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How do I obtain and use creature shards?



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There are two main methods of obtaining shards as of now:

  1. Via sacrificing creatures
  2. Via using a wish to double the amount of owned shards

Sacrificing a creature gives shards based on the following criteria:

  1. The creature's level
  2. The creature's stats (age, wins)
  3. The creature's tokens

To apply shards, visit the creature's page

  • A creature may possess multiple shards, at an increasing penalty cost
  • Shards will be completely refunded if you want to remove them
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you will need to sacrifice a creature of the same type at an altar, it will show you information on how many shards you get before you sacrifice it.

to use them open your creature page and then select the creature you are interested in putting shards on, you will be able to see a selection of abilities you can give to the creature and add them to your creature there, check out the description of the abilities to find what is right your creature

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Also, in addition to those already said, creature shards can be multiplied using wishpoints (you can double them), and you can receive them as rewards in events.

You can use creature shards to get additional abilities on your creatures (for this, go to your creature detail page once you have shards for that species). Additional abilities greatly improve creature sacrifice reward, and combat strategy.

Shard abilities can be recycled for full amount of shards, allowing transfer of shards between players through transfer of creatures. However be advised, creatures that where transferred many times give less shards reward when sacrificed.


Several factors are more important than others when calculating the final number of shards you get for a creature when sacrificing it. High level and age are two of the most important. At lower levels only age is visible enough, but at higher levels things change. 


Shard rewards on sac, depend on other factors than the other things given for that crit, this is important to know.


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