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Manu's Real Form?


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I Found this in a Book about Gods, in the Section of Gods of Justice.


The Lawgiver, Son of Surya and Samjna. "The fourteen progenitors and lawgivers of the human race in fourteen successive creations are known as Manus" (From an Indian Religion)

Sounds Eerily Similar to our Own "God" of Laws B)

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I agree, Manu, Mur, or Muratus del Mur (or Manuel as I believe his Real name is...) Is a very Intelligent person. The interplay of many Aspects of the Game, and Pure Depth of some of those Concepts proves that.

I also have to Say that he has Done an Excellent Job in Personality Judging, I find that all the RPCs (All of whom at this Point were either Picked by Mur, or Allowed by Mur, to have their Position) are Fantastic Role Playing Characters. Not everyone Role Plays as much as the Others (I think Khal is the King when it comes to Playing a Character, though I Hope I do a Good job as well...) but Everyone Offers Unique Quests and Interesting Contributions to the Game.

I posted this not so much to Promote the "God" persona Many have attributed to Mur (though Of course Within the Magic Duel realm he is Undoubtedly the Driving Creative force), but because I came across it in my Astrology Research and thought it Fitting.

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A ver. . . Puede ser Manu es muy inteligente, pero no me parece que es como un dios, aunque es la verdad que el esta bastante ocupado. . . Es mas bien para decir, el es una autoridad bastante encantadora, no? No se, solo tiene este modo de hablar que parece que es abstraido, y parece que el siempre esta distraido, no? Y ese lo hace parecer alucinante y encantadoro, si. . . eh. . . Pero creo que si Manu vio todos de estos comentarios a nosotros, le hacerian tener incomodidad, pues. . . n'__'nU.

lol, I had to check every other word in the dictionary, woot. Now, if only I knew whether or not to use estar or ser, or if I could make authority masculine because the noun it refers to is male, and uh. . .

For all you non-speaking Spanish people :-D!:

"Let's see. . . It may be that Manu is very intelligent, but it does not seem to me that he is like a god, though it is true he is often rather busy. . . It's more accurate to say, he's a rather endearing authority, right? I don't know, only he has this way of speaking that seems to be absent-minded, and it seem like he's always distracted, right? And that makes him seem cool and endearing, yeah. . . eh. . . But I think that if Manu saw all of these comments from us, it would make him have some discomfort, uh. . . n'__'nU."

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Manu es, como, tu sabes, pues, muy admirable. Si! Pero a el mismo tiempo, tengo un poco miedo de el.. tu sabes, porque es tanto admirable y, pues, tambien porque siempre esta diciendo que estar ocupado, tu sabes.. :) ) Si... Pero no me gusta cuando otros se llama "Dio" a Manu. No lo adoro como eso. >:)

Translation: Manu is, like, you know, umm, very admirable. Yes! But at the same time, I have a little fear of him... you know, because he is so admirable and, umm, also because he is always saying that he is busy, you know... :) ) Yes... But I don't like it very much when others call him "God." I don't worship him like that. >:)

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I do refer to him as a Demi-God on my stories, as he is.. the Realm's "God", though in "human" form. It's quite a coincidence that Manu, which is probably chosen because it could be short of Manuel, is also the lawgiver on Hinduism

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put "busy" + "attitude" + "authority" together and you have a GOD. Stay enough offline and you become a MITH. Shout something after a long time on the chat and put it in red and you have a GODLY COMMAND. Lets not confuse your respect and admiration to me with religious and god-like beliefs...even if its kind of fun LOL

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