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​​​​​​​Remembering Windy

Fyrd Argentus

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While her alt was a good friend and benefactor as well (I did not know it at the time), it was clearly in her character as Windy that I was most influenced in Magic Duel.     

She ran Windy’s Pub, an establishment inside Wind’s Sanctuary in Marind Bell.  In this place people came to have fun.  This was a sanctuary, so no combat, no silent grinding, but instead there was a great deal of verbal sparring.  She kept in character as a barkeep, and games and brawls broke out in her establishment.  Everyone seemed to come there and get more deeply into their character than anywhere else.     

She showed me what it was to role-play in the MD realm.  Not just in the person of her character, but by developing the place, and ambiance and atmosphere that she created by her force of will.     

I like to think that I have followed in her footsteps, encouraging role-play at every turn.  I dedicated my “Café by the Maple” to her, and to the memory of Windy’s Pub.  I want to develop it into a gathering place for role-players and those of a literary bent.  But even if that fails and the party moves to the Bug Gardens, or the Oak Fort, or the Gazebo of Equilibrium, or anywhere else, the thread that Windy started shall live on and I will champion the culture she nurtured at Windy’s Pub.

I like to think she helped me win the 2012 Pre-eminent Role Player trophy.

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