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A statue needs to be made for Mur VOTE HERE

Morgana Le Fey


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Please Don't get me Wrong. I love Mur, his game is Incredible, and he is a Very Smart and Interesting Individual. I say No more because I think of how I would Feel in Mur's Position, Very Thrilled and Touched that Others thing I deserve it. But not Egotistic enough to go and Put a Statue of myself In game.

The whole game is a Tribute to Mur, and the Efforts of Many Others. Perhaps One day there Will be a Hall of Fame, or something, that Congratulates all Those who have made a Great Effort to the Game. If an Hopefully when that Happens I will Fully Support Manu having a Statue.

By the Way, what does a Mur look like?

I understand this Will Upset many People, and I'm likely to get Flamed a bit. This is just my Opinion.

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well i dont want a statue for myself..its a bit strange to build a game so i can put my statue in it...i dont even have many pictures of myself hahahaha

..but a hall of fame with all celebrities this game is not such a bad ideea, i feel like a lot of players will become legends but in time they will slowly disapear, so a place in their memmory sounds good.

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