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Crit with shard storage missing shard menu after transfer


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Fyrd gave me a winderwild with 1000 shards embedded, but after transfer it is missing the shard menu: 


Crit IDs: 883013, 883025.

As you can see, it shows that it has shards embedded, but the shard menu is missing. 

I did not spend a gold coin to keep their levels, so maybe that caused the problem, but I can't be sure. 

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Please fix this one.  With shards growing in importance, any bug that corrupts creatures when transferred with shards should be high priority.

{Actually, the behaviour suggests that the system still thinks the owner has "no shards of that type" so the menu does not appear.)

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Fyrd gave me another bird I can sac, and after I used that to acquire some shards, the menu appeared: 


However, I still can't seem to recycle the shards embedded in the creature itself. 

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More updates: 

When you reach 100 shards for the crit in question, the recycle option still doesn't show up. But you can now use the shard storage option, after which the text correctly shows that you have 1100 shards embedded. But you can only get 100 out of the shard storage with recycling, after which it remains with the initial 1000. 

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