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How do I create a custom item?

Poppi Chullo


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Very few, high level characters can create custom items.  Generally, you must ask one of them for something specific, including a title and a description.  Usually these would be given to you as a reward for some task you perform.  This will vary tremendously with how much the item supports your role.  If you have been acting consistently in a certain way that presupposes a special item, you are more likely be given that item, more easily.

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  • Root Admin

While there are 'ways' to get your custom item done, aim for using existing items. 

Custom items are given to made, and to receive one, your role must fit the request, and you should already be able to use other exsiting items for same purpose. 

Don't get me wrong, i am creating custom items constantly, and some (not all) A25 members have this ability and use it too, just that the reasons why such an item gets created must not be simply your request. To create a custom item, i need to see and understand its purpose, and most of all i need to decide that working on a custom item is worth more than doing any other coding in the realm that could benefit others.

Under certain circumstances, you can ease this process and have a higher chance. The "ingredients" that could make me create a custom item easier are (ALL OF THE BELOW MUST HAPPEN):

- If the item description of existing items you have allows for such a thing. For example you have a bottle, and alcohol, and chairs, i could make you a portable bar stand (just a random example).

- you know exactly what is possible to do with existing item abilities, and try to fit your item in one of these. Obviously if i need to code more i will avoid it, so if you ask for something that is not possible yet, is more unlikely to happen than if you ask for a functionality that is already coded.

- you built a role that obviously had something to do with whatever the item is about. I am not creating custom items for new roles.

- you are willing to spend all your wishpoints for it (cost in wishpoints, variable, was for a while a method to do custom items, and i am still willing to consider it)

- the custom item you create must not create unbalance in the realm or hurt others. The more it affects only you, the higher the chance to ever get it.


Basically you can't, deal with it... but sometimes you will, read above.


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