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Well... Well... Well.... A way to pass time I guess....

Reply here if you want one done. I'll see if I have the time ^^




"Stebo" - (Bob and Steve)


This is me


RJ's Dragon (Spent a looonnng time drawing the dragon) (Don't know what's wrong with the smoke so don't ask...)


Well, "Teh Awesomeness Bunneh"


For Rex Umbrae Killer (my best one I think)




*ahem Glai too

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ROFL. The tree is awsome, i have still to get why he has a bling crss, but the glasses are defenite nice touch XD.

The dragon "vapor" looks weird because, he seems to be ehaling than inhaling it back again >.> i would think that it would just dissipate in all directions.

but yea great job on Khal (my personal fav), you, and Killer. :)

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Boy, let me enlighten you.  That is not in the least a goat humanoid.  That is me, who has at the very least a human torso.  What, are you blind?  That face is a human's face. -____-ll

It accurately portrays in me in all my burning glory. My long, elegant nose; beautifully lank hair; shapely ears; wise, sadly contemplative eyes; high brow; arched neck and small, modest lips. I'm not sure quite what it is in and sticking out of my mouth, but no matter. I eat anything, you know, so as to not waste. I'm not some sort of spoiled, particular fool.

Do you see horns sticking out of my head?!

Well then!  I think it's a very adorable animation, however, just as long as the mistaken identity is cleared up.  I might adopt it, you know.  Fond of goats, I am.  Put in my profile..

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Yeah, they do look small enough to be like those little people. But you have to add a lot of them, and make them eat the dragon.

I rather see animations of the stick little people eating goats *grins evily while looking at Glaistig with hungry bloodshot eyes*

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