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17th Anni Faded Memories Event - AR

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[22/04/22 07:07] Kyphis:Always good to see lots of people
[22/04/22 11:18] Chewett:Always good to see you too
[22/04/22 13:25] Kyphis:Multicolour avatars are so strange to me, haha
[22/04/22 13:26] Chewett:It is a sign of changing times
[22/04/22 13:26] Chewett:Aia is special, much more so than myself!
[22/04/22 13:26] Chewett:I'm not sure of anyone really that has an avatar like that, where Mur has graced it with a name and colour
[22/04/22 13:26] Kyphis:Of course; they are an Aussie
[22/04/22 13:27] Chewett:Strange people those Aussies :P
[22/04/22 13:27] Kyphis:.... yep
[22/04/22 13:27] Kyphis:It feels good to see though
[22/04/22 13:27] Chewett:Well, Aia isn't strange, some others I can think of :D
[22/04/22 13:28] Chewett:Thinking more, I can't think of anyone who has an avatar like that
[22/04/22 13:28] Chewett:Really shows the impact she has had
[22/04/22 13:28] Kyphis:Can't be me; I don't qualify as people :P
[22/04/22 13:28] Eara Meraia:huh, why am I not dead? o.O
[22/04/22 13:29] Chewett:An easter Miarcle!
[22/04/22 13:29] Chewett:She has risen :D
[22/04/22 13:29] Kyphis:Nobody tell Eon
[22/04/22 13:29] Chewett:Are you sure you don't count as people? :O
[22/04/22 13:30] Kyphis:;)
[22/04/22 13:30] Eara Meraia: *coughs* my brethren...
[22/04/22 13:30] Chewett:I wonder if one day we should all adventure into Death
[22/04/22 13:31] Chewett:See what awaits when lashtal does the deed!
[22/04/22 13:31] :Fyrd Argentus cracks open an eye.
[22/04/22 13:31] Chewett:I heard there is an interesting revival quest
[22/04/22 13:31] Eara Meraia:it is good to be alive again....lashtal is an old grump..he forgot I have an immunity
[22/04/22 13:31] Kyphis:I've lost track of the number of times I've died. Always self resurrected via bugs though.
[22/04/22 13:32] Eara Meraia:but I dont mind little death :)
[22/04/22 13:32] Kyphis:Can't.... remember how to do that anymore though...
[22/04/22 13:32] Kyphis:I think it had something to do with the item refresh?
[22/04/22 13:32] :Eara Meraia misses Molquert
[22/04/22 13:33] Kyphis:Molquert was fun
[22/04/22 13:34] Kyphis: *to Chewett* Sorry I'm a bit late; I forgot daylight savings exists
[22/04/22 13:34] Eara Meraia:RIP Molly :(
[22/04/22 13:34] Eara Meraia:Modern revival quest had something to do with gathering flowers, if I am not mistaken
[22/04/22 13:34] Fyrd Argentus:1000 flowers makes a grave wreath.
[22/04/22 13:35] Chewett:Daylight savings???
[22/04/22 13:35] Chewett:What is this mystical thing
[22/04/22 13:35] Chewett:Ah there are even more modern methods Eara
[22/04/22 13:35] Kyphis:Isn't that the mechanical way to do if it no one is available to run the revival quest?
[22/04/22 13:35] Chewett:Revival Nectar from the bees!
[22/04/22 13:36] Kyphis:Also why doesn't this place have Memory Stones to gather?
[22/04/22 13:36] Fyrd Argentus:Nepgear there has 405 flowers we dumped on her over the course of a few weeks. At the time there were another 600 in the press already.
[22/04/22 13:36] Fyrd Argentus:Community effort to revive someone killed unjustly - only it turned out that they were not, and the modern method was faster anyway.
[22/04/22 13:37] Chewett:Surely lots of memories have been formed here?
[22/04/22 13:37] Chewett:Someone was not killed unjustly?
[22/04/22 13:37] Fyrd Argentus:Else was making regular runs into NC.
[22/04/22 13:37] Fyrd Argentus:And Esmaralda courted death for the adventure.
[22/04/22 13:38] Chewett:Ah yes, Else...
[22/04/22 13:38] Kyphis:I also think it appropriate to have memory stones available in a location with such a significant history - especially since it is, generally speaking, completely inaccessible
[22/04/22 13:38] redneck:We all liked sneaking in necro to get ahold of those special boots
[22/04/22 13:38] Chewett:Ah I misheard you, I thought you were asking why it had them Kyphis!
[22/04/22 13:38] Kyphis:I don't actually think I know Else
[22/04/22 13:38] Chewett:Not that it did have them :D
[22/04/22 13:38] Fyrd Argentus:Chewett is in charge of resources these days - but who is in charge of MDA?
[22/04/22 13:38] Eara Meraia:Visits here: 7...I probably should feel ashamed :D
[22/04/22 13:39] Fyrd Argentus:The leadership of MDA has been - absent.
[22/04/22 13:39] redneck:made recruiting trees alot easier ;)
[22/04/22 13:39] Kyphis:Nah, just ruminating on the idea that it should have them
[22/04/22 13:39] Chewett:What made recruiting trees a lot easier?
[22/04/22 13:40] redneck:The high ap boots that where laying around
[22/04/22 13:40] Kyphis:The Boots
[22/04/22 13:40] redneck:All gone now im pretty sure
[22/04/22 13:40] Chewett:The boots! Ah yes indeed.
[22/04/22 13:40] Chewett:I don't know if they are gone, I think Aia worked on tweaking it after Else's comments about NC being too easy
[22/04/22 13:40] Chewett:Its good we have honest people who are honest about the balance
[22/04/22 13:41] Aia:I do believe there do still exist some boots, but they may no longer be used in this manner.
[22/04/22 13:41] redneck:Its definitely not easy now, since you loose ap every move
[22/04/22 13:42] Aia:Additionally, as it were, Mur did change the recruitment of creatures such that each additional creature recruited would increase the cost of recruitment until such a creature were to be gone.
[22/04/22 13:42] Fyrd Argentus:Blossoms and pickles and candy - oh my!
[22/04/22 13:43] Aia:The notable exception to these boots were in itself an interesting location; and one that shall not only be challenging, but rewarding to find.
[22/04/22 13:43] Kyphis:Hello Aia, first time chatting with you since your coronation
[22/04/22 13:44] Kyphis:I really should be less lax in offering my congratulations to my queen :P
[22/04/22 13:44] Aia:Greetings, Kyphis; indeed, it has been some time.
[22/04/22 13:44] :Fyrd Argentus gives a deep bow, over balances and lands on his head.
[22/04/22 13:45] Kyphis:... the heck are all those madness proc's in the triggers list...
[22/04/22 13:45] Aia:I do bid thee to speak freely; after all, a bard's voice must be music to his queen's ear.
[22/04/22 13:45] Chewett:Aia did you get the creatures I deposited into your account?
[22/04/22 13:45] :Kyphis begins setting up a cushion atop Fyrd's toppled frame
[22/04/22 13:46] Chewett:Madness is probably given to those who reach for the hand of death and do not take it.
[22/04/22 13:46] redneck:The anni creature a brand new creature?
[22/04/22 13:46] Chewett:I don't know!
[22/04/22 13:47] Aia:I confirm reception of these creatures, Chewett. I do believe thou hast been quite generous this year, as I have been unable to contribute as much as in previous years, but did receive the same.
[22/04/22 13:47] Chewett:It is a mystery to me, It seems to be haunted
[22/04/22 13:47] redneck:very secretive mhm
[22/04/22 13:47] :Aia checks to make sure she actually sent in the art for the creature
[22/04/22 13:47] Chewett:Pretty sure I saw it :D
[22/04/22 13:47] Chewett:Mur professed his love for it
[22/04/22 13:48] Chewett:Women swooned
[22/04/22 13:48] Chewett:Children cried
[22/04/22 13:48] Chewett:It was marvellous
[22/04/22 13:48] Nepgear:Hah, I wonder what it is
[22/04/22 13:48] : Nepgear collects Memory stone
[22/04/22 13:48] : Chewett collects Memory stone
[22/04/22 13:49] Aia: *smiles* I believe that were the desired response, Nepgear.
[22/04/22 13:49] redneck:maybe its more useful then my rainbow candy fiend from last year
[22/04/22 13:50] Fyrd Argentus:I'm just glad last year's didn't wake up and eat all my paper.
[22/04/22 13:50] :Fyrd Argentus slithers out from under the cushions and begins making origami swans.
[22/04/22 13:51] Aia:I would think such a creature would wreak of havoc upon the Archives.
[22/04/22 13:51] Fyrd Argentus:That was the rumor when they first arrived.
[22/04/22 13:51] Kyphis:Unfortunately, yes
[22/04/22 13:51] Aia:Especially as it would be quite the inverse of the original Elucubratie.
[22/04/22 13:52] Fyrd Argentus:Perhaps it would have produced something even more wonderful, but I can't imagine what that would be.
[22/04/22 13:53] :Fyrd Argentus tries to sail a swan through the air, but it drops like a rock.
[22/04/22 13:54] :Kyphis pulls out a quill and parchment and begins composing
[22/04/22 13:54] Fyrd Argentus:Much like the Elucubratie.
[22/04/22 13:54] Chewett:The Anni Elu from last year was planned to do some interesting things but I don't want to implement the interesting things without an output to make them "actualyl" interesting
[22/04/22 13:54] Chewett:The whole paper/elu thing has potential but really it doesn't "do" anything so people ignor eit.
[22/04/22 13:55] Chewett:So while there are some nice requests Mur had for it, it would "just" be nice and not really "do" anything as an end goal
[22/04/22 13:55] Chewett:No point adding in useless things, its just a waste of time
[22/04/22 13:55] redneck:Adds some nice color to to my collection
[22/04/22 13:56] Aia:If there shall not be another purpose for this creature, I hope the illustration doth suffice.
[22/04/22 13:56] Chewett:Certainly Mur was pleased by it
[22/04/22 13:57] Aia:To colour of it doth return some semblant memory of childhood, and colouring-tomes.
[22/04/22 13:57] Fyrd Argentus:No offense, I hope. I simply meant it seems flightless.
[22/04/22 13:57] Nepgear:Who knows, maybe Mur will create a shard ability that turns it into a killing machine...
[22/04/22 13:57] redneck:Would be cool to be able to put the elu into a ritual
[22/04/22 13:57] Fyrd Argentus:It is quite beautiful.
[22/04/22 13:57] :Aia carefully unbinds the rituals with Elucubraties in them
[22/04/22 13:58] Fyrd Argentus: (Perhaps an image of the elucubratie would suffice as the "cool image" that comes with the creature shield....)
[22/04/22 13:58] Muratus del Mur:shard abilities can change thing completely now. Creatures that are otherwise unable to fight are the perfect candidates for holding shards with abilities that influence other fighting crits
[22/04/22 13:58] redneck:You can put them in a ritual, or is it just me?
[22/04/22 13:59] Fyrd Argentus:I can't.
[22/04/22 13:59] Muratus del Mur:Except eggs, all crits should be placeable in a ritual. There are probably several that can't be right now , but this should change
[22/04/22 13:59] Nepgear:Yeah they are excluded from the list for some reason
[22/04/22 14:00] Kyphis:I know nothing of shard abilities
[22/04/22 14:01] Nepgear:They are a relatively new addition
[22/04/22 14:01] Muratus del Mur:fixed, you can add them to fights now
[22/04/22 14:01] Muratus del Mur:i will announce it shortly after i change the rest too
[22/04/22 14:01] Fyrd Argentus:They are another complication on combat - interesting to play with but not decisively powerful - until recently perhaps.
[22/04/22 14:01] Aia:One would consider that as the Elucubratie were quite a rare being, that to obtain of its shards would be a costly exercise.
[22/04/22 14:01] redneck:Nice!
[22/04/22 14:02] Aia: (Mur: don't change the moss, all the things about that are like that by design)
[22/04/22 14:02] Fyrd Argentus:Perhaps that would be it's power - it eats other creature's shards.
[22/04/22 14:02] Chewett:In time there will be different ways to get shards, to make rarer things possible
[22/04/22 14:03] Chewett:Some things you might not sacrafice, but "reset" to gain shards
[22/04/22 14:04] Muratus del Mur:one of the plans i have is to make some abilities available just for some species
[22/04/22 14:04] Muratus del Mur:and as Chew said, other ways of getting or multiplying shards will be made available over time
[22/04/22 14:04] Fyrd Argentus: (Kyphis, you only get them by saccing creatures of the type they are intended to work on. Hence Aia's comment.)
[22/04/22 14:05] Fyrd Argentus: (... and my suggestion for the Elucubratie.)
[22/04/22 14:05] Kyphis: (Ah, in otherwords it's something I'll never have since I am uncomfortable saccing my creatures)
[22/04/22 14:05] Fyrd Argentus:You can pass creatures that have them already.
[22/04/22 14:06] Fyrd Argentus:ie trade
[22/04/22 14:07] Nepgear:Hmm, did some shard abilities get removed/disabled lately?
[22/04/22 14:07] Muratus del Mur:there might be errors during the fight or ritual creation when using creatures previously unable to fight, if so let me or Chew know.
[22/04/22 14:08] Aia: (I think one or two did, as per the recent announcement, Nep)
[22/04/22 14:08] Nepgear:I remember seeing "bloodlust" for example, but it's not there now. And maybe some others
[22/04/22 14:08] Nepgear:Oh
[22/04/22 14:08] Muratus del Mur:@nap, the shard abilities are now editable by a25, so i dont know, probably
[22/04/22 14:08] Muratus del Mur:ah that one i think i messed up
[22/04/22 14:09] Muratus del Mur:not sure, i am working on something else not on shards right now ..i think its just disabled
[22/04/22 14:10] Fyrd Argentus:I just hit Nep with both sorts of elucubratie, no errors, but then both were immediately frozen so no chance to "act".
[22/04/22 14:10] Muratus del Mur:i disabled some that where not functional. When a shard ability is removed, you get a replacement shard so you can recycle the shards you used, no shards are lost
[22/04/22 14:10] Chewett: (afk)
[22/04/22 14:11] Muratus del Mur:adding a species selector for the shard abilities is the missing major step in the sa dev to enable use of more interesting abilities
[22/04/22 14:12] Muratus del Mur:or example if there will be a shard ability to prevent freeze, it must be usable just by a single species, that is otherwise not so useful, and not by drachs for example
[22/04/22 14:12] Fyrd Argentus:I just hit Mallos with them, no errors, they simply don't show up in the "rounds" report now that they are not frozen.
[22/04/22 14:12] :Kyphis finishes his composing
[22/04/22 14:12] Muratus del Mur:thanks for checking
[22/04/22 14:13] Kyphis:Aia, you did encourage my bardic talents be applied, did you not?
[22/04/22 14:13] Aia: *nods* Indeed, both in implication and in encouragement.
[22/04/22 14:14] Muratus del Mur::)
[22/04/22 14:14] Kyphis:Then, allow me to present you with this freshly written poem
[22/04/22 14:15] :Kyphis clears his throat
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:Wandering on the silver wind
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:On wings of sorrow cast
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:Through tears and torn she's fallen
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:Into the cold to wander
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:Mere ashes for her heart
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:.
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:The one once cleft to now turned away
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:Through sorrow and unbidden
[22/04/22 14:15] :Kyphis failed to cast a spell
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:An e.cho following every footfall
[22/04/22 14:15] Kyphis:And lands left scarred by memories
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:Of the souls now left to thin
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:.
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:Paths are uncrossed and crossed again
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:And where ashes fall a seed is blooming
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:So far from home and yet so near
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:The sorrows freshly burning
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:As the guardians stand apart
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:.
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:Laughter rides her lips once more
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:As new friendships are found and forged
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:But never does sorrow wane nor fade
[22/04/22 14:16] Kyphis:No dulling of the pain
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:But in spite her heart does grow
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:.
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:What has waned is once more waxing
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:What is eclipsed is only hidden
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:The soul, the finger, and the brow
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:To be given a name to never forget
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:Oh maiden
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:.
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:.
[22/04/22 14:17] Kyphis:.
[22/04/22 14:17] :Fyrd Argentus applauds.
[22/04/22 14:18] :Kyphis gives a polite bow to the applause, then sits down
[22/04/22 14:18] :Aia claps for Kyphis
[22/04/22 14:18] Ailith:Beautiful!
[22/04/22 14:19] Fyrd Argentus: (I had not encountered that occupational hazard of the bard yet - the hidden spell words...)
[22/04/22 14:20] Kyphis: (It's a severe annoyance I had forgotten... used to have to change my spell words regularly before recitals)
[22/04/22 14:20] :Aia used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell
[22/04/22 14:21] Aia: ** audite ** Kyphis
[22/04/22 14:21] Aia: (eh?)
[22/04/22 14:21] :[Spell] **audite** Kyphis
[22/04/22 14:22] Fyrd Argentus:Does that get only Kyphis's words?
[22/04/22 14:22] Kyphis: (Oh no... I've just composed a very tongue in cheek poem for Chewett.... I'm so very very sorry)
[22/04/22 14:22] Fyrd Argentus:Or send him the file?
[22/04/22 14:22] Aia: (No, I think it just takes a log of the location the target is presently at)
[22/04/22 14:22] Kyphis: (You're a brit/Pommes Frit/Oi oi oi/No king hit!)
[22/04/22 14:23] Kyphis: (I apologise, but the amalgamation that passes for my brain was veeeeeery insistent)
[22/04/22 14:24] Aia: (The bard from beneath/Doth move of his teeth/And poetry shears/Off Chewett's ears)
[22/04/22 14:24] Fyrd Argentus: (No, I stepped out, used my spell words + Aia and got the silence outside the gazebo.)
[22/04/22 14:25] Kyphis: (There is one version of the spell that does the location you are in, and a more powerful version that lets you target a player)
[22/04/22 14:25] Aia: (Ah... so the spell doesn't really target, just takes a log of the location it is cast)
[22/04/22 14:25] Fyrd Argentus: (Aha)
[22/04/22 14:26] Nepgear: (So the higher level spell can be used for spying... Interesting!)
[22/04/22 14:26] Kyphis: (The more powerful version is exceedingly rare from memory, and has been removed from most people)
[22/04/22 14:26] Aia: (A bad poetry contest would not go awry one year)
[22/04/22 14:26] Fyrd Argentus:I've tried to implement such things. It's not too late - the "other" class competition.
[22/04/22 14:27] Kyphis: (A "bad poetry contest" is an oxymoron)
[22/04/22 14:27] :Aia used the Earfocus stone to temporarily learn the Earfocus spell
[22/04/22 14:27] Fyrd Argentus:Nobody wanted to write Limericks this year.
[22/04/22 14:27] Aia: (that spell?)
[22/04/22 14:27] Kyphis: (There is only a sliding scale of good poetry to poetry no one - not even the author - can stand)
[22/04/22 14:28] Kyphis: (I believe so)
[22/04/22 14:28] Aia: (the fabled Vogon poetry comes to mind)
[22/04/22 14:28] Fyrd Argentus::))
[22/04/22 14:29] :[Spell] My, what nice acronyms you have Aia
[22/04/22 14:32] :⁂ᴌଽղᴌaᴌiѵଽlᎩ oթଽղގ ऄଽℜ mouᴌऄ ᴌo ℜଽގթoղd⁂
[22/04/22 14:32] Fyrd Argentus:There was a young lady from Loreroot,
[22/04/22 14:32] Fyrd Argentus:Whose parties were always a hoot
[22/04/22 14:32] Fyrd Argentus:Her poetry though,
[22/04/22 14:33] Fyrd Argentus:Caused others to go,
[22/04/22 14:33] Fyrd Argentus:But the point you see, was moot
[22/04/22 14:33] Fyrd Argentus: (since she never wrote any)
[22/04/22 14:33] :Kyphis chortles
[22/04/22 14:34] Aia:(oucऄ)
[22/04/22 14:35] :Fyrd Argentus gets out his chattering teeth while wondering what the queen was about to do to him.
[22/04/22 14:35] :Fyrd Argentus gets out his prayer beads and starts working them.
[22/04/22 14:36] :Fyrd Argentus gets out his white flower wreath and lays down under it, playing dead.
[22/04/22 14:36] :Kyphis seizes upon the beads, a glint in his eye
[22/04/22 14:36] Kyphis:Pray pass those to me for a moment of inspection, if you will...
[22/04/22 14:36] :Fyrd Argentus hangs on, due to rigour mortis.
[22/04/22 14:37] Fyrd Argentus:Oh, all right.
[22/04/22 14:37] :Fyrd Argentus passed Prayer beads to Kyphis
[22/04/22 14:37] :Aia tentatively whispers again to see how ridiculous she sounds
[22/04/22 14:38] Fyrd Argentus:Keep 'em if you like them.
[22/04/22 14:38] :Aia regains her poise
[22/04/22 14:38] Aia:One should repay mirth in kind, one thinks, dear Fyrd.
[22/04/22 14:38] Fyrd Argentus:Uh-oh.
[22/04/22 14:38] Fyrd Argentus:It was NOT me that cast the spell, mind you.
[22/04/22 14:39] Fyrd Argentus:I just wrote the poem.
[22/04/22 14:39] :[Spell] Kyphis holds the beads up and inspects them, smiling, then offers them back - with the addition of a bespoke bead bearing his own semblance to the centre of the string
[22/04/22 14:39] Fyrd Argentus:Maybe that's why Kyphis wanted them?
[22/04/22 14:40] :Kyphis passed Prayer beads to Fyrd Argentus
[22/04/22 14:40] :Fyrd Argentus inspects the beads.
[22/04/22 14:40] Fyrd Argentus:Nice.
[22/04/22 14:40] Aia:Indeed; I do believe thou dost misunderstand me, Fyrd; I must think to bring mirth to thee also.
[22/04/22 14:40] Aia: *thinks* Mayhap, when it were least expected.
[22/04/22 14:41] Fyrd Argentus:I repeat myself at the risk of being boring - uh-oh.
[22/04/22 14:41] :Ailith giggles
[22/04/22 14:42] Kyphis:... I wonder if anyone with clickie access will install a facsimile of the functioning floor puzzle here
[22/04/22 14:42] Aia: (uh-oh is probably fair, actually)
[22/04/22 14:42] Kyphis:Not with any functionality itself mind you, just with the visage of it
[22/04/22 14:42] Fyrd Argentus: (We apparently lost it with the server change.)
[22/04/22 14:43] Fyrd Argentus: (All clickies are now rectangles that interfere with each other.)
[22/04/22 14:43] Aia:Out of curiosity, Kyphis, hast thou visited of Champion's Challenge of recent?
[22/04/22 14:43] Kyphis: (ugh. That explains what I saw when I was trying to extract some new images earlier)
[22/04/22 14:43] Fyrd Argentus: (Aia did the Champion's Challenge over in the likeness of the BP except it is evil and does not yield to linear algebra + Excel.)
[22/04/22 14:44] Fyrd Argentus: (You need advanced computing power, me thinks.)
[22/04/22 14:44] Kyphis:Yes, I've seen it. Doesn't stand in the way of my nostalgia though!
[22/04/22 14:45] Kyphis: (Back shortly)
[22/04/22 14:46] Fyrd Argentus:Does he have a potion or elixer that makes one shorter?
[22/04/22 14:47] Fyrd Argentus:Not much commercial potential there. People seem to want to be taller, usually.
[22/04/22 14:48] Fyrd Argentus:Though as a lad, my mother hung potted plants over the commode, and so when I stood up, unlike her, I banged my head on the pot every single time.
[22/04/22 14:48] :Ailith nods
[22/04/22 14:48] Kyphis: (Returned)
[22/04/22 14:48] Fyrd Argentus:Which brings to mind a young lady I knew, named Alice.....
[22/04/22 14:48] Fyrd Argentus:But that's a story of another time.
[22/04/22 14:48] Kyphis:I mean, appropriately applied acid would do the job...
[22/04/22 14:49] :Kyphis nods at Fyrd's story
[22/04/22 14:49] Aia:One may consider that there may be those who seek a stature which were closer to that of a romantic partner, mayhap.
[22/04/22 14:49] Kyphis:Yes, that sounds logical, I find it easy to believe you used to hit the pot in your youth
[22/04/22 14:50] Fyrd Argentus:Oh, the double entendre.
[22/04/22 14:50] Fyrd Argentus:I did once kiss a lady who had been indulging - tasted like rotten broccoli.
[22/04/22 14:50] Kyphis:Can't say it would have been my first guess, but, to be blunt, it is believable
[22/04/22 14:50] Fyrd Argentus:I was not eager to try it myself, thereafter.
[22/04/22 14:51] Fyrd Argentus:I appreciate you efforts to light up the gazebo.
[22/04/22 14:51] Fyrd Argentus:I'll roll with it.
[22/04/22 14:51] Fyrd Argentus:Though this place would be better with a little grass in it.
[22/04/22 14:51] :Kyphis chuckles
[22/04/22 14:52] Fyrd Argentus:Seems a bit harsh.
[22/04/22 14:52] Aia: (Fyrd/Kyphis: Would either of you like the tiles - or specific tiles, anyway - to be made into clickies?)
[22/04/22 14:52] Kyphis:Oh, I don't know, I'd rather focus on budding minds rather than the landscaping
[22/04/22 14:53] Fyrd Argentus: (Is that possible, milady, given the shapes? I thought it would be a fruitless endeavor - likely to go up in smoke.)
[22/04/22 14:53] Fyrd Argentus:But I will leave it to you.
[22/04/22 14:53] Aia: (It is okay as long as the selected tiles don't overlap)
[22/04/22 14:53] Fyrd Argentus:*leaf
[22/04/22 14:53] Kyphis: (The scene is locked normally, but I would none the less find it delightful to see, yes)
[22/04/22 14:54] Aia: (Maybe when a new purpose is found for this, then)
[22/04/22 14:54] Fyrd Argentus:Step one is to make it not a misdeamenor to come here.
[22/04/22 14:54] Fyrd Argentus:The issue is cloudy, however.
[22/04/22 14:54] Aia: (That should not be a problem. Why is it locked at the moment?)
[22/04/22 14:54] Fyrd Argentus:If we find a good match for this place, that would be great.
[22/04/22 14:55] Kyphis: (Is it possible to make it so that when you solve the Champions Challenge it also teleports you here?)
[22/04/22 14:55] : Nepgear collects Memory stone
[22/04/22 14:55] Kyphis: (not asking you to do so, just asking if it's possible. Because it would be funny)
[22/04/22 14:55] Fyrd Argentus:Maybe some two-lips would look nice here.
[22/04/22 14:56] Fyrd Argentus:Yes, Kyphis, it would be. But since nobody ever solves the CC, it's sort of moot.
[22/04/22 14:56] Aia: (It is possible, but the wishpoint reward is in the Champion's Challenge scene to be collected after, and one would miss it enroute here.)
[22/04/22 14:57] Kyphis:Hmm, I fear we may be transitioning the conversation away from the grass and over to the bushes, and as we all know such topics are like to see Daylight Savings Times arrive sooner than expected
[22/04/22 14:57] Fyrd Argentus: (You could have the TP effect after the wishpoint.)
[22/04/22 14:57] Aia: (Also reasonable.)
[22/04/22 14:57] Kyphis: (Most excellent, highly comical. Truly delightful)
[22/04/22 14:58] Aia: (I just really don't want to edit *that* scene again)
[22/04/22 14:58] Fyrd Argentus:Back to the question - who is in charge here at the MDA?
[22/04/22 14:58] Fyrd Argentus:I think Darkraptor may have the tools tool, but they are absent.
[22/04/22 14:58] Kyphis:Awiiya
[22/04/22 14:58] Fyrd Argentus:Also absent.
[22/04/22 14:58] :Aia wonders if Fyrd would consider ascending the MDA "throne"
[22/04/22 14:59] Kyphis:They literally merged with the essence of the land. They can't be truly absent
[22/04/22 14:59] :Fyrd Argentus wonders if being leader of MDA would allow him to redecorate the land without constraints.... unlikely.
[22/04/22 15:00] :Kyphis wishes he had been allowed to install the stage and mannequin display, but c'est la vie
[22/04/22 15:00] Aia:One considers that one who doth perceive of time unlike those that they govern may find some issue with progress.
[22/04/22 15:00] Fyrd Argentus:But leading while cavorting with the underground network of mushroom mycelia is rather difficult.
[22/04/22 15:01] Aia: (Kyphis: is there... artwork of this stage?)
[22/04/22 15:01] Kyphis: (No, just concepts while I pitched the idea)
[22/04/22 15:01] Fyrd Argentus:One doth consider and recognizeth of this issue, and that a creative artist doth protect the artistic integrity of ones creations with a certain high degree of fervor.
[22/04/22 15:02] Fyrd Argentus:Kyphis, artwork can't be attained even with gold, these days.
[22/04/22 15:03] Fyrd Argentus:Mine own has been pronounced "horrible".
[22/04/22 15:04] Fyrd Argentus:Aia is great at enhancing artworks, but original artwork takes time and energy unavailable to one with so many queenly duties.
[22/04/22 15:04] Fyrd Argentus:Or so I gather.
[22/04/22 15:05] Aia:Ah, I would limit that enhancement to being akin to that of a child with a paintbrush who were given lines to colour within.
[22/04/22 15:05] Fyrd Argentus:Which leaves nobody to create scenes that are not "horrible".
[22/04/22 15:06] Kyphis:I have to say I was in the same boat. Back when A25 was new and I had access, I used to redo almost all the artworks in minor ways
[22/04/22 15:06] Kyphis:But I never created any from scratch (to my recollection)
[22/04/22 15:07] Fyrd Argentus:Granted, mine might be tolerated, as one hangs a child's artwork on one's subzero equilibrator, for symbolic reasons, in recognition of what it carries....
[22/04/22 15:08] Fyrd Argentus:The bug gardens is mostly a collage....
[22/04/22 15:10] Fyrd Argentus:Yet wildly popular, it seems, despite appearances.
[22/04/22 15:10] :Kyphis checks his message satchel and sees one from Fyrd... from barely under 12 months prior...
[22/04/22 15:10] Fyrd Argentus:I have been directed towards projects that do not require artworks.
[22/04/22 15:13] Kyphis: (brb, kids have woken up)
[22/04/22 15:13] Aia:These are remarkably few in nature.
[22/04/22 15:13] Aia:And in number.
[22/04/22 15:13] Fyrd Argentus:? These what?
[22/04/22 15:14] Kyphis:Projects
[22/04/22 15:14] Fyrd Argentus:Artwork-less projects?
[22/04/22 15:14] Fyrd Argentus:The library has many images, though there are content holes.
[22/04/22 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:Mur has me working on the 3-coin hotel these days.
[22/04/22 15:15] Kyphis:Artless work projects
[22/04/22 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:I did one in the MDA, of a very secret nature, that has not yet had a good review.
[22/04/22 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:thorough review, I should say.
[22/04/22 15:15] Fyrd Argentus:My one playtester vanished on the job.
[22/04/22 15:16] Kyphis:That.... uh that might speak volumes in and of itself
[22/04/22 15:16] Kyphis:Did you by chance open an elder portal?
[22/04/22 15:16] Fyrd Argentus:I'm rather proud of it - will raise the issue again after the festival...
[22/04/22 15:16] Muratus del Mur:about artworks ...i admit i my reaction to Fyrds artworks was very idiotic one, you shouldn't demoralize and discourage someone from trying to do something you hope some will at least try ..
[22/04/22 15:16] Fyrd Argentus:It does involve some dimensional/time shifting.
[22/04/22 15:17] Fyrd Argentus:Mur, you did encourage my first efforts....
[22/04/22 15:17] Muratus del Mur:but you have to understand that if i dont act as the one doing the final quality control on how md looks, it can very well be gone artistically
[22/04/22 15:17] Fyrd Argentus:I do understand, very well.
[22/04/22 15:18] Fyrd Argentus:Doesn't mean I'm happy with the state of affairs, but you work with what you have & can do.
[22/04/22 15:18] Kyphis:I personally do a lot of art and, if you know where to look for it, have a lot to be found. I'd still never attempt doing art for MD though - it's simply not my style (not far off, but far enough)
[22/04/22 15:18] Muratus del Mur:i am planning to allow any quality art to be uploaded, just as long as it is pen on paper and not computer generated to photo, in the npctalk entries.
[22/04/22 15:19] Fyrd Argentus:Great.
[22/04/22 15:19] Fyrd Argentus:I need to learn how to not get grays that do not verge on white - the transparency technology.
[22/04/22 15:20] Fyrd Argentus:My best idea was draw on beige paper and scan, but that is not ideal either.
[22/04/22 15:20] Aia: (Maybe use a darker pencil?)
[22/04/22 15:20] Fyrd Argentus:But - cobwebs. Anything light in nature ends up white if you just scan pencil on white paper.
[22/04/22 15:21] Fyrd Argentus:The edges do not match the grid...
[22/04/22 15:21] Muratus del Mur:nono... try multiply overlay on white background, things like that, depending on what software you use to edit the scan, you can google how its done or youtube
[22/04/22 15:21] Fyrd Argentus:so end up gray.
[22/04/22 15:21] Muratus del Mur:there are plenty of tuorials, you can tell me what you use and i can look it for you
[22/04/22 15:21] Aia: (If you make the original scan a transparent image, you can paste identical images on top of each other to make everything darker)
[22/04/22 15:22] Muratus del Mur:yes, there are a couple of techniques ..not many...and fairly easy once you know them
[22/04/22 15:22] Fyrd Argentus:Once upon a time, I had great software, now obsolete. I blush to say I use scanner software and an abomination called "Paint Pad Lite".
[22/04/22 15:22] Kyphis:Layers are your friend
[22/04/22 15:23] Kyphis:I use paint tool sai most of the time, haha
[22/04/22 15:23] Muratus del Mur:well there is the source of issues
[22/04/22 15:23] Muratus del Mur:paint tool is good just for pasting screenshots and cropping :))
[22/04/22 15:23] Fyrd Argentus:Exactly. Do I focus on learning A25, or graphics software...., or whatever else....
[22/04/22 15:23] Kyphis:100% of all artwork corrections I've done for MD were done in sai
[22/04/22 15:24] Muratus del Mur:sai=?
[22/04/22 15:24] Kyphis:paint tool sai. It's just what the program is called
[22/04/22 15:25] Fyrd Argentus:I can't count how many software packages I've learned in my long and evil life, only for them to become obsolete and ridiculously expensive to maintain.
[22/04/22 15:25] Fyrd Argentus:I wrote my thesis in a font I designed myself....
[22/04/22 15:25] Kyphis:https://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/
[22/04/22 15:26] Muratus del Mur:i know the feeling, i did the same... but not using any at all was not very efficient for me. Eventually i picked one. Right now i am trying to learn Affinity Designer (50$ licence) and it looks promi
[22/04/22 15:26] Muratus del Mur:promising, for vector, but then i found other free that work great too
[22/04/22 15:27] Muratus del Mur:and there are online tools like photopea, super similar to the old fireworks
[22/04/22 15:27] Fyrd Argentus:See, fireworks is new to me.
[22/04/22 15:27] Muratus del Mur:the difference between free and paid tools , is that paid mostly work, while free mostly dont
[22/04/22 15:28] Fyrd Argentus:The first technology I have no longer access to is the university punch-card readers connected to a Cray supercomputer.
[22/04/22 15:29] Fyrd Argentus:I've written a couple dozen games on a computer where graphics control was 8 color pixel-blocks per letter.
[22/04/22 15:30] Muratus del Mur:what times..
[22/04/22 15:30] Fyrd Argentus:Losing abilities because of so-called "progress" (ie planned obselescence) gets old.
[22/04/22 15:31] Muratus del Mur:i started my coding journey on HC/compaq computers, the one where only basic language was usable, still miles away from punch cards, but i've seen those relics
[22/04/22 15:31] Kyphis:I'm currently in the process of mathing my way through a dynamic weather creation and "planetary" orbit/generation system. Still never gotten around to learning how to properly code though...
[22/04/22 15:32] Muratus del Mur:and i realize that as soon as i stop, i am gone as a coder. In just a couple of years things change so fast that its hard for me to keep up with the changes even now
[22/04/22 15:32] Kyphis: (that project is part of the thing I sent you those art files for, Mur)
[22/04/22 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:While I used computers every day of my life for 30+ years, it was never my primary activity.
[22/04/22 15:33] Muratus del Mur:i am slowly slowly migrating towards mechanics as a hobby, building watches and super tiny stuff, this kind of things
[22/04/22 15:33] Chewett:I haven't had a look at your suggested tools Mur, I plan to do that after the festival if thats ok?
[22/04/22 15:34] Muratus del Mur:the mobile editor?
[22/04/22 15:34] Muratus del Mur:or what tools?
[22/04/22 15:34] Chewett:Replacement tools for Fireworks
[22/04/22 15:35] Chewett:I saw you mentioning it above, or at least a few things
[22/04/22 15:35] Muratus del Mur:ohh, sure
[22/04/22 15:35] Fyrd Argentus:That editor is great for creating structure, but you have to go to the other to flesh out the codes.
[22/04/22 15:35] :Aia wants to keep using Fireworks
[22/04/22 15:35] Muratus del Mur:i want too Aia, i loved that program
[22/04/22 15:35] Chewett:Fireworks is great, its a shame they discontinued it
[22/04/22 15:35] Muratus del Mur:but they discontinued it
[22/04/22 15:35] Chewett:I looked at their current offerings (Adobe) but none really match Fireworks for what I want to do
[22/04/22 15:36] Muratus del Mur:now i am trying to replicate in other software what i could do so easy in that one
[22/04/22 15:36] Fyrd Argentus:Want you to pay more money to get that next generation product.....
[22/04/22 15:36] Fyrd Argentus:Job security for them. Ruinous for us.
[22/04/22 15:36] Muratus del Mur:yes and its paid monthly , i realy dont like that
[22/04/22 15:36] Chewett:I don't really mind that, although I pay for all my PHP/C/Java/Python tooling monthly and it works really well
[22/04/22 15:36] Chewett:The features they have, because its all paid is insane, and always up to date, etc
[22/04/22 15:37] Chewett:I wouldn't code php without phpstorm nowadays, its spoilt me :))
[22/04/22 15:37] Chewett:Although I do code MD with VIM sometimes so...
[22/04/22 15:37] Chewett:Two ends of the spectrum lol
[22/04/22 15:38] Fyrd Argentus:Um... I was so proud I made my raspberry pi blink out the rhythm of Jingle Bells not long ago.
[22/04/22 15:38] Muratus del Mur:i agree paid tools are more functional and make more sense than free tools...but i still use notepad to code so ....:))))
[22/04/22 15:38] Chewett:Crazy man, and that Sounds great Fyrd
[22/04/22 15:39] Chewett:I think I pay ~£100 for a year worth of tools, not too bad when I spent many many hours in them
[22/04/22 15:39] Kyphis:Notepad is arguably my most used program (if you exclude things like internet browsers)
[22/04/22 15:39] Fyrd Argentus:What I want to do when I grow up is design solar-hydraulic powered musical fountains.
[22/04/22 15:40] Muratus del Mur:but hey...i paid 3d editing program that i dont use so... it compensates for the coding tools i dont pay
[22/04/22 15:40] Kyphis:That said if I'm doing hatchet coding then I use Notepad++
[22/04/22 15:40] Muratus del Mur:wOOOAHHHH Fyrd
[22/04/22 15:40] Muratus del Mur:notepad++ rulez
[22/04/22 15:40] Chewett:Hatchet coding is best coding Kyphis :P
[22/04/22 15:40] Chewett:Notepad++ is great yeah
[22/04/22 15:40] Muratus del Mur:whats that?
[22/04/22 15:41] Chewett:Hatchet coding, like brutally hacking something
[22/04/22 15:41] Chewett:hatchet being an axe
[22/04/22 15:42] Muratus del Mur:aaahh ok
[22/04/22 15:42] Chewett:So Mur, what other presents are you giving to MD on their birthday? :D
[22/04/22 15:42] Muratus del Mur:i think compared to others i only work like that :)))
[22/04/22 15:42] Chewett:I am looking forward to the new exciting features, I loved the fireworks
[22/04/22 15:42] Chewett: (No comment there Mur!)
[22/04/22 15:42] :Aia also likes Fireworks
[22/04/22 15:42] Muratus del Mur::D :D ..i do have several plans, but i realized that as soon as i tell about them i lose interest to do them
[22/04/22 15:43] Chewett:Don't tell me! :D
[22/04/22 15:43] Muratus del Mur:right now i am working on something actually, just taking a short break
[22/04/22 15:43] Chewett:Coding things? :O
[22/04/22 15:43] Fyrd Argentus:Yay for the pretty lights.
[22/04/22 15:44] Muratus del Mur:most of my work was supposed to be regarding npctalk, because i find it so powerful and with so much potential, but since i noticed it takes time to discover all the things i already did there, i will
[22/04/22 15:44] Muratus del Mur:switch to something else for now
[22/04/22 15:44] Muratus del Mur:not coding, graphics related :D
[22/04/22 15:44] Muratus del Mur:sort of
[22/04/22 15:45] Chewett:Exciting
[22/04/22 15:45] Fyrd Argentus:So I'm not moving fast enough for Mur, there's a switch!
[22/04/22 15:46] Kyphis: (Just noticed in the current font Mur's name is Huratus del Hur)
[22/04/22 15:46] Chewett:Surely not Hyphis?
[22/04/22 15:46] Muratus del Mur:nono Fyrd, i didn't mean it like that
[22/04/22 15:46] Muratus del Mur:damn its too much work to understand for me too, and i coded it :)))
[22/04/22 15:47] Kyphis:Sounds like you need to hire an.... ary
[22/04/22 15:47] Muratus del Mur:tried that, but then i need to hire someone to handle the ary :)))
[22/04/22 15:48] Kyphis:Yeah I can't say I ever managed to reign them in either, despite my best efforts
[22/04/22 15:49] Kyphis:Ary's are too curious of a species to be tamed
[22/04/22 15:49] Chewett:Curious :))
[22/04/22 15:54] Fyrd Argentus:Speaking of curiosity, I wonder if that 1970's Cray super computer had as much power as my phone today.
[22/04/22 15:55] Fyrd Argentus:My first calculator had more power than what took us to the moon.
[22/04/22 15:56] Kyphis:I think that says more about the moon than your calculator
[22/04/22 15:58] Aia:Oh? Pray, do tell what it would say of the Moon.
[22/04/22 15:59] Chewett:1970's cray had very little power to be fair
[22/04/22 15:59] Chewett:Oh no, you said the M word
[22/04/22 15:59] Chewett:She awakens!
[22/04/22 15:59] Chewett: (I jest Aia :P )
[22/04/22 15:59] Kyphis:That from a mathematics perspective (not a physics perspective) it's very easy to get to the moon
[22/04/22 16:01] Aia:Ah; even one in the pursuit of mathematics doth commune with the Moon.
[22/04/22 16:01] Kyphis:Even a poor moon may be touched upon by all
[22/04/22 16:04] Aia:Each being has her own Moon; that were sufficient for herself.
[22/04/22 16:04] Kyphis:The Sun may be constant, yet the Moon is eternal
[22/04/22 16:05] Fyrd Argentus:Are we mooning people now? (Sorry, couldn't resist "lightening" the mood.)
[22/04/22 16:05] Kyphis: (I already made that joke, just a bit more subtle)
[22/04/22 16:06] Aia: *giggles* One could assume that mooning were different when one were to perform it, as compared to when one's investment-portfolio would perform it.
[22/04/22 16:06] Aia:Most, I believe, would prefer the latter.
[22/04/22 16:07] Kyphis:And yet preferably both variations would occur closer to ones youth
[22/04/22 16:12] Fyrd Argentus:Indeed.
[22/04/22 16:14] Fyrd Argentus:Money when you need it most, and a long memory of happier times.
[22/04/22 16:14] Fyrd Argentus:MemoriesLight the corners of my mindMisty watercolor memoriesOf the way we were
[22/04/22 16:14] Chewett:Spend it all!
[22/04/22 16:15] Kyphis:He did. Hence why he only spends Time here
[22/04/22 16:15] Fyrd Argentus:Slander!
[22/04/22 16:16] : Nepgear collects Memory stone
[22/04/22 16:16] Fyrd Argentus:It may be why I no longer waste money buying temporary access to software tools...
[22/04/22 16:16] Kyphis:What, are you saying you have Memories left to expend?
[22/04/22 16:17] Kyphis:Good sir, I've examined your account and found it devoid of even the strayest thoughts
[22/04/22 16:17] Kyphis:These stones Nepgear harvests come not hence from thou
[22/04/22 16:17] :Fyrd Argentus enchanted a Memory stone into a Prot Heal stone
[22/04/22 16:18] Kyphis:Ooh! See! there goes another one! Lost to the ether, condemed to become nothing but dust
[22/04/22 16:19] Fyrd Argentus:I do seem to be losing my mind.
[22/04/22 16:19] Fyrd Argentus:If you find it anywhere, let it know that it has been found.
[22/04/22 16:20] Kyphis:I assure you it is already well aware. It's absence is a choice and not an accident to be remedied
[22/04/22 16:20] Fyrd Argentus:I once was lost, but now am found,was blind, but now I see.
[22/04/22 16:21] Fyrd Argentus:Shuffled off this mortal coil of it's own accord, eh? Old age is a bitch.
[22/04/22 16:21] Fyrd Argentus:I thought that was yesterday's theme.
[22/04/22 16:22] Kyphis: (I wonder if anyone has made an account named Old Age just so they can be a bitch)
[22/04/22 16:23] Chewett:Shuffle shuffle shuffle
[22/04/22 16:23] Fyrd Argentus:Grim Reaper even?
[22/04/22 16:23] Kyphis: (I'll have to suggest it to my progeny when they are old enough to play)
[22/04/22 16:23] Fyrd Argentus:start 'em now and set some records.
[22/04/22 16:23] Kyphis:The day of the iPod - where everyone dies
[22/04/22 16:26] Chewett:The iPod was amazing!
[22/04/22 16:28] Kyphis:Is
[22/04/22 16:28] Kyphis:I still have three of them
[22/04/22 16:29] Kyphis:I refuse to use Spotify :P
[22/04/22 16:29] Chewett:Ahahaha, I had one as does my partner
[22/04/22 16:29] Chewett:She mainly uses it for her car
[22/04/22 16:31] Fyrd Argentus:Does hers have a hard drive?
[22/04/22 16:31] :Fyrd Argentus sniggers
[22/04/22 16:31] Chewett:Nah its flash memory
[22/04/22 16:34] Fyrd Argentus:Well, my memory went with a flash.
[22/04/22 16:34] Chewett:Very fast that memory of yours!
[22/04/22 16:35] Fyrd Argentus:As far as I remember...
[22/04/22 16:38] Fyrd Argentus:So what was today's theme? I don't remember.
[22/04/22 16:39] Fyrd Argentus:Dusted away to eternity, as they say...
[22/04/22 16:39] Kyphis:Today's theme is the Day of Restoration
[22/04/22 16:39] Kyphis:This event here is the Faded Memories social event
[22/04/22 16:40] Fyrd Argentus:Oh yeah...
[22/04/22 16:40] Fyrd Argentus::)
[22/04/22 16:51] Fyrd Argentus:Less than 10 minutes left... Quick, remember something!
[22/04/22 16:52] Fyrd Argentus:Before it's too late!
[22/04/22 16:52] Kyphis:I remember Sasha Lilias
[22/04/22 16:52] :Chewett shivers
[22/04/22 16:52] Chewett:Ok kids, memory time over!
[22/04/22 16:52] :Chewett laughs
[22/04/22 16:53] Kyphis:Still their adept, actually. Although that's just for meme value
[22/04/22 16:54] Kyphis:I also remember what it was like to have Innocence
[22/04/22 16:54] :lashtal opens one eye
[22/04/22 16:56] Kyphis:I remember when the MR's were everywhere
[22/04/22 16:57] Chewett:Good Ol Inno
[22/04/22 16:57] Kyphis:I also remember what's hidden in the basement (I checked, no one moved it yet)
[22/04/22 16:57] Fyrd Argentus:There is now MORE in the basement...
[22/04/22 16:57] Kyphis:Yup
[22/04/22 16:58] Chewett::D
[22/04/22 16:58] Chewett:The basement!
[22/04/22 16:59] Nepgear:The basement of the archives?
[22/04/22 16:59] Fyrd Argentus:Death Ray got lost in the library tunnels once - perhaps he's there still.
[22/04/22 17:00] Chewett:Some say Inno went down to check on "THE THING" and never came back...
[22/04/22 17:01] Kyphis:Why did my screen spontaneously refresh.... did that happen to anyone else?
[22/04/22 17:01] Fyrd Argentus:As I said before, my MDA quest playtester never reported back.
[22/04/22 17:01] Fyrd Argentus:It does that when you adjust size now...
[22/04/22 17:02] Kyphis:I guess that makes sense...
[22/04/22 17:03] Kyphis:Ah well, It's now past midnight for me, and I must rest as my partner is away camping and I am looking after the kids solo (I look after them most of the time, but normally I get a few hours off)
[22/04/22 17:04] Chewett:Go rest!
[22/04/22 17:04] Chewett:Good to see you dude
[22/04/22 17:04] Fyrd Argentus:Been a pleasure, Kyphis.
[22/04/22 17:05] Kyphis:All of you as well; I look forward to hearing from you all in three days time
[22/04/22 17:05] lashtal:Bye Kyphis!
[22/04/22 17:05] :Kyphis lies down, making himself comfortable in the bushes as though to rest
[22/04/22 17:07] :Kyphis explodes in a mass of viscera as he accidentally triggers one of the security measures around the gazebo perimeter designed to keep interlopers out
[22/04/22 17:07] Fyrd Argentus:My, my.
[22/04/22 17:07] Kyphis: (Well poop. Hopefully the RP requirement isn't as strict as the scene suggests....)
[22/04/22 17:07] lashtal:Wow, let's dance in his entrails
[22/04/22 17:08] Chewett:That seems somewhat awkward!
[22/04/22 17:15] :Fyrd Argentus faints.
[22/04/22 17:15] Fyrd Argentus:zzzzzzzzzz
[22/04/22 17:26] : Nepgear collects Memory stone
[22/04/22 17:38] :Fyrd Argentus sits up straight.
[22/04/22 17:39] Fyrd Argentus:I guess I'll catch the AR so we don't forget all these memories.
[22/04/22 17:39] :[Spell] Little birdies, report to

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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