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Assigning flora to lands


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By force of habit (and a few hiccups), I managed to finish reading the book I started 5 months ago. I browsed the list of herbs I made in the process and wanted to write another 'flora of', but I have doubts about the proper place of each plant. I would like to talk about this, here or in-game. For now, we are dealing with 19 herbs, drawn crudely by myself.


The gith, for example, would belong to Golemus, but I can also see it in Marind Bell.

The anabasis is 90% GG, but I feel I keep pushing very similar plants on the shores of Golemus. Perhaps the slopes of NML, after exiting the underground?

I'd like to put the windflower in MB, as it is somewhat delicate, perhaps too delicate for NML, but it would fit the East, too. Alternatively, it could be made one of the flowery plants of the MDA.



The chamomille's cousin I see fit in the area around the Sanctuary of MB. Any other ideas?

The agar, since it's so precious in the Orient, fits the East...but maybe LR?

The boxwood is what you see in MDA and Labyrinth, but I don't recall if there are other places that use it.

The calotropis I see in the East.

The caper bush should be GG, due to its preference to arid climate. 

The safflower, which tolerates salinity and doesn't need a lot of water, once again, Golemus. 

I have determined Loreroot to be the best environment for most Fabaceaes, so the carob tree should be placed there. Kind of strange for beans to be placed in forests, but for me, it makes most sense. It would also have a place in the East, probably.

(That should have been cistus ladanifer). I see this one as part of the East.

The commiphora glandulosa or africana is somewhat of a problem; it takes great advantage of moisture and is evergreen as long as there is water. To me, it's the kind of jungle plant that also found ways to survive in more temperate areas. I'd say Loreroot or East.

The commpihora myrrha belongs to the East, since it prefers thin soils or limestone, but it could be part of Loreroot, maybe.

The poison hemlock is something I'd place in Marind Bell or even MDA.

The saffron is either East or MB.

The oleaster I see fit in...East, LR and MB. I cannot decide.

Arugula is kinda fit for Loreroot, but I also see the Brasicaceaes in the outskirts of Marind Bell, or maybe NML is the best place.

Gossypium, being a moloch, that i've already assigned to MB, could be placed there as well.

Gundelia could grow anywhere, but it is one of the plants that can also grow at high altitudes and rocky soils, so I'd say Golemus.

The hyacinth is either LR or MB.

As for the english ivy, there's ivy in Marind Bell, but there are different species that look the same, so this one could also be part of Loreroot. 


The things to consider here is both the real-life conditions for each plant and the character of each land, because some plants just seem to 'fit' one place and not the other. I don't really know how that happens.

I'm open for talks :) 

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