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Softlocked on gateway island?


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Getting back into the game after years, and I think I've softlocked myself. The game brought me to gateway island after some updates, I assume, and it seems like my account has too many active days to fight in the arena, but also, my mattock broke so I can't get stone, I made a heat stone, which I then mistakenly used, now I have no mattock, no stone, can't use the balloon to get away, and I can't fight my way out. Is there some other escape I'm missing?

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At least in your case you can try to ask for another heatstone from someone, if not that there are supposed to be multiple ways to exit the island.

I have definitely encountered a softlock of not having the map for the island upon entering it, not to mention that it is tradeable which could softlock you (and please don't put untradeable items in our inventories) and I'm inclined to believe you would have softlocked yourself in some fashion or another, using the heatstone would be too easy to do for a new player.

I had noticed quite a few ways to potentially softlock while there but I think there may need to be a discussion on the validity of being able to complete the island without encountering a scenario like this.

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You can still get a heat stone from someone else there and finish repairing the balloon. And/or solve the riddles/clues to unlock the door and take that path.

Find me there if you need help.

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