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The end of Alpha 6


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With the recent evolution of the game towards more roleplaying activity, the organizatoric changes that will affect game evolution from now on, the release of inner magic today and the 100 changes that passed since Alpha 6 started, I declare game stage is now officialy Alpha 7 (Applause! :P ). [Forum mods please create appropiate topics to discuss this issue]


I have trouble interpreting what Manu says sometimes, so I don't know exactly what he means by appropriate topics (plural?) to discuss "this issue" :P But even if he didn't mean the start of alpha 7, I think a celebratory topic is nice. Don't you? You do! This is something to applaud!

I don't know all of those 100 changes mentioned but let us hold in remembrance those momentous updates:

  • a new combat system with more regulations to get a "victory"
  • changes to penalty of low honor (-500)
  • the first secret feature release
  • the first interactive rpc in the form of Wodin who notably also left during this alpha stage
  • a new and faster server
  • the addition of stage two and faster head distribution to head contests
  • another new combat system with four different results and more regulations
  • changes to the honor system (negative honor reduced by three, postive multiplied by two)
  • rpc quests and wishpoints
  • return of alliances!
  • 5 more ap each regeneration n_n
  • magic system made public
  • creations of game manager, .Shoeps.
  • contest to reward PWRs and RPCs

So, um, feel free to discuss any of these milestones and others I forgot, the end of alpha 6/start of alpha 7 in general, the "organizatoric" changes and developments of inner circle magic or other updates as they happen from now on, and anything else that is related to this historic event. :)

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  • Root Admin

i am realy curious to see if someone beats me in active days untill a year has passed :unsure:

there is one player that is dagerously close (STF)

I think Alpha 7 will have many surprises and good changes too, and for the fun of it, please read first few changelog entries, its soooo funny when i say i created the chat ....can you imagine the game without the chat?? LOL

And that was alpha 3, because at 1 and 2 there was no changelog :rolleyes:) to bad i dont have records from aplha 1 to seee how things started.

If anyone wants to see i will post some original sketches and plans of the game from 4 years ago, to see from what it started and to what it got, i am amazed.

I remember when i was so happy for having 200 players..accounts i mean, and now theyre are 80k + , i dont eaven count them anymore :unsure:

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