now. For the riddles!
[09/05/20 20:00] Steno: [Forum link]
[09/05/20 20:00] Steno:Now go, go go!
[09/05/20 20:00] Sunfire:but how will you pay Charon then?
[09/05/20 20:01] Steno::) I am so glad that you all came and that you all were willing to come have fun with me here today!
[09/05/20 20:01] Ledah:Jeez they look fun....
[09/05/20 20:02] :Tyche closes her umbrella and makes a run for the door
[09/05/20 20:04] Lazarus:Steno, Puzzle
[09/05/20 20:04] Steno:Now to actually ascend, hopefully chew didn\'t make it kill me
[09/05/20 20:04] Steno: (you have to run to clickie and put in your password at the designated clickie, then return with clueword XP)
[09/05/20 20:05] Lintara: *shrugs* You\'ll get better.
[09/05/20 20:06] Lazarus: (I may have missed the instructions lol)
[09/05/20 20:07] MaGoHi:welcome to MP5
[09/05/20 20:08] Steno:Thanks! I just beat clockie, Zets, and DG. :)
[09/05/20 20:08] Steno:Then again, they all DID have trees. XP
[09/05/20 20:08] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Chewett
[09/05/20 20:08] Lazarus:bhfreagra
[09/05/20 20:08] Lintara:You may train upon my defense ritual also.
[09/05/20 20:08] MaGoHi:i\'d heatcap you if i\'d feel like it
[09/05/20 20:08] MaGoHi:xD
[09/05/20 20:08] Steno:Nice LAz!
[09/05/20 20:09] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Lazarus
[09/05/20 20:09] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Lazarus
[09/05/20 20:09] :redneck winks at Mag
[09/05/20 20:09] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Lazarus
[09/05/20 20:09] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Lazarus
[09/05/20 20:09] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Lazarus
[09/05/20 20:09] Steno:Dang, that one was easy, but I didn\'t realize it was THAT easy!
[09/05/20 20:10] MaGoHi:hm?
[09/05/20 20:10] Lazarus: (Second riddle should play a tune yes?)
[09/05/20 20:10] Steno:No hints!
[09/05/20 20:10] Trola:is guessing allowed? :D
[09/05/20 20:10] redneck:Just at your idea
[09/05/20 20:11] MaGoHi:oh
[09/05/20 20:11] Steno:Trola yes, but in PM.
[09/05/20 20:11] MaGoHi:gotta feel like a real MP5 xD
[09/05/20 20:11] Lazarus: (Well if it does it\'s not working lol)
[09/05/20 20:11] Steno:YES! All my heretic archers are no the same level!
[09/05/20 20:11] redneck:Exactly , welcome to MP5 Steno
[09/05/20 20:11] Ledah:Krieg!
[09/05/20 20:11] Steno:Nice Ledah!
[09/05/20 20:12] Ledah:Also, welcome to Mp5 ;)
[09/05/20 20:12] MaGoHi:pf you dont even know how to pronounce it Ledah
[09/05/20 20:12] Aelis:I think I activated a different password
[09/05/20 20:12] :Aelis chuckles
[09/05/20 20:12] MaGoHi:i can teach you though *grins in an evil manner*
[09/05/20 20:12] Ledah:Knowledge dug up some random clickie
[09/05/20 20:13] Steno:Lol, MRAlyon gets the prize for first MP5 to hit me :)
[09/05/20 20:13] :Ledah swetas
[09/05/20 20:13] MRAlyon:Ahahahah
[09/05/20 20:13] Aelis:peace dug up some Envy of Endurance stuff
[09/05/20 20:13] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to MRAlyon
[09/05/20 20:13] Aelis:And I thought it was part of the whole thing
[09/05/20 20:13] Ungod:ah, damn, now I read the answer
[09/05/20 20:13] Aelis:And followed it :P
[09/05/20 20:13] Ungod:ledah gave
[09/05/20 20:13] Steno:(keep those quests stub triggers! I might save them for that research I was thinking about
[09/05/20 20:14] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Chewett
[09/05/20 20:14] Steno:Nice Ungod. Just seconds away!
[09/05/20 20:14] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:14] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:14] :Mallos pats Steno
[09/05/20 20:14] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:14] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:14] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:14] :Ledah gratefully accepts plushies
[09/05/20 20:14] Ledah:Time to solve second one, then....
[09/05/20 20:14] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:14] Mallos:attack me!
[09/05/20 20:14] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:15] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:15] :Sunfire plunders ☻2 heads by attacking redneck
[09/05/20 20:15] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:15] :Steno passed MD 15th Hollow Warrior Plushie to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:18] Mallos:well Sunfire broke my rit like all good East warriors would do
[09/05/20 20:19] :Sunfire grins
[09/05/20 20:20] :Sunfire plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Chewett
[09/05/20 20:20] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Chewett
[09/05/20 20:21] :redneck pounded Sunfire and took all ☻4 heads.
[09/05/20 20:21] Aelis:I\'ll return East now. Congratulations again, Steno!
[09/05/20 20:21] Aelis:Goodbye everyone!
[09/05/20 20:21] :Sunfire plunders ☻2 heads by attacking redneck
[09/05/20 20:22] :Ungod waves
[09/05/20 20:22] Steno:Thanks Aelis!
[09/05/20 20:22] Steno:So many rude citizens of Ma\'Beast, attacking their king without permission
[09/05/20 20:22] Ledah:Hehehe
[09/05/20 20:23] Sunfire:the East has no king
[09/05/20 20:23] Steno:Sorry, Grand Duke
[09/05/20 20:24] redneck:Those heads look so juicy though
[09/05/20 20:25] Sunfire:we have a bit of our own rulebook
[09/05/20 20:25] :redneck overcame Chewett and took all ☻131 heads.
[09/05/20 20:25] Steno:I would like to apologize, Ledah pointed out that riddle 1 had a typo
[09/05/20 20:25] :redneck gives all heads to Steno
[09/05/20 20:26] Steno: *cowers in fear* I\'ll NEVER be safe now!
[09/05/20 20:26] Mallos:ahahaha
[09/05/20 20:26] Ledah:Psh, only going for rhymes anyway, who can count?
[09/05/20 20:26] Sunfire:be glad you\'re not allied yet, people might overlook you for now
[09/05/20 20:27] Mallos:2
[09/05/20 20:27] redneck:Not with all them heads and positive honor he gives :D
[09/05/20 20:27] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 1
[09/05/20 20:29] :Mallos eradicated Steno and took all ☻139 heads.
[09/05/20 20:30] :Steno cries a little
[09/05/20 20:32] Steno: *looks at what Aia just did to his creatures. feels a little sick* MP4 was obviously child\'s play. geez Aia
[09/05/20 20:34] :Chewett chuckles
[09/05/20 20:35] Sunfire:good thing you never met darkraptor
[09/05/20 20:35] MaGoHi:xD
[09/05/20 20:36] MaGoHi:if i had full VE you might have capped already
[09/05/20 20:36] :Sunfire passed Silver coin to Steno
[09/05/20 20:36] Steno:The worst part is that when I left, I was consideredstrong. because I made the archer rit XD
[09/05/20 20:36] :Sunfire passed Silver coin to Steno
[09/05/20 20:37] Aia: (wait, didn\'t I just lose to the archer ritual?)
[09/05/20 20:37] Sunfire:that is your reward from the pub night for being diplomatic
[09/05/20 20:38] Steno: *chuckles* You did Aia, but it was made randomly, not by design
[09/05/20 20:38] :Sunfire plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Mallos
[09/05/20 20:38] Steno:And here come santas.
[09/05/20 20:38] MaGoHi:is Mur quicker replying to ingame pm or forum pm?
[09/05/20 20:39] Sunfire:you\'d be lucky to get a reply
[09/05/20 20:39] Steno:I don\'t even remember his color system anymore. XD
[09/05/20 20:39] MaGoHi:yeah for some reason he doesnt like me being honest with him
[09/05/20 20:39] Aia:I believe this would be dependent on that which thou fost ask, MaGoHi.
[09/05/20 20:39] Aia:dost* ask, rather.
[09/05/20 20:39] MaGoHi:something he hates
[09/05/20 20:39] MaGoHi::)
[09/05/20 20:40] MaGoHi:i ask for reason and logic
[09/05/20 20:40] MaGoHi::D
[09/05/20 20:40] Zetsuei:greetings steno
[09/05/20 20:40] Zetsuei:welcome to mp5
[09/05/20 20:40] Zetsuei:En gaurde!
[09/05/20 20:40] Steno:Hey Zets!
[09/05/20 20:41] Aia:I believe Chewett\'s inbox would be a more appropriate avenue if thou speakst of reason and logic.
[09/05/20 20:41] MaGoHi:he already got it, he chose "ask mur" so he doesnt have to bother with it
[09/05/20 20:41] MaGoHi:i mean its understandable
[09/05/20 20:41] MaGoHi:its highly controversal
[09/05/20 20:41] Lazarus: (Speaking of Mur, I just got "likes" from him on fb about 7 minutes ago lol)
[09/05/20 20:42] Sunfire:Ledah!
[09/05/20 20:42] :Sunfire passed Silver coin to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:42] MaGoHi: (yeah but i dont want to be one of those that contact him about ingame stuff out of game for this matter)
[09/05/20 20:42] :Lazarus gives up on second riddle
[09/05/20 20:42] :Sunfire passed Silver coin to Ledah
[09/05/20 20:43] Aia: (Good to know Mur appears to be alive still)
[09/05/20 20:44] :Zetsuei stares at Steno\'s necrovinian creature with annoyance
[09/05/20 20:44] Steno:Smart Mag. (Mur was here talking yesterday. And the day before, ableit briefly, and when you were likely sleeping)
[09/05/20 20:45] Steno:Don\'t you just LOVE it Zets? I can put it all by itself in a rit and watch it wreak havoc, I love it
[09/05/20 20:45] Zetsuei:I\'m more annoyed with the fact you have more than 5000 ap to have said creatte
[09/05/20 20:46] Steno:What?? ;)
[09/05/20 20:46] Zetsuei:either that or someone gave it to ya...
[09/05/20 20:46] Mallos:laz no ;-;
[09/05/20 20:46] :Lazarus plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Trola
[09/05/20 20:46] Steno:The same friend who gave anyone something the day they left. I\'m holding onto them for VorniC, my own strength is pale in comparison
[09/05/20 20:46] Chewett:Not because I "Dont want to bother with it"
[09/05/20 20:46] Chewett:Thats a bit rude Mag
[09/05/20 20:47] Chewett:Mur and I agree that, when the other makes a decision, it is their decision to own.
[09/05/20 20:47] Chewett:Mur has made that decision, so if you want to change it, you need to do that.
[09/05/20 20:47] Chewett:To be fair Mag, You are currently the reason for the current situation
[09/05/20 20:47] Zetsuei:mm..got things from him as well Steno...didn\'t want the skillvamp. though i have several
[09/05/20 20:47] Zetsuei:i refer to the jellyfish you have...
[09/05/20 20:48] MaGoHi:xD
[09/05/20 20:48] MaGoHi:yeah
[09/05/20 20:49] MaGoHi:i didnt mean to offend you
[09/05/20 20:49] Steno:jellyfish?
[09/05/20 20:50] Zetsuei:kind of obvious what creature i mean....no other creature resembles it
[09/05/20 20:50] Aia:The Cloaked Shade?
[09/05/20 20:50] Zetsuei:at least...none i know of..
[09/05/20 20:50] :Lazarus pounded Mallos and took all ☻145 heads.
[09/05/20 20:50] :Zetsuei nods at AIA
[09/05/20 20:51] Chewett:You did make it seem like I did that because I couldnt be bothered
[09/05/20 20:51] Chewett:But I accept your apology
[09/05/20 20:51] Zetsuei:wonder if it requires that abhorent amount of ap to level up as well too...
[09/05/20 20:51] :Aia plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Lazarus
[09/05/20 20:51] Zetsuei:feel free to attack me folks....need lossess..
[09/05/20 20:51] :Lazarus plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Trola
[09/05/20 20:52] Steno:Ah. Yes, they were both gifts from VorniC
[09/05/20 20:52] Zetsuei:oh but not you aia...when you make me win you give 1 mill exp. cna\';t afford it
[09/05/20 20:52] :::::::: Mallos asks everyone to mass attack Zetsuei until death ::::::::
[09/05/20 20:52] Aia:There are creatures which require of more Action Points than the Cloaked Shade, Zetsuei.
[09/05/20 20:52] :Lazarus gives all heads to Mallos
[09/05/20 20:53] Steno:No, a relatively small level of AP
[09/05/20 20:53] Mallos:Laz, my Queen I will return the favor I\'m sure
[09/05/20 20:53] Zetsuei:i meant to level up aia not attain...
[09/05/20 20:53] Zetsuei:but that IS very disheartening to hear
[09/05/20 20:54] Lazarus:I just wanted to destroy your ritual, they\'re all yours
[09/05/20 20:54] Zetsuei:5000 ap thats high but Miss Aia says "thats chicken feed"
[09/05/20 20:54] Steno:I
[09/05/20 20:55] Steno:What\'s a WarVenture?
[09/05/20 20:55] Zetsuei:and me...barely breaking 1k now...
[09/05/20 20:55] Aia:Consider that there are some present who have managed to recruit a creature requiring of ten thousand points of action.
[09/05/20 20:55] Steno:how do you get that high? 3 bursts in a row?
[09/05/20 20:55] Zetsuei:nop...just long timers
[09/05/20 20:55] Aia:There are none within the realm who do possess of a maximum Action Point value of greater than four thousand presently.
[09/05/20 20:55] Zetsuei:and wisdom
[09/05/20 20:56] Aia:It appears that they have used other means to obtain the required action-points.
[09/05/20 20:56] Aia:I contend that these means are also available to thee.
[09/05/20 20:56] Lazarus:It\'s going to be harder to recruit given the current Necrovion situation
[09/05/20 20:57] Chewett: *winks* 3006/3006 [Actions]
[09/05/20 20:57] Zetsuei:heh...tis almost like don\'t want us to have though...still i get what you mean aia
[09/05/20 20:57] Steno:Wow, I thought you would have had more Chew.
[09/05/20 20:57] Zetsuei:so many creatures...some vanished to the pit..others behind high ap counts..
[09/05/20 20:57] Zetsuei:and ya don\'t even know if said creature be worth it till you get it...
[09/05/20 20:58] Aia:Those with the will do find a way, one thinks.
[09/05/20 20:58] Steno:I mean Chew, that is still a whole bunch
[09/05/20 20:58] Zetsuei:I hope this smush is worth it...
[09/05/20 20:58] Ledah:3058 >:)
[09/05/20 20:59] Lazarus: (This is one of the reasons why shop resets were purged I think)
[09/05/20 21:00] Zetsuei:bah....
[09/05/20 21:00] Morlecid:I will bake all of you into a cake
[09/05/20 21:00] Steno: *glances at Ledah* I guess you got upgraded when you were sleeping
[09/05/20 21:00] Zetsuei:resets hurting no one...purge was truly unnecessary
[09/05/20 21:00] Zetsuei:but whatevs...
[09/05/20 21:00] Lazarus: (Action points accumulation Zets)
[09/05/20 21:01] Ledah:I just hoard everything I can
[09/05/20 21:01] Zetsuei:it gives 80 maximum
[09/05/20 21:01] MaGoHi: (i made cabbage with egg)
[09/05/20 21:01] Zetsuei:at highest point
[09/05/20 21:01] Steno: (I\'m going to go make lunch, I\'ll be back in 10, if anyone comes back with answer, they should pm, not chat)
[09/05/20 21:01] Zetsuei:how much creds would ye spend to attain as high as 1k?
[09/05/20 21:01] Chewett:3006/3086 [Actions]
[09/05/20 21:02] MaGoHi:1019/1019 [Actions]
[09/05/20 21:02] Chewett:I used two WP\'s too
[09/05/20 21:02] Ledah:Don\'t make me spend a wishpoint like this Chew...!
[09/05/20 21:02] Chewett:Not just credits lol
[09/05/20 21:02] Zetsuei: *rolls eyes* 1147
[09/05/20 21:02] Chewett:Also, I have 4502 active days
[09/05/20 21:02] Chewett:That adds up for AP
[09/05/20 21:02] MaGoHi:whats a wishpoint?
[09/05/20 21:02] Zetsuei:wait you can use wish points for ap?
[09/05/20 21:02] Lazarus:Yes
[09/05/20 21:02] Chewett:Spoilers! ;)
[09/05/20 21:02] Zetsuei:huh....how much?
[09/05/20 21:02] Zetsuei:ah sorry
[09/05/20 21:03] Chewett:If it aint in your shop, buy more, or get more
[09/05/20 21:03] Steno:Save your WP Ledah. You won the race, I\'m just waiting to get the code for you
[09/05/20 21:03] Ledah:But I could beat Chew and have most AP again.... So tempting, Steno
[09/05/20 21:03] MaGoHi:lol
[09/05/20 21:03] Zetsuei:hmm...
[09/05/20 21:03] Chewett:Lol I have 4 WP\'s free atm Ledah
[09/05/20 21:03] Chewett:How many you got?
[09/05/20 21:04] MaGoHi:0
[09/05/20 21:04] Sunfire:im going to need a lot more WP
[09/05/20 21:04] Ledah:...oe
[09/05/20 21:04] Ledah:one
[09/05/20 21:04] Zetsuei:i have the soul crushing number of 1!
[09/05/20 21:04] Steno:Lol. I love comparisons like this.
[09/05/20 21:04] Ledah:Well, 2 I suppose
[09/05/20 21:04] Chewett::D
[09/05/20 21:04] Ledah:Pshhhh
[09/05/20 21:04] Chewett:Imma win
[09/05/20 21:04] :Ledah sighs
[09/05/20 21:04] Zetsuei:going idle for a bit
[09/05/20 21:04] Ledah:Fine I will take silver....
[09/05/20 21:04] Ledah:2nd is not so bad
[09/05/20 21:05] Sunfire:like always ledah
[09/05/20 21:05] :Ledah messages Mur for shop reset
[09/05/20 21:05] Ledah:Pshhh
[09/05/20 21:05] Chewett:lol
[09/05/20 21:05] MaGoHi:chew can you tell me what situation you meant earlier?
[09/05/20 21:05] Chewett:Im not sure what you mean
[09/05/20 21:06] MaGoHi:you said i was responsible for the current situation
[09/05/20 21:06] Chewett:Ah, well the stacking right?
[09/05/20 21:06] :Sunfire cut in pieces Aia and took all ☻2 heads.
[09/05/20 21:06] Chewett:You gave Mur the ideas for the current stacking stuff :P
[09/05/20 21:06] MaGoHi:yeah that has been before me though
[09/05/20 21:06] MaGoHi:bah as i said because he doesnt understand me
[09/05/20 21:07] MaGoHi:i want to fix that with that wish
[09/05/20 21:07] :Ledah mobs MaGo
[09/05/20 21:07] Chewett:I didnt say it wasnt right/fair, im just saying thats the current situation
[09/05/20 21:07] MaGoHi:yeah
[09/05/20 21:07] :MaGoHi throws a little bakuretsu at ledah
[09/05/20 21:08] Ledah:I love it when you talk dirty to me in public
[09/05/20 21:08] MaGoHi:for now i only asked him if i can get a reward for gwi service
[09/05/20 21:08] MaGoHi:i know *caresses his face*
[09/05/20 21:09] :Ledah blushes
[09/05/20 21:10] Aia: (the "resources can only be used in stacks" is MaGoHi\'s idea?)
[09/05/20 21:10] Chewett:AFK
[09/05/20 21:10] Chewett:Yes
[09/05/20 21:11] Ledah:Yes
[09/05/20 21:11] Chewett:AFK
[09/05/20 21:11] Ledah:It is all his original idea, 100% his fault
[09/05/20 21:11] :Aia looks at MaGoHi inquisitively
[09/05/20 21:11] MaGoHi: (aia, we had a nice friendship, but this goes too far)
[09/05/20 21:11] Sunfire:all blame the Mago!
[09/05/20 21:11] MaGoHi:yes yes blame me
[09/05/20 21:12] MaGoHi:i am trying to fix this horrible system
[09/05/20 21:12] Aia:We all shape the realm in our own way, MaGoHi.
[09/05/20 21:12] Ledah:Damn, it is no fun if you just take it lying down....
[09/05/20 21:12] :Morlecid lies down
[09/05/20 21:12] MaGoHi:well since its Mur i have to convince i will mostlikely fail
[09/05/20 21:13] Ledah:It is a nice system, mitigates hoarding for one
[09/05/20 21:13] Ledah:Be proud :)
[09/05/20 21:13] Lazarus:This is why I want to buy the website and appoint MaG as the ceo
[09/05/20 21:13] Aia: *nods* Indeed, MaGoHi; this were a revolutionary idea.
[09/05/20 21:14] MaGoHi:oh no dont give me power
[09/05/20 21:14] MaGoHi:i am sure i\'d turn evil
[09/05/20 21:14] Morlecid:hah, doesn\'t want to be *evil*
[09/05/20 21:15] Sunfire:boooriiing
[09/05/20 21:15] MaGoHi:well i\'d be cruel too
[09/05/20 21:15] MaGoHi:and thats not nice i was told
[09/05/20 21:16] Morlecid:there can be a place for cruelty, mister jailor
[09/05/20 21:16] MaGoHi:jailor?
[09/05/20 21:17] Sunfire:well we learned you\'re a talented torturer
[09/05/20 21:19] MaGoHi:huh where?
[09/05/20 21:19] Steno:I missed an idea?!!
[09/05/20 21:19] Morlecid:we know what you do in the anime chat
[09/05/20 21:19] Sunfire: [Forum link]
[09/05/20 21:20] MaGoHi:i didnt read that
[09/05/20 21:20] MaGoHi:is it a love letter to me? i guess so since its DG who wrote it
[09/05/20 21:20] Sunfire:well i was killed so maybe
[09/05/20 21:23] MaGoHi:man
[09/05/20 21:24] MaGoHi:he sure has some fetish about me
[09/05/20 21:24] MaGoHi:but its well written
[09/05/20 21:25] Steno:Agreed. I wish he showed that side more. He poured a lot of effort and originality into his writing.
[09/05/20 21:25] Steno:and then... he gave us more discrete maths instead
[09/05/20 21:26] Steno:oh my goodness trola, so much honor
[09/05/20 21:30] :Steno plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Sunfire
[09/05/20 21:30] MaGoHi:now that i read it i am upset that he escaped me
[09/05/20 21:30] MaGoHi:that is unreasonable
[09/05/20 21:30] Steno:sunfire that has got to be the closest to a tie that i have ever seen. 0% vs 0.0011%
[09/05/20 21:31] MaGoHi:i\'d have let him think that he escaped maybe with illusion magic
[09/05/20 21:31] Lazarus:Try Clockmaster
[09/05/20 21:31] :MRAlyon plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Steno
[09/05/20 21:32] :Lazarus plunders ☻2 heads by attacking MRAlyon
[09/05/20 21:32] Sunfire:you did an astounding amount of 11 damage!
[09/05/20 21:32] Steno:Who took all the heads?
[09/05/20 21:32] Steno:... ... MALLOS!
[09/05/20 21:34] Sunfire:ahh capped
[09/05/20 21:36] :Morlecid purrs
[09/05/20 21:36] :Steno pets Morlecid
[09/05/20 21:36] Steno:Good kitty!
[09/05/20 21:41] MaGoHi:how do you feel as mp5 now?
[09/05/20 21:41] Steno:I just realized that I misspelled ascension in hilarious ways on many of the clues XD
[09/05/20 21:43] Steno: *laughs* literally making a meme about it
[09/05/20 21:43] Steno: [Forum link]
[09/05/20 21:45] :Miq laughs
[09/05/20 21:45] Miq:well you still have some teeth
[09/05/20 21:45] Steno:I just thought if I wanted to attack Lintara because she\'s a monarch, and then Miq waltzed in. Strange no doubts there...
[09/05/20 21:51] :Reest stomped Han Solett and took all ☻10 heads.
[09/05/20 21:52] Han Solett:Curses! I was going to save up until 100!
[09/05/20 21:55] Steno:Alright, who is ready for the next line of the riddle?
[09/05/20 21:58] Han Solett:Miq hasn’t solved it yet?
[09/05/20 21:59] Steno:No.
[09/05/20 22:01] Miq:did not even know there were riddles
[09/05/20 22:03] Steno: [Forum link]
[09/05/20 22:03] Steno:sorry
[09/05/20 22:03] Steno: [Forum link]
[09/05/20 22:03] Steno:New clue added
[09/05/20 22:04] Steno:There Miq, now you can earn 15 plushies if you desire
[09/05/20 23:01] :Steno used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell
[09/05/20 23:03] :Steno Steno
[09/05/20 23:04] :[Spell] <Stenos>


Edited by Steno
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Aia has now solved the SECOND puzzle for 18 plushies with a record of around 27.5 hours!

Way to go!


I will leave the puzzles up as well as the clickies. I have not decided what the reward for solving them will be yet going forward (ask me after plushie shop opens ;) )


Also a grand total of ~49 plushies were given away at the ascension, so this plushie shop/auction should be feisty indeed

Edited by Steno
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