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How do I make people participate in my quests?



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Think of this, why would someone want to participate in your quest in the first place?


main reasons the way I see it, are:

1) Rewards

2) Enjoyment


If you give them good reasons, then the only thing left is advertise your quest, we get to that.


1) Rewards

First your quest needs to be easy to understand. If its intended to be a difficult quest, then at least how to start it and what to do needs to be crystal clear. Clear things are always short, or super well structured.

If its an easy quest, it must have something exciting about it, otherwise its boring (=less enjoyment). If you have a brilliant quest ideea and managed to set it up with your own available powers and efforts, and the quest gets noticed, the rewards part might be covered 'officially'.

You can give really small rewards at first and build up a reputation, so people know your quests are fun and participate more in them, and eventually you will get sponsorship, or you will have better rewards to give. 

Creatures, items, anything that you can trade or share is a reward.


2) Enjoyment

This is the secret for it all. If your quests have the right balance of difficulty and challenge, then they will be pleasant to play, then thats a reward in itself, plus it will attract rewards, and also establish you as a questmaker. Challenge and difficulty are not the same thing. One thing can be difficult as in boring or plain complicated to do but present no challenge. Other things can be super easy, and maybe boring too. Also, the other way around, something can be a good challenge but be too easy and then too the experience is too short, or too difficult and then becomes frustrating.

I let you think about that more, its not something you can always 'design' but its something you can always adjust.


Then there is advertising.

You should advertise your quest through all available methods...but avoid spamming or annoying people.

The forum is where you should post the details and announce participants, rules and rewards, etc. Place it in the right category for this please. 

You have the moodpanel, where you can place a link to your quest.

You can also invite participants by sending them pms, but announcing previous participants is safer than just spamming random people with your quest. Remember there is a limited number of potential participants , and if you scare them or annoy them with spam messages, you will lose this opportunity forever and will also affect your public image.

Also there is the chat, again, careful about spamming too much.



Be sure you give enough time for your quest. If it ends too soon then not many will find out about it. If its too long, then people will forget about it or your quest will stay too long without you being able to announce winners, and then it will not be so exciting anymore.

I would say a week is a good timeframe to start with, depends on quest of course.


Inside Tips:

Tip1: If you design a quest that can be implemented with A25 tools and can be run automatically, repeatedly, this qualifies for a perpetual quest. A25 features are announced, and if you try harder the docs are even sort of public. A perpetual quest will ensure you unlimited reward supply and more, obviously.

Tip2: I personally love quests that involve the participants to create things themselves, be it out of paper or clay, or whatever. I will probably sponsor such quests, provided they have enough participants.

See the create your drachorn quest for a combination of these tips :)

Tip3: Put passion into your quests, each quest you do is representative of you as a quest maker. Keep a portfolio of past quests, so you have what to advertise yourself with and put it on your personal pages, not many will want to waste their time with a new questmaker, but might give it a try to a quest created by someone that is not doing it first time.



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