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Magician's box

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Imagine you're an archaeologist and you're sent to The Valley of Kings...wait, wrong fantasy. Imagine you're in MagicDuel, stage 16 and each stage is like a layer for a passed civilization. Underneath our feet there are 15 other civilizations, each with their own habits and objects.

Now, imagine you have a shovel. You dig to one of those layers and find a box. Inside, there are a few items (5-8) that have to do with magic. You take them one by one and try to determine their use. It's fun, because it *looks* so strange.

This is the contest, which I intend to keep around for 1-2 weeks. You have to 'create' a box with items specific for a certain stage (5 minimum). Look through the announcements or, if you lived it, try to remember. What was the new cool stuff that was added? What did people look for; what did you try to get? What was in your pouch in those times, what magic did you use?

Just write down (in this thread) the contents of your box; multiple entries allowed. You can add a character name for the owner of the box; you must specify the stage. The ''winners'' will be those with the more intriguing content, so you might not want to joke around. As for the prize, it will be one or more of my totems (not much variety, but there are some interesting crits among those, check out my inventory and ask me about them); if creatures are not your thing, we can talk about common/uncommon/rare items that I own. It may not be much, but the contest is also not very difficult.

Did I forget anything?

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Stage 10:

1)     A voting cell for the Marrind Bell Kingship elections: It allowed to vote for either Handy Pockets or Lightsage. 

2)     Broken handcuffs: These broken handcuffs were originally found in the realm after a prisoner escaped jail. 

3)     Plant totem: This is a totem from the very first few Toxicodendrite to exists. 

4)     A memory stone: The memory stones were introduced in this stage; this should belong to that age. 

5)     MB Coat of Arms Symbol paint: This is a paint from The Seekers of Enlightenment Alliance symbol, which became the Marrinds Bell Coat of Arms symbol 

6)     Aromatic Tea (item): This is a tea made really long ago. 

7)     A fenth: a new resource introduced in stage 10; one wonders what creature it came from. 

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My memory is hazy, I haven't lived long, and things washes away easily. History is fascinating, but so is the present - especially if the present may itself alters the box content itself

Stage 16:

  • A box filled with mailed in questions and answers
  • A marked Aramor with a Bad-Luck-To-Healer mark, one of the first of its kind
  • A painting of the GoE with many, many returning veterans
  • A memento book filled with texts of old languages, with terms no longer used and eventually forgotten
  • A sampled collection of all gatherable resources, for potential preservation purposes
  • A bill of sale for an nondescript liquid. It feels chilly to the touch
  • A stolen tool that escaped the tool gatherer. It exists in the box - for now, but it could just as easily vanishes tomorrow
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so, let's see what a player from the future would discover if he/she rummaged through the antiques:

They'd find a drum, pickles, coins (collectables), two items of unknown purpose, richly-decorated and a bunch of artwork in one of the boxes.

They'd find a voting form, handcuffs, a totem, a weird stone with unknown properties, an effigy, a plant and a most curious item, in another box.

They'd find plenty of letters, photographs, a memento book, a tool and a few resources, in the last one.

Interesting. I will find you in-game for the rewards.


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