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Looking for a symbol


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As the title says, I'm looking for a symbol for ''maintaining the balance by observing the harmony''. My first thought was the yin-yang symbol, but that's about duality (and other things I'm not entirely sure about).


Harmony* is the state of the world; it cannot be destroyed, nor created individually - it can only be observed. It means both killing others and needing others to be alive. It is the will of the living that brings about harmony, the sum of their wills; since the living can only have the will to live, it means harmony simply is, and is not created. 

Balance, on the other hand, is an inevitable outcome. It has nothing to do with the will of the living, it is a 'mathematic' mechanism of life. Cut too many plants because you are not paying attention to the harmony of the world, and you create an imbalance - rise in temperatures, floods, etc; ultimately, the remaining species (or even the planet itself) will create another harmony. 

Balance is the mechanism that 'brings about' harmony, so to speak; also, by observing the harmony, you 'maintain' the balance (because you're not creating imbalances). I'm looking for a symbol for this, help is much appreciated.

*personal reflections

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