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New Ritual Idea


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Okay, so some will agree, and others will not...

I was just thinking, it would be fantastic if we could switch out a single creature in a ritual if we wanted/needed to...

You know, a nice uber rit you have... 50-100 wins.... swap out 1 creature for another... kinda like a training swap.

Thinking more... it would be a cool way to see how 1 creature changes the entire mechanics of the battle... Would be a nifty 'training tool'

I dunno... *puts on flame retardant suit*

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I was thinking more along the lines of a sacrifice... you know it cost 20 AP, and you can only do it once per ritual.

I would like the option of having a good rit and going, "Oh this one creature would make this better because of this...."

It's easy enough to create a new ritual, but sometimes its just not convenient...

It's not a big deal either way... just brainstorming, thought it sounded good. Plus, I don't tend to think of the 'misuse' side of things too much just because I'm not THAT kind of person... *shrug*

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I have a different new idea for rituals...that may even work within the current system.

Would it be possible to have a side check box or such to "add ritual to defense". One of my current challenges to myself isn't making an easy loss, but making a defense that is capable of being a winner most times, or that at the least may survive assault by other players.

I think it's too bad that a ritual that is made, used, and found to be successful cannot then be switched to a defensive combo. Just a thought.

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Fighing sistem could be improved.

I do not have the programming skills but here's what i would like:

1 When I pess "atack this caracter" I wanna choose VISUALY my creatures

means that i see all my creatures icons (vitality included)

choose by click

2 another window select creatures behavior (atack weak creatures by ex)

as it is now plus in the same window

defense if and defense vitality used

select vitality used to atack

release stored heat (eventualy)


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