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I keep getting attacked, how do i stop it?



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You may not be attacked under the following scenarios:

  • You are in a location marked as a Sanctuary
    • You can still be attacked if you possess head trophies
  • You do not have any creatures
  • Your creatures do not have sufficient vitality to battle
  • You are in specific stages of the game (i.e story mode) that prevents you from being attacked
  • You're given special ability/authority that prevents you from being attacked
  • You're under the protection effect of a spell from another player

Someone may not attack you under the following scenarios:

  • Neither of you are in an alliance, and your mindpower differs
    • MP7 may battle all other mind powers
  • Their honor is below 500
  • Alt checker has detected you two as alt accounts
    • Attempt of bypassing the alt checker may result in a ban
  • They do not possess any creatures of sufficient vitality
  • They are blocked from attacking via spells
  • They are in a specific stage of the game that disables combat

It is up to you to determine how to avoid being attacked given these rules.

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Fyrd has largely detailed the most accessible methods of being attacked, however, there are also other methods used to repel attackers.

If one wishes not to participate in combat, then, having zero creatures which may participate in combat will prevent the occurrence of further battles.

MagicDuel also has a feature known as the honor system - one gains honor from defeating other players with a greater excess of wins (or smaller excess of losses) than the attacker. Provided it is not an inter-alliance attack, players with a large excess of losses will cause others who attack them to lose larger values of honor. Once a player has reached a value of -500 honor, they will not be able to attack other players except for those who will grant positive honor.

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If you stand around in the most public places, you can be attacked.  If you ask nicely, maybe people will stop.  Everybody should try to develop good relationships so that you can train together.  There is great advantage to gaining "balance" - equal number of wins and losses, so cooperation is key.

The quicker way to avoid attacks is -- RUN AWAY!  You can go to a less public place.  For instance, you can explore the wide open areas in the realm, where there are fewer people interested in attacking you.

Better, go to a place that has a "sanctuary" tag.  For instance Berserker's Way, just to the east/right of the Gazebo of Equilibrium is a sanctuary.  No attacking is allowed there.  There are other sanctuaries scattered through the realm.

If you go idle, you can still be attacked.  If you log out, you are safe, and when you come back your vital energies will have been building up over that time.

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