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Day 103 Year 17, A new title is given to Ledah!


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[14/04/22 16:22] :Aia wonders if there will be other weather events associated with plushies
[14/04/22 16:27] :Fyrd Argentus wonders if there will be fireworks.
[14/04/22 16:32] :Chewett wonders at the damage that plushies and fireworks could do
[14/04/22 16:36] Fyrd Argentus:Beware the smoking plushie.....
[14/04/22 16:39] Fyrd Argentus:I'm curious....
[14/04/22 16:40] Fyrd Argentus:Okay, the roof is good. Can't collect rainwater.
[14/04/22 16:40] Fyrd Argentus:So we ARE at risk of immolation by plushie.
[14/04/22 16:43] Chewett:Is the roof good? *wonders*
[14/04/22 16:43] Chewett:I haven't seen anyone check it yet...
[14/04/22 16:43] Chewett:As Grand Duke I am possibly liable for its roof...
[14/04/22 16:43] Chewett:I will appoint Ledah Chief Roof Inspector
[14/04/22 16:44] Fyrd Argentus:So you get him up on a high, high ladder, in the middle of the rain... what exactly are you hoping for, Chewie?
[14/04/22 16:44] Chewett: *coughs* well...
[14/04/22 16:44] Chewett: *whispers* care to help wobble the ladder with me?
[14/04/22 16:45] Fyrd Argentus:I've got a glob of grassan fat here that might help.
[14/04/22 16:45] Chewett:Perfect, the plan is hatched!

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