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Abominations? No.....

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I for one support the idea of taking other creatures and creating new and improved creatures packed with lots of dark energy and magic!

EDIT: I would propose that we make "mutated" dark creatures from other creatures in other lands by getting them from said land and then taking them to a special altar to transform them, costing VE and VP of course, the resulting creature would then have slightly different stats/abilities/powers. Would be also harder to train, to balance things out in case someone transforms lots of low level creatures for cheap.

Or even some way this special altar could merge two creatures together?

Now, if only I could get my hands on a drachorn, there would be lots of fun with making dark drachorns


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The artisans guild is at your service. When you have documented a new Necrovion Crt and have Murs support, PLease contact us and we will work with you in creating Necrovion CRTs.

just some Ideas you might consider....


Giant Spiders


Dark Mages

Shadow Warriors


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Black Goo

Weaken -- Random.

A sticky 'goo' like substance, with no real conscious will follow you blindly. Becomes more self-aware at later stages.

Black Goo

Weaken - Random

Although still just a blob, it does appear that within there are some traces of a humanoid creature... it's like looking into a womb almost...


Weaken, Damage -- Random

Although it still appears to be covered in goo, it has grown somewhat into a more humanoid form, although it lacks a spine of any kind, it has more then enough courage.

Shadowfiend II

Weaken, Damage -- Random, Strong

The shadowfiend has less visible goo, but traces run accross it's back still. Shadows dance around it's ankles.

Shadowfiend III

Weaken, Damage, Paralyse -- Random, Strong, Weak

The Shadowfiend now stands tall, it holds a spine as a weapon, as if hoping by stealing it from it's victim it would have been able to use it itself. It's shadow seems warped and odd, like it's almost alive.

Paralyse would make one target unable to act for 1 round.

Stats are the hard part though...

Dark Horse

Damage - Weak

A trusty steed that won't let you down.

Dark Horse II

Damage - Weak, Multiple

Charging in at full speed, this horse can quickly deliver lethal blows to all opponents before they see what hit them.


Damage - Weak, Multiple

Now with a fiery mane, your trusty steed has become a powerhouse of destruction. Watch it's eyes burn with delight as it's victims perish in wonderful flames.

Just some quick thoughts there...

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I like your thinking, Dragoonus (and Aleron)! Reapers! Sign me up! I (or my avatar at least) will be a creature!

Reaper (6 levels, max will take Age +100 or something) Vp: 500

at max level: Soul Steal - instantly destroy "dying creature" - else, if equal or over max vit, nothing

Single target

Player/Creatures gain no exp from creatures destroyed this way

---> Or is that a little ridiculous? Probably is.

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Weaken - Random

Smart and mischievous, Imps like nothing more then to play pranks and trick their opponents.

Imp II

Weaken, Protect - Random

Through vigorous study, the Imp has gained new insight into the arcane.


Weaken, Protect, Steal Life - Random

Although some say the tom foolery of an Imp ir churlish and an annoyance, they always manage to be standing when you lay near death...

Upgrade Options, Demon or Changeling Assuming it is possible to choose between two evolutions, the Demon option should be something that is decided randomly, when you very first buy the imp.


Damage - All

Few Imps are able to ascend to such dizzy heights, through dark rituals, and unwise dabbling in the arcane arts, the Imp is able to summon a demon from oblivion... this often results in the death of the imp, but through the ritual, the demon is bound lto the same loyalties as the Imp was... you.


Mimic - Random, Weak, Strong

By focusing all it's arcane research into improving it's ability to funnel life from it's opponents, the Imp has managed to funnel their very essence. Dangerous and never unique, the changeling will assume the form of it's opponent. The ultimate trickster.

Mimic - Copies an enemy creature, gaining it's form, abilities and stats. The higher your power, the larger the percentage increase in the Changelings copying. (For instance, low power might only give 50%, but high power might give 200%.)

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Since you've started this topic please think also at nice creatures. Like metal kitty and such. :)

Ok, now I'm serious. Think at nicer creatures that can be implemented in other lands not just Necrovion. Also think that Necro could be stay closed for a long time. So we need creatures that can be put into other realms.

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Hope u like this one:


Description: an egg-like thing, covered in some sort of acid. The whole thing slowly pulsates, and from close, a pair of glowing red eyes can be seen

Upgrade: after age 4

Pit Worm:

Description: as the cocoon hatched, a small black worm borned. It's very vulnerable now, but small scales are appearing on its black skin. The creature constantly sweats some sort of black acid, not enough to destroy, but enough to weaken the enemy

Abilities: Weaken, Targets: Random

Stats: attack 35, defence 0, initiative 2, Vitality 200

Upgrade: after age 14

Pit Worm II

Description: the once small worm is getting bigger and bigger. It's scales are getting tougher, small spikes started to grow from it. In the end of the tail, some sort of a bony spike starts to appear. From the pores of the body, a sticky creep flows, keeping its track visible.

Abilities: Weaken, Targets: Random

Stats: attack 65, defence 4, initiative 2, Vitality 600

Spec Ability: decrease enemy initiative by 1 (due to the sticky creep)

Upgrade: after 30 age

Pit Worm III

Description: On the Pit Worm's head, now a new pair of red eyes stares at the world, looking for new victims. In the beginning of it's body, a bust is forming, the whole creature is now covered with a carapace. The spike on it's tail slowly distills a deadly acid.

Abilities: Weaken, Damage Targets: Weak, Strong, Dying, Random

Stats: attack 90, defence 10, initiative 3, Vitality 1200

Spec Ability: decrease enemy initiative by 3

Upgrade after age 90

Abyss Wyrm

Description: a manifested nightmare, the Abyss wyrm emanates darkness from his body. The head is now covered with a dozen of eyes, burning in vile red. Now it has two long arms, ended in bone-scythes still oozy of blood.

Abilities: Poison Damage Targets: Weak, Strong, Dying

Stats: attack 150, defence 20, initiative 3, regenerate 5 Vitality 2000

Spec Ability: decrease enemy initiative by 6

Upgrade after age 150

(Poison Damage: enemy takes Damage from simple attack, then takes 1/3 damage next round)

(It cannot use regenerate in combat, but if dies regenerates 5% of vitality after battle)

Abyss Wyrm II

Description: now the Wyrm has four arms with deadly scythes. It conquers the skies with it's new wings, making it even more capable of killing. Now the darkness around it is so dense, that no one know where starts the creature, and where begins the Darkness

Abilities: Poison Damage Target: Weak, Strong

Stats: attack 210, Defence 25, initiative 5, regenerate 5 Vitality 2000

Spec Ability: decrease enemy initiative by 8

Upgrade after age 210

Death Wyrm

Description: The Abyss Wyrm served its master, but now it's time is gone. It died, but the power of Darkness reanimated it, to serve it's master forever. Now the darkness around this skeletal Wyrm is chilling like the outer Void. No one can face this creature without fearing it...

Abilities: Poison Damage Target: Weak, Strong

Stats: attack 240, Defence 30, Initiative 5, regenerate 5 Vitality 2000

Spec Ability: decrease enemy initiative by 10

I think i'll draw it too, even if it will not appear in the game... :)

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Thanks meiche.

Now i don't have too much time (drawing some avatars for contest...), but if i'll have some time, i'll make some artwork too. I'm quite busy now, last year of secondary school just started, have a lot of things to do...

But i want this creature, at least to be drawn, even if not implemented to the game :)

Maybe it will need some weakening though, it's quite powerful now... :)

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I love the idea of being able to transform creatures into more sinister ones. Not so much the fusion idea. Id have to say my favourites are the black goo, and cocoon they sound awesome. Are these creatures brand new ones or evolutions of existing one?

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just another creature idea for necrovion, enjoy reading

Vital Energy 300
power 1
Defence 5
Initiative 0

a strange wormlike creature. found feeding on the ashes of books at the way of cleansing.it is unharmed by the flame

Targets: random (note at this early stage it be the same as a egg so this is just for show)
Abilities: Defend

larva II
Vital Energy 600
power 2
Defence 7
Initiative 1

your little larva has grown a bit, and grown uglier to, a fanged maw, spikes runing along it back. though you now feel the smallest bit of power from it

Targets: random
Abilities: Defend


Vital Energy 400
power 2
Defence 23
Initiative 0

your little friend decided one day it was time for a nap. so he curled up in a spiky ball and wrapped himself up tight, any time you go near it you feel oddly tired

Targets: muti
Abilities: Defend, lifestealer (yes the tgt would be the enemy)

dark child I

Vital Energy 500
power 2
Defence 30
Initiative 1

too your shock it wasn't no butterfly that come out, but a baby with wings, horns, and a tail, it seems to be a bit choatic hurt or helping the enemy as it feels

Targets: muti
Abilities: Defend, lifestealer

dark child II

Vital Energy 750
power 2
Defence 40
Initiative 1

as your little devil baby grows up he seems to get tougher but show no signs of wanting to learning new tricks or even getting better at the ones he knows

Targets: muti
Abilities: Defend, lifestealer

thanatos I

Vital Energy 1000
power 3
Defence 60
Initiative 2

as he starts to reach adulthood your little child finally starts to work on his powers though his grow is slow, a black mist starts to follow him where he goes

Targets: muti
Abilities: Defend, lifestealer

thanatos II

Vital Energy 1200
power 3
Defence 90
Initiative 2

finally reaching adulthood his fully powers begin to show, wrapped in darkness your enemy grow fearful by him merely steping into the battle

Targets: muti
Abilities: Defend, lifestealer

Special influence
[demonic aura]decreases the enemy attack and initiative by 20%


Vital Energy 1600
power 4
Defence 100
Initiative 2

his growing green eyes shining out from the darkness that now forever covers him he has become a immortal engine of chaos, destorying or save your foes on a whim. your allies can not help but feel stronger near him

Targets: all
Abilities: Defend, lifestealer

Special influence
[demonic aura]decreases the enemy attack and initiative by 30%
[ego booster] increase your allies attack defence and initiative by 10%

feel free to say what you want, in fact if you see something you don't like lets hear it

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*laughs*thats why the nomal power at max would only be 4 [spoiler] half the power of a max ele[/spoiler] and I wonder think somes like this at least at the later levels would need a lot of age, which would help balance out the power level

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*laughs*true, it be a little crazy. but to counter lifestealers is fairly easy, more so if they have low ve like this guy the only reason many people wouldn't kock it out first or 2nd hit would be the insane defence and a sigle drachorn with a decent master would estory a army of these one hit and there are more then enough rusties out there to make up for the rarity of nomals and winds

you must also remember the a ele can hit 4(assuming you get the best) tgts which is only 2 less creature then this at max, and look at lower levels even which the defence this thing wouldn't be a easy train for many, and the all tgting is only at the last level

Edited by stormrunner
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it's not about the 6 targets imo, it's about the single...
eles can be taken with singles, that creature can't :/

and it surely could be made hard to train, but people always find ways, you know that best yourself, hanging out at dojo all the time^^

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i like the idea (had a similiar one a while ago, might as well toss it in later), especially the auras are nice. but since getting enough power to hit the stealer cap is a non-issue, i agree that the cap for a 'target all' stealer should be slightly lower. and you know, 6 targets is just one part of the "all" goodness, the other part is covering the weakness of eles against single creatures :)
[edit: got ninja'd by burns :P]

Edited by Nex
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*laughs*I sit in the dojo for loses only and you know I'm not protected by it. and I wouldn't argue against it a low cap for the lifestealer effect the important part is the auras and the strange defend or lifesteal combo not how strong the life steal is

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