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This ain't good


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So I went to paper cabin. It started loading...

..and never stopped. I'm stuck there because there are no arrows leading out. I tried switching browsers (Didn't work), logging in and out (Also didn't work), and logging out and closing then re-opening (Big puzzle as to what happened there). Any solutions?

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Not all entrances and exits in MagicDuel are indicated by arrows. In the paper cabin I think moving the mouse inside the doorway will cause it to glow yellow/gold, inticating it as an active object and you can click to activate it. My experience with the inteface is that there is a fair amount of lag. I move the mouse slowly to give activators time to repond to the mouse.

Sometimes finding the just where to point the mouse is very tricky. Dont click on door frames, but the space between them

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Actually, you get out of the Cabin with an arrow in the doorway.

Like Bootes, I also want to ask if you're sure you've triggered the arrow yet :P Are you at the part in the scroll where it tells you to go out and explore? Until then, the arrow won't appear.

Try clear cache and cookies, although technically if you've switched browsers that's probably not it. Unless you've used both browsers for magicduel before; then that could be it.

What do you mean it never stopped loading? Did some images not appear? Magicduel constantly feeds you new information to download, so it can refresh the playerlist, chat, stats, and send notifications, ect.; it'll tell you that in the status bar. That's normal. If it's something else, try describe with more specific details or better, post a screenshot.

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