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17th Anni Conspiracy Theories

Fyrd Argentus

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"There," said Fyrd as he sent the message.

"Let's see how many will catch the bait and reveal themselves. I wonder how close they are to the truth."

Fyrd stood up from the GoE stairs and scratched his white beard.

Seeing everyone idle, he decided to make his move.


With a few hops, he moved through the realm, arriving at the Plains of Deceit.

He smiled to himself. The name was fitting.

With practiced movements, he picked up a nearby stool and moved it next to the Marind Bell's fence.




Fyrd landed on the stool.




He jumped over the fence.


On the other side was a massive hole with a few crystals poking out of it.

Fyrd did not pay any attention to the small crystals and entered the hole.


After a few minutes of walking ... The path split.


Fyrd continued to the left.


Before him, a lever appeared. Fyrd pulled the lever, then returned to the main tunnel and continued through the other branch, the right one.


At the end of it were wooden doors. Fyrd stopped, took out a map and inspected the names close to his location.


A minute later, at Shaper's steps, a pair of wooden doors opened. A nearby Caretaker turned and looked at the newly arrival.


"Oh, hi Mur."


Mur closed the door behind himself and nodded to the Caretaker.


"Mur, Chew said he wanted to discuss something with you, he should be at the Statue Hall."


"Oh, really? Alright, I will see what he wants," replied Mur and with a brisk walk entered the Statue Hall.

With confident steps, he crossed through the whole hall, before stopping at the Sanctum. Seeing no one else looking, Mur quickly stepped behind the Sanctum and walked down the hidden staircase, opened by the lever he pulled earlier.


After going all the way down, Mur entered a room with a metal table. There, only two items laid. A massive crystal with what seemed like wailing souls, one of them bigger than the others, wearing a suit and hitting the crystal from the inside with his walking stick.


The other item was a massive sword with the words "Magic Duel" inscribed upon it.


Taking up the sword, Mur smiled.


"Time to catch another one."



After a while, a particular Caretaker entered the Statue Hall. They could see a figure at the end of it. The figure turned to face them and they recognized it.


"Hey Chew! Mur should be coming, I informed him."


Chewett nodded.


"Mur already visited and we managed to fix the problem. Thanks for telling him."


"No problem Chew. Say, the sword you are holding, is it not.."



Another few minutes later, a figure resembling Fyrd jumped over a particular fence and set the stool where it was supposed to be. Just like the other items. And a new addition to the crystal, new identity.


Sadly, another person decided to take a "pause" from the realm, and in the future, will only appear from time to time.. When his presence is needed.

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One of mine for fun:

Fyrd Argentus: So, I'll give an example of a conspiracy theory....
Fyrd Argentus: Have you ever asked yourself why there is never a negative Y coordinate?
Fyrd Argentus: I think it is because if you go DOWN you'll see an earlier, scrapped version of MD.
Fyrd Argentus: You know, like the ancients who built one city on the ruins of the last one?
Fyrd Argentus: This one however is very colorful - because it was done in crayon when Mur was only 4 years old.
Fyrd Argentus: Whenever you see color in the MD world, it's a crack in the parchment letting up a ray of color from below.
Fyrd Argentus: And the reason he's so against color?
Fyrd Argentus: He's still trying to shake off his embarassment at the quality artwork that could be exposed.
Fyrd Argentus: But I still haven't figured out why he finds orange acceptable?
Fyrd Argentus: Perhaps he never had an orange crayon as a kid?
Fyrd Argentus: (the end)

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[27/04/22 15:06] Chewett:I have a factual conspiracy
[27/04/22 15:07] Fyrd Argentus:Great!
[27/04/22 15:07] Fyrd Argentus: (of course they all are, maybe)
[27/04/22 15:08] Chewett:It is true!
[27/04/22 15:10] Chewett:It is a factual conspiracy theory about a person long ago
[27/04/22 15:10] Chewett:This person was called King Manu, they were a strange creature
[27/04/22 15:12] Chewett:They used to write incessantly
[27/04/22 15:12] Chewett:It used to be a real cause for problems for various people, passing hundreds of lines of text
[27/04/22 15:13] Chewett:Sometimes it would be readable, sometimes these cursed pieces of paper would freeze people for hours at a time
[27/04/22 15:13] Chewett:At one point is is rumoured these papers, the technical term was scripts, even caused the world to stop
[27/04/22 15:13] Chewett:Although that is probably a lie, that sounds too fantastical
[27/04/22 15:16] Chewett:But something that someone once called a conspiracy theory was a word I used
[27/04/22 15:16] Chewett:The word a simple one, manuscript. Few people know that actually this word comes from this person
[27/04/22 15:16] :Fyrd Argentus nods
[27/04/22 15:17] Chewett:It means a tome or similar, typically something quite lengthy
[27/04/22 15:17] Chewett:But thats only because said person, King Manu, created these lengthy tomes, which we referred to as manuscript.
[27/04/22 15:18] Chewett:This original meaning however is lost in the mists of time
[27/04/22 15:18] Chewett: (end)
[27/04/22 15:18] :Fyrd Argentus claps
[27/04/22 15:18] Fyrd Argentus:Thank you!

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