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Fangs Reality: A Glimpse Into Madness

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As Fang awoke abruptly in the middle of the Drachorn Cave, he couldn't help but wonder what had stirred him from such a deep sleep. In fact, he couldn't remember how he'd gotten to the Drach Lair to begin with... He makes a mental note to stop smoking so much Nightshade... As he rolls up another NightCig and lights it with some Phoenix Fire.

Fang takes some time to look about, always careful to examine his surroundings for any subtle shift... Waiting to see if his first wife Rose might appear, his constant and unfailing reminder whenever he's sleeping, that he is indeed currently dreaming...

But no, this time Rose did not show. Drats. He was indeed awake... And painfully aware of... Everything. His eyes seemed to have sharpened, his nose seemed stronger, all his senses in fact seemed to have hit overdrive overnight... Was it even night?.. had he ever seen night?.. questions for another day.

As Fang got up and stretched his old bones and waddled about, he realized something... He could hear a small, distant cry. It wasn't the cry of any humanoid... It wasn't even the cry of any beastling... No, this was the cry of a land, far far away... One he hadn't so much as thought about in... Wow, years by now...

Fang takes another drag as he flies out of the Cave and atop GGs floating Pyramids, absorbing some of their Heat and Magic in the process, his very source of Inner Kelle'Tha Fire, a flame that charred only his perceived enemies, leaving any perceived allies licked back to health by the same flames.

As he looked out into the distance, his new eyes matching his new ears, he could see the land that matched the sorrowful cries... GateWay Island, the Island of Beginnings... He let out a deep sigh as he contemplated his near future.

Fang slowly morphed back into his Original Self, a 10 foot tall werewolf with half silver, half pitch black fur, and continues to smoke as he ponders... Weighing the possibilities... Knowing full well every move he makes is watched closely, and remembering he simply no longer cares...

At least... He no longer cares for certain things... But the Young Blood... That he could not abandon. He could just barely spot out a tall, demanding figure, proud to the eye even from here, but everything he had, Fang knew far too well he had earned... It was the silhouette of Azull, past, present, and future King of Necrovion, since Time is more of a... Suggestion.

He also knew this call of the land far too well. He knew what it meant. Change was coming, and Fang had to decide whether he'd catch that train ride or not... Simple as that. Fang releases yet another sigh, as he morphs into his puppy form, finishes the NightCig, flicks it into the ocean, and slowly begins to pack his things.

"My King is going to have my fucking head for this one... And I can already feel all the questions no one will utter verbally... But there's never a need, everyone thinks so damn loudly around here..."

As Fang continues to pack his seemingly infinitely deep bag... He picks up something he'd forgotten he still had. The Moldy Sandwich his father had given him. More or less the only solid reminder he still had of the Old Man... And the promise he'd made that day... A single tear falls onto the Sandwich.

Fang sighs yet again, worried that this bad habit would one day have him sigh his very soul out of his body. What a way that would be to go. No. Enough distractions. He still had a mission at hand. Between his promise to Granos and the Call of the Land... He had little choice in the matter.

To bring down all Gates one day. To Unite this world, either by peace or by war. To keep marching on, even when everyone else pushes back. He'd burn down this entire realm, if it only meant bringing it back stronger.

It seems today, a new phase of Fangs adventure begins... As he transforms back into his Phoenix form, he places his bag on his back, and takes off over the Ocean, dead set for GateWay Island. He's had to accept some things that left a bitter taste in his mouth over time. He's had to grow up more than once, a habit he's afraid will never end.

And yet... He survived and pushes on. Old, nihilistic, exhausted, but unbreakable. Whether anyone understands him or not, it matters little. Today he becomes more than just the Mt. Kelle'Tha Phoenix. He's found a new place as the Gateway Groundskeeper.

If anyone ever asks, hes there on Unnoficial business. Fang was never one for playing by anybody else's rules. He answers to nobody. Explains himself to none. And he'd have it no other way. What he does, he does for himself and his allies, as well as the future of MagicDuel.

With a simple hope that when he finally does meet the big Bird Cage in the Sky... That some, some day, might find happiness in their own adventures here. He doesn't want to be remembered. In fact, his life's easier when he's working from the Shadows. He doesn't seek recognition. Not even acceptance. No gratitude. Nothing.

He simply wishes to be left alone to do as he sees fit. So today he'll take on the responsibility of keeping the Balloon and the Aramor maker of the Island functioning for any Young Blood that might pass.

As Fang lands on the island, he's jostled from his thoughts and looks about. He spots Azull as he had from afar, only now in more detail. Truly, this is an impressive entity. He's decently good looking (if you're into the tall and mysterious type) but Fangs Auric Eyes allow him to see his Energy Field as well... And if that isn't just about the most impressive Field he's seen in quite some time.

As Fang takes a moment to admire the King silently, Azull notices his meager existance after some time and glances over with a half smile. A mix of concealed surprise and confusion flashing across his forehead for less than a microsecond.

Fang smiles back and waves, a wordless and dry greeting between the two, as men who understand each other rarely need to use words. Fang informs Azull that he'll be here for a bit, and that he'd help about however possible.

Azull did not give much more than a nod back, but Fang instinctively knew it was a "I'll believe it when I see it" sort of nod... And he'd earned that, no harm no foul. Fang excused himself and slowly floated up to the top of the mountain, admiring the Gate that lays there, wondering if the stories are true, and it really did lead back to a certain Demons Home.

No matter. Experiments for another day. Fang morphed into his "human" form, a wild looking mutt of a man, only 6 feet tall, but with hair that barely flirted with the ground, unkpempt just the way it always was.

He couldn't help but stretch one last time, wondering how long he'd been in his Phoenix form... A few years now? Aye... Time was always a bit wonky but, that felt about right.

As Fang rolls and lights another NightCig, he looks back across the Ocean to his Home, Golemus. He couldn't help but wonder just how angry his King might get later... But technically the Island is an extension of GG... not exactly a province but... A Sister more or less.

Fang hopes that might be his saving grace, otherwise he might get accused of Treason, much like when he began to Pray to the Shade Sentinel... Eh, worries for another day.

And that's when something caught his eye. He focused his Silver Eyes onto the Golemus Peak... Just in time to see his own Phoenix Form packing it's... Bag... And admiring... A Sandwich... Oh no. It's happening again.

Fang blacks out. When he finally awakens, he's in the Drach Cave, with an odd case of Deja Vu, as he silently questions just exactly how he'd arrived here...

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