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Questions about RPCs


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Given certain events in the past few days (namely one being called attention to in a thread that has now been closed to the public view) have risen questions and doubts in some people, next to causing discussions between others and me as well as between me and me (yes, I am strange like that).


Said event(s) make me wonder about the powers of RPCs over the general population of MD. I understand that they are similar to "gods" in game, being given powers to punish and praise as seen fit and according to certain situations.That raises the question, who regulates the RPCs? Who makes sure they act with responsibility and authority in each and every situation?

I remember reading that the game creator based lots of his decision to name these people based on their involvement, their time and their apparent desire, passion and dedication towards the game. Yet after they are named, who checks to make sure they stay within bounds, or are there any bounds to begin with?

Disclaimer: By mentioning all of this I don't want to put a spotlight on the two (about to be named), I am merely using them as examples of a bigger issue at hand. So I am really sorry if you both feel personally attacked by this and what is to come, that is definitely not my intention. If it makes you uncomfortable, PM me and I will remove your names.

For those that didn't have the chance to see the thread, here a short summary of the case I mentioned at the beginning:

Robin Hood (on an alt MP3 account) was leading in the Head Contest. Ren - an MP4 at the time, attacked him to gain exp for his creatures and out of curiosity if he, as an RPC, could gain heads. He failed to win and thus attacked again. Robin, after realizing what happened, got upset and - I'm not sure if insulted, but definitely voiced his opinion (in not the most polite manner) to Ren. As they were annoying him in their quantity (at least that is what I understood from his posts) he attacked Robin once more.

Sometime after the first or second attack, mostly motivated by Robin's complaining, Ren contacted Shoeps, who in turn encouraged and authorized attacking people with a large amount of heads to make the contest more challenging and interesting.

All of this caused Robin to start a thread, which has now been moved to the trash, as well as raised discussion.

Basically my points - or questions, if you will - at hand:

[1]Were the two attacks following the first authorized one, legitimate?

[2]RPCs, having a certain status in-game, should act with authority, responsibility and maturity in all cases (or are supposed to).

[3]RPCs should not abuse their powers for personal gain.

[4]There should be some kind of regulation of RPCs and their actions.

[5]How much should a player be "punished" by leading with such a high score in the contest?

If yes to 1, does that mean it is OK for an RPC to attack players from other MP levels solely based on their personal desires and decisions? Even though technically Ren's first two attacks were within game regulations, as decided by Shoeps, his original intent was not such. Only after complaints were voiced did he think to check if what he did was OK.

Also: Was it necessary to force him to log off? Would weakening him and leaving him to defend his heads in that state not have been enough? (It would have helped other people raise their score, instead of just diminishing his). And most importantly: When would Ren have stopped attacking? Was his intention to actually get him to log off, or was he merely taking advantage of the fact that he wanted to gain exp anyway?

Their status comes as a reward, but that doesn't mean that after attaining said status you can just do whatever you please. They should have clear outlines of what is acceptable behavior and what is not, even if only to pacify and soothe regular players who don't want to be the prey of unreasonable wrath or sheer greed.

So, I ask you:

Should RPCs have regulations? Or should they be allowed to do whatever they want, having earned their positions as "gods"? Are they more authority figures that help regulate, develop the story and keep strays in check, or are they simply given powers and told to do what they please?

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I can understand the joy in having "gods" for the game, for such a reward existing for the most accomplished players of the game. Yet it's pretty much been demonstrated that the powers aren't used only to add depth to the game by the rpcs; in some instances, it's been used at the expense of normal players who haven't done anything wrong (I'm pretty sure this instance with Ren isn't the only one) and it's likely it will repeat.

I don't think it would undermine the integrity of the rpcs' status to have a certain limit for what they could do. To Gchick's question about whether or not Ren's actions, in their entirety even considering that his intent wasn't only to make the contest more fun (if that was ever his intent), were legitimate: yes, they were. But that's why I feel like something must be changed. At this time, the only thing players can do when something similar occurs is say that it was unfair, and then hold a grudge if they'd like.

What regulations? I don't really know. Maybe just: "If a rpc does something that unnecessarily causes strife with little reason except for his/her own gain as judged by superiors (oldest rpcs, admin), there will be a warning. If the behavior repeats, the rpc will have the powers he/she is abusing taken away from him. If the offense is serious enough, he/she will be stripped from his role completely." It's vague, but it'd be comforting to know we aren't completely at the rpcs' mercy if they turn out to be someone who would do that sort of thing.

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Ok, There is still a Bit of Controversy over what happened between Ren and Robin, and let me make it Clear that there are Varied opinions amongst the RPCs as well about Ren's actions. Still, this has been an Iscolated Incident, and I don't think it Speaks much about RPCs in general, or even Ren, who I find to typically be a fairly nice guy.

RPCs are monitored by Shoeps and Mur (King Manu), and there is a Possibility that as the Game grows and the Number of RPCs rises there will be a RPC Manager coming about. As of right now I think the biggest thing is that RPCs don't use their abilities to their own advantage, but in cases like the one mentioned its a little more Unclear.

I'm not sure, but I think there may soon be a way for Players to share their feelings about specific RPCs, but I'm not to Clear on this so Don't hold me to my word...

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Well other than one other thing which Was HIGHLY Unethical, That incident is the only I have heard of, and the only one Since I became an RPC myself...

The other thing I Spoke of hasn't had a Clear Offender so I can't speak much of it...

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Mmh, well I was just curious think about this in general. I am not sure if the discussion died because of the original thread being closed, or if my title isn't calling enough attention, or if really this few people care about this topic.

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Well other than one other thing which Was HIGHLY Unethical, That incident is the only I have heard of, and the only one Since I became an RPC myself...

The other thing I Spoke of hasn't had a Clear Offender so I can't speak much of it...

I don't know, I've heard of a few things, like RPCs banning people they find too annoying temporarily. No, I am not talking about only Robin Hood, others too. Usually it's because the players are complaining about something in a way that irritates the RPCs. I don't know whether that would be considered regulation or abuse, but I do believe I've received the impression that the RPCs that banned based it heavily upon their own irritation and not on whether it was disrupting the game or something like that.

I can see sensibility in RPCs having won their statuses and being given the status for privilege, but I think they also serve as regulators. I suppose the question is how much space they are left to judge for themselves. Personally, I think a loose guideline like what Glaistig suggested can't hurt that much, if there isn't one yet. Can't hurt to just throw one out, you know.

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