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Compatability with Google Chrome


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I've just begun using Google Chrome and playing MD on it failed spectacularly:

The left menu failed to load.

Chat and Player listings failed to load.

Area screen failed to load.

Stats on the right failed to load.

and the Live help button didn't load either.

There's also issues with the sound.

To sum it all up - the game is currently unplayable on Chrome but it's a new browser so I kinda figure that it's to be expected.

On the plus side, the error that would make the New Topic page in the forum crash on IE doesn't seem to affect Chrome.

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There is tips how to play in Chrome.
1. Open ur favorite browser and in adress type
(without quotes) and hit enter
2. look at this message, u like it
3. to force Chrome identificate itself as ur browser,
just start it with --user-agent="UA",
where UA is string from message.

in windows, in shortcut properties it will look like
"c:\path\to\ur\chrome.exe" --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT)"


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