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Slider's Effect on Random Rituals


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On using a random ritual in a battle with the slider set anywhere between 0% - 100% gives random value during combat. It looks like the slider value has no effect in influencing the percentage of used personal stats during a fight. I'm not sure if it's bugged or in-combat values takes precedence, which means the set slider value is useless.


Ex 1 - Slider set on 0%

Applying 82% of Lazarus's energetic influence
Applying 0% of *Miq*'s energetic influence
Ex 2 Slider set on 30% (default)
Applying 42% of Lazarus's energetic influence
Applying 0% of Dracoloth's energetic influence
How exactly does the random ritual work in relation with the slider?
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[2021-05-10 22:41:39 - Stage 16] Posted By Chewett
When attacking with a random ritual it will now use the chosen amount of vitality rather than randomly picking between 30 and 90. Thank you for Lazarus for asking the question about this, after investigating I noticed the bug and have now corrected it.

Please note that if the random ritual chosen does not have enough vitality, it will then default to a random, random ritual which will use a random 30-90 vitality percentage chosen. In addition to those those defending with a random ritual will also use a random 30-90 percentage of their vitality.



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