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Weekly 'reaction'

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I lurk about a certain website where I gawk at stuff; when something catches my eye, it makes me ponder. I'll be posting here a picture about which I'd be happy to hear your thoughts (thought that can come in various ways - a composition, a drawing, a handmade item). Basically, if what I post here stirs you in some way, you can send me your reaction. Rewards will be based on the effort and insight.

This week's image is:


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First thought was, gee this looks like the style of my artist friend Mark Ray. https://www.facebook.com/m.r.art.378  -- nah, probably not.

2) Oh, it's a bear.

3) Oh, it's a forest fire.

4) What a contrast!  You usually have the baby bear cub surviving the fire all singed, to go on to become Smokey the Bear, gentle guardian of the forests.  Here there is a strong an powerful spirit rising as if it were smoke, and full of anger.

5) Is this the spirit of the bear rising, raging about environmental abuse, or is this the spirit of the fire itself?

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Last question is probably what the artist intended with this, although I look at it as a bear seeing its home destroyed and rushing to safety...where it will maim some humans. Anyway, Fyrd, this is the image I wanted a poem on ;) 

and btw, entries don't have to be public

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Clouds, birds, forest.  If I let my imagination roam, it could be a tsunami wave coming in, rather than clouds.....  Perspective war going on as to whether I'm looking angled up or down at the the trees.

The foreground white splash effect - at first I thought it was just the negative space at the bottoms of the trees.  The more I look it seems a definite presence of something white, like that is surf splashing up.

The tree tops look a bit like oriental pictographs, but I can't read such.  Makes me wonder if the artist slipped a joke in or something.

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