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Final (ish) Day of the 18th MD Birthday log (initial speech)


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The event began at GoE

[05/05/23 23:39] Chewett:But here we are
[05/05/23 23:39] Chewett:Somewhat more than eighteen days, but who can really count anyway
[05/05/23 23:40] Chewett:Its great, as Fyrd said, to see our little group of friends reappear each year
[05/05/23 23:40] Chewett:Unfortunately this number was much smaller than last year. Typically I send out a yearly message to all my old friends to see how they are doing
[05/05/23 23:40] Chewett:Normally I send 2-300 of these... it takes a while to write them!
[05/05/23 23:42] Chewett:Alas this year I just didn't have the time, and I do profusely apologise for this
[05/05/23 23:42] Chewett:But regardless it is wonderful to see you all here
[05/05/23 23:43] Chewett:Time, as you know for many of us, is short
[05/05/23 23:43] Chewett:Many of our friends are no longer with us, some more permanently than others
[05/05/23 23:43] Chewett:I, as I always do, spent the first day or two of the festival with Cutler

Everyone was teleported to Cutlers Statue

[05/05/23 23:44] Chewett:Here I find it peaceful
[05/05/23 23:44] Chewett:Over the festivities I like to remember back our various friends
[05/05/23 23:45] Chewett:Equally, I like to spend time talking with those who came to visit too
[05/05/23 23:46] Chewett:But enough about the past
[05/05/23 23:46] Chewett:The future? Well what is the future really?
[05/05/23 23:46] :Blackshade Rider sits and listens

Everyone was teleported to Kanty's Vacation House

[05/05/23 23:47] Chewett:Really, the future is just the same as the past
[05/05/23 23:47] Chewett:Its just that, really, deep down, some people have forgotten what that is
[05/05/23 23:47] Chewett:What did actually make MD special?
[05/05/23 23:47] Chewett:Does it still exist now?
[05/05/23 23:48] Chewett:The world moves, does MD?
[05/05/23 23:48] Blackshade Rider:Absolutely
[05/05/23 23:48] Chewett:Some would say it does
[05/05/23 23:48] Chewett:Some would say it doesn't
[05/05/23 23:49] Chewett:I think a lot of the same problems we had, are still present
[05/05/23 23:49] Chewett:But those are the problems that made MD great, the people

Everyone was teleported to Champions Dome

[05/05/23 23:50] Chewett:So really then, to answer my question, what is the future?
[05/05/23 23:51] Chewett:We are the future really, its pretty simple
[05/05/23 23:52] Chewett:During times when we turned off advertising, and had minimal players, then the few that stood up to do things really made an impact
[05/05/23 23:53] Chewett:We ran custom "Dungeons and Dragons" style RP sessions, and so the AL began
[05/05/23 23:53] Chewett:But these personalities really pushed forward the lore of MagicDuel.
[05/05/23 23:53] Chewett:As we gained more tools within MD, we forgot that at the heart of the game, its about people, and what they do, say, and wish for.
[05/05/23 23:54] Chewett:Its easy to think that MD is "just a fighting game" which for some it is true, and thats perfectly fine. But at its core its not really that
[05/05/23 23:54] Chewett:The people drive MagicDuel, and they will always drive MagicDuel.
[05/05/23 23:54] Chewett:Now at times, people have clashed with Mur, they have driven things in ways that he has not wanted it, and he has pruned those branches
[05/05/23 23:55] Chewett:Cutler and myself both were told to remove some of our designs, that is fine for it is his decision.
[05/05/23 23:55] Chewett:But from that, more beauty was created, partnerships were struck, eventually both Cutler and myself started to work closely with Mur
[05/05/23 23:56] Chewett:More recently we have players like Aia and Fyrd all working towards new and different things, being given some license to create
[05/05/23 23:56] Chewett:Again sometimes these creations were pruned, tweaked, but all towards trying to grow towards a goal.
[05/05/23 23:57] Chewett:Within my profession, there is a saying about game developers and why games get stuck, lost, forgotten, etc.
[05/05/23 23:57] Chewett:They say, if you are a AAA game dev, your game will get stuck because of bureaucracy. You just can't get agreement so nothing happens
[05/05/23 23:58] Chewett:So clearly Indie is the way to go!
[05/05/23 23:58] Chewett:They also say, that if you are an Indie, typically your game will get stuck because of depression/life/etc and you become too embarrassed to work on it.
[05/05/23 23:58] Chewett:So clearly AAA studio's are the way to go!
[05/05/23 23:58] Chewett:While I think most can agree the quality of Magicduel is AAA
[05/05/23 23:59] Fyrd Argentus: (Shades of Princess Bride here....)
[05/05/23 23:59] Chewett:You might be surprised to know that we don't actually have a team of a hundred tiny men
[05/05/23 23:59] Chewett: (Fyrd Learned as ever :D)
[06/05/23 00:00] Chewett:Only a few people actively develop the code for MD, and only a few people actively work on A25 currently.
[06/05/23 00:00] Chewett:We would love that to be more, and thats where I start my offer

Everyone was teleported to Necro

06/05/23 00:01] Chewett:... and thats where I start my offer
[06/05/23 00:02] Chewett:In such a realm where we are small again, people must step up if they want things to happen
[06/05/23 00:02] Chewett:However, the other thing that people must be aware of, is that we all have other lives...
[06/05/23 00:02] Chewett:It is shocking to think, but Fyrd is not just the Pickle Meister!
[06/05/23 00:02] Chewett:I heard he dabbled in illicit alchemy in far off lands
[06/05/23 00:02] Chewett:It is a secret that I must reveal, but I believe he has a dark past
[06/05/23 00:03] Chewett:Don't let him hear!
[06/05/23 00:03] Chewett:Luckily I believe he is somewhat deaf
[06/05/23 00:03] Fyrd Argentus:No, just forgetful.
[06/05/23 00:03] Chewett:Drat!
[06/05/23 00:03] Chewett:I think I am in for it!
[06/05/23 00:03] Fyrd Argentus:And I have dabbled in everything I could...
[06/05/23 00:03] Chewett:If I wake up dead, or dead up wake, you know it was him!
[06/05/23 00:04] Fyrd Argentus:... embrace life...
[06/05/23 00:04] :jakubhi looks at lashtal, then back at the Land he is standing on, then back at lashtal
[06/05/23 00:04] Chewett:Don't tell lashtal either!
[06/05/23 00:04] Chewett:Just pretend we are in a meadow
[06/05/23 00:04] Chewett:It will fool him!
[06/05/23 00:05] :Blackshade Rider hides jakubhi under his cloak
[06/05/23 00:05] Chewett:But, as I was saying...
[06/05/23 00:05] Chewett:People are people, especially when they are peopling in other realms
[06/05/23 00:05] Chewett:But it means that when they come to these realms, we must be kind.
[06/05/23 00:05] Chewett:To a degree...
[06/05/23 00:06] Chewett:Unfortunately I must admit that when I came to prepare for the final items of this festival, I had to deal with a tirade of abuse, the likes of which I haven't really ever heard in MD directed at me
[06/05/23 00:07] Chewett:This, did somewhat put a damper on my mood, alongside dealing with that, which meant that really I wasn't able to dedicate the time I wanted to.
[06/05/23 00:07] Fyrd Argentus::(
[06/05/23 00:07] Chewett:I just didn't feel like I wanted too, it was somewhat spoilt.
[06/05/23 00:07] Chewett:Now, I tell you this, not to complain, but to point out
[06/05/23 00:07] Chewett:We all here, are people and really if someone is trying to work towards something in MD, we need to encourage them/
[06/05/23 00:07] Chewett:Unfortunately, combined with that quite abrasive series of encounters, I have had very little time over the past year
[06/05/23 00:08] Chewett:My company is making redundancies, and we have some very critical projects going to some very big companies that need work!
[06/05/23 00:08] Chewett:My past year has been manic to say the least....
[06/05/23 00:08] Chewett:And it continues, and that combined with the unfortunate incident before the birthday it meant that really the birthday did not meet what I wanted it to be
[06/05/23 00:08] Chewett:But, we have a plan.
[06/05/23 00:09] Chewett:I have had a good chat with Fyrd and a few others and I plan to organise some of the things that I missed later on in the year!
[06/05/23 00:09] Chewett:A mid birthday, birthday!
[06/05/23 00:09] Chewett:But what this has shown is that, if I am not around to organise it, barring a few people putting in a massive amount of work like Mr Fyrd here, it won't happen.
[06/05/23 00:10] Chewett:So there is where I ask two things, again.
[06/05/23 00:10] Chewett:People need to be kinder
[06/05/23 00:10] Chewett:And people need to, if they want things to change, start proposing changes, and working out ideas
[06/05/23 00:10] Chewett:Many things can be done by each of you
[06/05/23 00:10] Chewett:Nowadays most things don't need actual coding
[06/05/23 00:10] Chewett:A25 can do many wonderous things
[06/05/23 00:11] Chewett:So here is my message to you!
[06/05/23 00:11] Chewett:Be kind!
[06/05/23 00:11] Chewett:Be inventive!
[06/05/23 00:11] Chewett:And I love you all my friends
[06/05/23 00:11] Fyrd Argentus: (Well, that's kind of coding.... sort of...)
[06/05/23 00:12] Fyrd Argentus:We do appreciate you too, Chewie.
[06/05/23 00:12] Aksel:hmm
[06/05/23 00:12] Chewett:Oopsie ;)
[06/05/23 00:12] :jakubhi agrees with Fyrd
[06/05/23 00:12] Fyrd Argentus:Love, yes, but is not easy for some.
[06/05/23 00:12] :Blackshade Rider also agrees with Fyrd

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Here is the pre-amble to the ceremony, as there was a request for capturing that too...

[05/05/23 15:45] Fyrd Argentus:Free baby Aramor:
[05/05/23 15:45] Fyrd Argentus:Creature Transfer Code: CTC887649RUMUL85MDC483UTX116P49M
[05/05/23 16:48] Muratus del Mur:Hi
[05/05/23 16:53] Muratus del Mur:@obrac: yes sure, done
[05/05/23 17:50] :Else plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Lazarus
[05/05/23 18:09] :Blackshade Rider bows to Mur
[05/05/23 18:47] Muratus del Mur:hey, check this out: /help
[05/05/23 18:47] Muratus del Mur:minimalistic till i give it an actual page with more details
[05/05/23 18:48] :Muratus del Mur summary:: \n\nBased on the conversation, it appears that Muratus del Mur has created a help page with more details about a minimalistic topic.
[05/05/23 18:48] Blackshade Rider:I like it
[05/05/23 18:48] Muratus del Mur:kickass
[05/05/23 18:48] Blackshade Rider:I was thinking of making a "How Do I" post with chat commands
[05/05/23 18:49] Blackshade Rider:I haven't checked if ones been made
[05/05/23 18:49] Muratus del Mur:too difficult to focus ai just on the help topics, i heard rumors its possible but ...
[05/05/23 18:50] Muratus del Mur:we can point ot to thje help section
[05/05/23 18:50] Muratus del Mur:omg..i might now how to do this....arrggghhh
[05/05/23 18:50] Muratus del Mur:i am busy with somethign else now, and md is so tempting to work on
[05/05/23 18:51] Lazarus:What exactly are you working on with MD?
[05/05/23 18:51] Blackshade Rider: *smiles* I know you got this. Focus on what's more important right now. We are not going anywhere :)
[05/05/23 18:56] Muratus del Mur:ah sadly not md, work project ..stupid stuff, not fun like md 'work'
[05/05/23 18:56] Blackshade Rider:Does the Anni end today? Anyone know?
[05/05/23 18:56] Muratus del Mur:should so ..
[05/05/23 18:57] Blackshade Rider:@mur, work can be fun sometimes
[05/05/23 18:57] Blackshade Rider:Ok well if it ends today I'm going to put up warming on my quest. May not though as not one participant :)
[05/05/23 19:02] Muratus del Mur:its difficult tu runanything with so few ppl..
[05/05/23 19:03] Muratus del Mur:how could one increase the playerbase?
[05/05/23 19:03] :Muratus del Mur summary:: \n\nThe mistery is that Blackshade Rider is suggesting that they put up advertisements to attract more participants to the game.
[05/05/23 19:03] Muratus del Mur:lol
[05/05/23 19:04] :Blackshade Rider winks
[05/05/23 19:04] :Muratus del Mur summary:: \n\nOne potential solution to increasing the playerbase is to promote the game through online and offline channels. This could include social media campaigns, word-of-mouth marketing, and advertising in local newspapers and magazines. Additionally, offering incentives such as discounts, rewards, or exclusive content could also help to draw in new players. Finally, hosting special events or tournaments could also be a great way to attract new players and create a sense of community.
[05/05/23 19:05] Blackshade Rider:I am working on that one thing we spoke of in email. Getting a few beta testers not in MD already so I can have their honest opinions
[05/05/23 19:05] Muratus del Mur:oh well...the experimental chat command works fine , i will add it to the help
[05/05/23 19:07] Blackshade Rider:One I did have check it out, the biggest thing they stated that seemed to bother them was no NPCs they could fight or interact with and that the island needs a better tutorial as they claimed it was to confusing.
[05/05/23 19:08] Blackshade Rider:I was going to make an alt today to see everything that's changed on the island since I was last in MD
[05/05/23 19:09] Muratus del Mur:the answer to "what should i do next" is that this is an open world adventure....not a step by step game
[05/05/23 19:10] Blackshade Rider:I did state that. I also made it clear the game evolves around the player base and a single player can change the history of MD if they tried
[05/05/23 19:11] Blackshade Rider:But that was just one person.
[05/05/23 19:12] Blackshade Rider:However many others in the past have said similar about NPCs. So leads me to a question, is it possible to make the tiny men, empty armors ( those mp2s) a form of NPCs that mp3 and mp4s can attack to grind on when there are no others for them to attack to advance? Just a question if it's possible
[05/05/23 19:13] Muratus del Mur:what we need is agressive advertising, but i have no way i could do that. Propper advertising costs 100 time more than my income, and md is not even supporting its costs rn...so i can't do any advertising
[05/05/23 19:14] Muratus del Mur:yes its possible, there are a25 functions to initiate fight with the player, and other commands, but all this requires involvement, and rn i can not do it
[05/05/23 19:14] Blackshade Rider:I'll get some advertising going no problem. Most won't be paid but I'll see about some paid also.
[05/05/23 19:14] Blackshade Rider:Understandable
[05/05/23 19:14] Muratus del Mur:the splintered apparition quest that was supposed to use this fight thing was basically abandoned by a15, not even remember why
[05/05/23 19:15] Muratus del Mur:you got your affiliate account link yes?
[05/05/23 19:16] Blackshade Rider:Hmm. I'd give it a try. I heard of a splinter apparition quest but haven't tried it
[05/05/23 19:16] Muratus del Mur:you didnt reply to that email so i am not sure it reached you
[05/05/23 19:16] Muratus del Mur:its not available the quest, not finished for very long time..
[05/05/23 19:16] Lazarus:What's stopping you from delegating these tools to new people like Mallos to work on the quest?
[05/05/23 19:16] Blackshade Rider:Yes the one person I had check it out so far said it worked, as for letting them make an account and register.
[05/05/23 19:17] Muratus del Mur:gtg, work, cya
[05/05/23 19:17] Blackshade Rider:And sorry about not responding. Been busy busy. Today has been my only day of relaxing in a long while
[05/05/23 19:18] Blackshade Rider:Later Mur stay safe friend:)
[05/05/23 20:26] :Obrac muted Obrac and won't see any chat messages from this player during current session.
[05/05/23 20:26] :Obrac unmuted Obrac and can see all chat messages from this player.
[05/05/23 20:26] Obrac:ty Myr!
[05/05/23 20:46] Fyrd Argentus:Nice "O".
[05/05/23 20:46] Fyrd Argentus:BSR, you there?
[05/05/23 20:52] Blackshade Rider:Yes
[05/05/23 21:05] :Fyrd Argentus hands BSR a two-page note.
[05/05/23 21:05] Fyrd Argentus:About GWI and Splintered Apparition (forum)
[05/05/23 21:06] Aksel:what is splintered apparition?
[05/05/23 21:06] :jakubhi resists the urge to make a pun
[05/05/23 21:07] Fyrd Argentus:It is a massive and difficult quest that has literally been years in planning.
[05/05/23 21:07] Fyrd Argentus:Allusions are made, here and there, but it is not operating yet.
[05/05/23 21:07] Aksel:why not?
[05/05/23 21:07] Fyrd Argentus:And Jak, don't resist.
[05/05/23 21:07] :jakubhi has joined the resistance
[05/05/23 21:08] Fyrd Argentus:I fixed up the technical side, but it would require somebody with deeper knowledge of early history, and authority, than I have.
[05/05/23 21:08] Fyrd Argentus:Creation by committee problem.
[05/05/23 21:08] Fyrd Argentus:brb
[05/05/23 21:12] jakubhi:Fyrd, what are all the topics of today's event ?
[05/05/23 21:12] jakubhi:and when is it beginning ?
[05/05/23 21:16] Chewett:A good question! Let me know :)
[05/05/23 21:19] Fyrd Argentus:Actually, Jak I was hoping anybody with unfinished business would step forward (including Chewie with any awards) .
[05/05/23 21:19] Aksel:hey
[05/05/23 21:19] Chewett:I will be around later to do something possibly
[05/05/23 21:20] :Lazarus plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Else
[05/05/23 21:20] Fyrd Argentus:I've awarded prizes for my event (but could do more just for fun) and hope anybody else will wrap theirs up about now.
[05/05/23 21:20] Fyrd Argentus:We could all howl at the full moon together.
[05/05/23 21:20] :Lazarus plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Invie
[05/05/23 21:21] Fyrd Argentus:Would you like to formally gather and have me "say a few words" to commemorate the MD family etc? I could do that if there is interest.
[05/05/23 21:21] jakubhi: *looks through his single page* I think I am all wrapped up, but I don't know about others.
[05/05/23 21:21] Fyrd Argentus:Else proposed a tournament, but I don't know if anybody signed up.
[05/05/23 21:22] :jakubhi pokes Else for input
[05/05/23 21:22] Chewett:I will be around in about an hour to do medals if anyone is eligible for them.
[05/05/23 21:22] Chewett:Tournament won't happen I believe.
[05/05/23 21:22] Chewett:Sadly I didn't have time to organise everyone to make quests, and no one stepped up :(
[05/05/23 21:23] Chewett:Fyrd did good but otherwise it wasn't fun this year.
[05/05/23 21:23] jakubhi:sooo, 22:30 md time, medals, give or take
[05/05/23 21:23] Chewett:But that just shows that If I don't do it, no one will, so I guess that explains where I am with MD
[05/05/23 21:23] Aksel:what do medals do?
[05/05/23 21:23] jakubhi:they look shiny on your avatar
[05/05/23 21:24] Fyrd Argentus:okay, I will start running off at the mouth at 22:15. Chewie can take over when he's ready.
[05/05/23 21:25] Aksel:I don't have avatar
[05/05/23 21:25] Blackshade Rider:I might go ahead and close my quest. Not one entry but I can understand why
[05/05/23 21:25] :Else plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Lazarus
[05/05/23 21:25] Chewett:Why can you uderstand?
[05/05/23 21:26] jakubhi:Aia's quest should be considered anni quest too, or?
[05/05/23 21:26] :Lazarus plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Invie
[05/05/23 21:26] Aksel:just look at Chew, medals make him look like old retired general from all 4 world wars
[05/05/23 21:26] Else:Maybe next year, the anni is ending soon I believe : /
[05/05/23 21:26] jakubhi: ("Of Heads and Tales - Two Quests of the Eighteenth Anniversary")
[05/05/23 21:27] Blackshade Rider:It was pointed out quests like mine I have up currently are nice yes, but are not very encouraging for some that may not be creative ect. But was also told quests like the build your own rain collector were possibly better in the aspect you actually learn a life skill in RL
[05/05/23 21:28] Blackshade Rider:I actually agreed with the ones who pointed this out and I am planning a series of quests to try based on the feed back I had gotten
[05/05/23 21:29] jakubhi:Hmmm, wait, damn, were you people sending Chew lists of participants to get the plushies for your quests ?
[05/05/23 21:31] Blackshade Rider:No I didn't care about the plushies.
[05/05/23 21:31] jakubhi:No, I mean, the participants were supposed to get them
[05/05/23 21:31] jakubhi:for, participating
[05/05/23 21:32] Blackshade Rider:I've just always done something for the anni but this year have a lot going on and not as big community
[05/05/23 21:32] Blackshade Rider:Oh
[05/05/23 21:32] jakubhi:I may owe Aksel, Invie and Ledah some plushies ..
[05/05/23 21:33] jakubhi: *ponders* Ah, maybe I can ask Chew to give it to them during medal ceremony !
[05/05/23 21:33] Blackshade Rider:I think chew will be giving those plushies and in that case you may need to send list of participants. But I don't know so don't quote me on that lol
[05/05/23 21:35] :jakubhi goes to search the forum for the plushie post
[05/05/23 21:35] Aksel:is this the record number of people in scene?
[05/05/23 21:35] jakubhi:nope
[05/05/23 21:35] Else: [Ann. 5902 are we getting anni creatures during the medal ceremony? :D]
[05/05/23 21:35] Else: [Ann. 5902]
[05/05/23 21:35] Else:ups
[05/05/23 21:36] Blackshade Rider:I remember there used to be 50+ online players here at the gazebo at anytime
[05/05/23 21:38] :[Spell] petrify Ledah
[05/05/23 21:39] jakubhi:hey, no fighting, we are celebrating now
[05/05/23 21:39] jakubhi:sort of
[05/05/23 21:39] Blackshade Rider:I think the record for online players here at the gazebo is like 150 or something like that. I might be wrong. But in the early days MDs population was very active
[05/05/23 21:39] :[Spell] Hex Blackshade Rider
[05/05/23 21:39] jakubhi:also, I found the mention of the plushies for quest participants, every participants should get 5 plushies, it is in the News
[05/05/23 21:39] jakubhi: *pokes Ledah* what did I just say
[05/05/23 21:40] Blackshade Rider: quaaaaaaaac quaaaaaaaaac
[05/05/23 21:44] Fyrd Argentus:Interesting trying to decypher the triggers.
[05/05/23 21:44] Fyrd Argentus:Ledah attacklocked Else, but who toadspoke BSR?
[05/05/23 21:45] jakubhi:I think that was LEdah
[05/05/23 21:45] jakubhi:no idea about Else
[05/05/23 21:46] Chewett:Else keeps bugging Ledah, it’s how he rolls
[05/05/23 21:46] jakubhi:Chewwwww
[05/05/23 21:46] Chewett:Yes?
[05/05/23 21:46] jakubhi:I sent you a bit late message on forum
[05/05/23 21:47] :[Spell] petrify Ledah
[05/05/23 21:47] jakubhi:Everything is done and I just need for the participants to get their plushies..
[05/05/23 21:47] jakubhi:..alright, who did that
[05/05/23 21:47] Chewett:It’s else
[05/05/23 21:48] jakubhi: *pokes else with his staff* not, now
[05/05/23 21:48] Chewett:Most likely. People were complaining he was bullying Ledah before, I had to deal with a load of pms lol
[05/05/23 21:48] Else:Are you sure?
[05/05/23 21:48] jakubhi:please wait until after the medal ceremony
[05/05/23 21:49] jakubhi:..wait. I thought I was the one bullying ledah with attacklocks ?
[05/05/23 21:49] Chewett:Yes I am now 100% sure it’s you :)
[05/05/23 21:49] Chewett:I wonder if I can block spells, I think I can actually
[05/05/23 21:50] :[Spell] Stop it, or Else
[05/05/23 21:50] jakubhi:I think the "are you sure" was meant for my message, if you are replying to that, Chew
[05/05/23 21:50] Chewett:Maybe I need to do that to keep it a litttle more sane for an hour or so
[05/05/23 21:50] Else:why only me? :v
[05/05/23 21:50] Chewett:Right I need to head out, be back in probably an houe
[05/05/23 21:51] Else:everyone who casted a spell should be blocked as well o.O
[05/05/23 21:51] Chewett:I dunno, they were saying your bullying was dst level and you should be banned
[05/05/23 21:51] Chewett:But people say a lot
[05/05/23 21:51] :Blackshade Rider laughs a little
[05/05/23 21:51] Else:who are they? xD
[05/05/23 21:51] Chewett:Ah speak with Fyrd, I had a long chat with him
[05/05/23 21:52] Aksel:what's the point of wasting wps for spells that people don't let you use them?
[05/05/23 21:52] Aksel:mate, ask for a refund
[05/05/23 21:52] Chewett:Nothing is blocked for now :)
[05/05/23 21:52] Chewett:Just when I’m back and am doing things like medals don’t keep silencing each other
[05/05/23 21:52] Fyrd Argentus:Else and Ledah seem to have a feud going.
[05/05/23 21:52] Fyrd Argentus:I don't want to get involved.
[05/05/23 21:53] Blackshade Rider:Very rarely you can get a WP refund. It's extremely rare. I've only seen it happen a few times
[05/05/23 21:53] jakubhi: (replied)
[05/05/23 21:53] Lazarus:You two should sort it out in the Sunny Bedroom in private
[05/05/23 21:54] Sunfire:why am i ragged into this
[05/05/23 21:54] Sunfire:dragged
[05/05/23 21:54] :jakubhi starts coughing
[05/05/23 21:54] :[Spell] petrify Lazarus
[05/05/23 21:54] Chewett:You have seen them refunded? Didn’t know we did that apart from the keys which wasn’t really a refund lol
[05/05/23 21:55] Blackshade Rider:I don't know if they got the refund. I just remembered a few cases of people asking.
[05/05/23 21:55] Chewett:Later, enjoy the spells!
[05/05/23 21:56] jakubhi:later
[05/05/23 21:57] Aksel:what do you mean sunny? who is dragging you into what?
[05/05/23 21:57] :jakubhi passes message to Fyrd
[05/05/23 21:58] Blackshade Rider:There is a room called that
[05/05/23 21:59] Blackshade Rider:Hmm.
[05/05/23 21:59] Aksel:oh
[05/05/23 21:59] Blackshade Rider:Where's your room Sunfire lol
[05/05/23 22:00] Aksel:that's so cool!
[05/05/23 22:00] Fyrd Argentus:Okay, Jak suggested a diversion.
[05/05/23 22:00] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:00] Aksel:think about it, you are the only one in whole md who has his own room
[05/05/23 22:00] Fyrd Argentus:Prize TBD
[05/05/23 22:00] Sunfire:in the east, but someone stole my key and asks money to use it!
[05/05/23 22:00] Blackshade Rider:Marind has her own room
[05/05/23 22:00] jakubhi:S
[05/05/23 22:00] Aksel:sure marind has it too, but she's dead, knatty has vacation house but he's in chains or dead
[05/05/23 22:01] jakubhi: ( I think Syrian has the keys now)
[05/05/23 22:01] Sunfire:you realy think you can kill KC
[05/05/23 22:01] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: S) =(
[05/05/23 22:01] Blackshade Rider:Mur has a throne room or something like that if I remember right
[05/05/23 22:01] Sunfire:and was marind real or was she in your mind?
[05/05/23 22:01] Fyrd Argentus:But it's not named after him.
[05/05/23 22:01] Aksel:hey I'm just drawing conclusions from what you told me
[05/05/23 22:01] jakubhi:A
[05/05/23 22:02] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A _ _ (not: S) =(
[05/05/23 22:02] Aksel:I forgot, what is most used letter in english?
[05/05/23 22:02] Blackshade Rider:Also there are mirrors in MD
[05/05/23 22:02] jakubhi: (I htink it is E)
[05/05/23 22:02] Fyrd Argentus:ETOANRISH...
[05/05/23 22:02] Aksel:is it e?
[05/05/23 22:02] Blackshade Rider:Even though mirrors are forbidden
[05/05/23 22:02] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A _ _ (not: SE) =(:
[05/05/23 22:03] Sunfire:X *smirks*
[05/05/23 22:03] Aksel:That should be a spell casting word, sounds magical
[05/05/23 22:03] Fyrd Argentus: (sorry sunny, not getting any here) _ _ A _ _ (not: XSE) =(:-
[05/05/23 22:04] Blackshade Rider:B
[05/05/23 22:04] :jakubhi realises Sunfire's evil plan
[05/05/23 22:04] Aksel:imagine if gandalf said etoanrish instead of "you shall not pass", maybe he wouldn't drop down
[05/05/23 22:04] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A _ _ (not: XSEB) =(:-p
[05/05/23 22:04] jakubhi:B
[05/05/23 22:04] jakubhi:..
[05/05/23 22:04] jakubhi:wait no, I cant read
[05/05/23 22:05] jakubhi:C
[05/05/23 22:05] Aksel:T
[05/05/23 22:06] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A C _ (not: XSEBT) = (:-p)
[05/05/23 22:06] Blackshade Rider:F
[05/05/23 22:06] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A C _ (not: XSEBTF) = (:-p) -
[05/05/23 22:07] Aksel:quack
[05/05/23 22:08] Fyrd Argentus:Nope.
[05/05/23 22:08] jakubhi:snack
[05/05/23 22:08] Fyrd Argentus:nope
[05/05/23 22:08] Aksel:H
[05/05/23 22:08] Fyrd Argentus: (Same person can't guess two words in a row, btw)
[05/05/23 22:09] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A C H (not: XSEBTF) = (:-p) -
[05/05/23 22:09] Aksel:peach
[05/05/23 22:09] Fyrd Argentus:nope
[05/05/23 22:09] jakubhi:M
[05/05/23 22:09] Aksel:now I'm hungry
[05/05/23 22:09] Aksel:beach
[05/05/23 22:09] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A C H (not: XSEBTFM) = (:-p) -{
[05/05/23 22:09] Fyrd Argentus:no B or E
[05/05/23 22:10] jakubhi:R
[05/05/23 22:10] Fyrd Argentus:_ R A C H (not: XSEBTFM) = (:-p) -{
[05/05/23 22:10] jakubhi:drach
[05/05/23 22:10] Fyrd Argentus:jak got it.
[05/05/23 22:11] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:11] Aksel:A
[05/05/23 22:12] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ A _ _ A _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:12] Blackshade Rider:G
[05/05/23 22:12] Aksel:n
[05/05/23 22:13] Fyrd Argentus:G _ A _ _ A N (not: )
[05/05/23 22:14] jakubhi:grassan
[05/05/23 22:14] Aksel:grassan
[05/05/23 22:14] Fyrd Argentus:Jak again.
[05/05/23 22:14] Aksel:honestly
[05/05/23 22:14] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:14] Aksel:it's spelled wrong
[05/05/23 22:15] Aksel:grasan has single S not double
[05/05/23 22:15] Fyrd Argentus:Oops.
[05/05/23 22:15] Fyrd Argentus:Point to Aksel.
[05/05/23 22:15] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:15] Aksel:E
[05/05/23 22:15] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ E _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:16] Blackshade Rider:Wait it's Grasan not Grassan lol
[05/05/23 22:16] Aksel:R
[05/05/23 22:16] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ E R (not: )
[05/05/23 22:16] Blackshade Rider:Ouch major lag on my end
[05/05/23 22:16] Fyrd Argentus:Right. Aksel caught that and got a bonus point.
[05/05/23 22:16] Ledah:JOKER
[05/05/23 22:16] Fyrd Argentus:Ledah got it.
[05/05/23 22:16] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:17] Blackshade Rider:Armor
[05/05/23 22:17] Fyrd Argentus:nope
[05/05/23 22:18] Fyrd Argentus:And that would be Aramor, anyway.
[05/05/23 22:18] jakubhi: (I wanted to take a hint from my creature list.. I changed the names and can't remember the original now, xD )
[05/05/23 22:18] Blackshade Rider:Oh yeah I always for get that :)
[05/05/23 22:18] jakubhi:A
[05/05/23 22:19] Blackshade Rider:Shade
[05/05/23 22:20] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: A ) =(
[05/05/23 22:20] Fyrd Argentus:And no A
[05/05/23 22:20] Fyrd Argentus:So not shade.
[05/05/23 22:20] jakubhi:D
[05/05/23 22:22] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: AD ) =(:
[05/05/23 22:22] jakubhi:E
[05/05/23 22:22] Blackshade Rider:S
[05/05/23 22:23] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ (not: ADE) =(:-
[05/05/23 22:23] Fyrd Argentus:S _ _ S _ (not: ADE) =(:-
[05/05/23 22:24] Blackshade Rider:Smhsh
[05/05/23 22:24] Fyrd Argentus:BSR got it
[05/05/23 22:24] Fyrd Argentus:_ _ _ _ _ _ (not: )
[05/05/23 22:24] Blackshade Rider:That was a good one. Lol
[05/05/23 22:24] Fyrd Argentus:Thought it would be harder, actually.
[05/05/23 22:25] Lazarus:Knator
[05/05/23 22:25] Fyrd Argentus:nope
[05/05/23 22:25] Blackshade Rider:Angien
[05/05/23 22:25] Fyrd Argentus:gulp
[05/05/23 22:25] :jakubhi laughs
[05/05/23 22:25] Chewett:Might I suggest one guess and then you are eliminated
[05/05/23 22:25] Chewett:Otherwise people just keep guessing
[05/05/23 22:26] Fyrd Argentus:BSR got it.
[05/05/23 22:26] Fyrd Argentus:Okay, time to get this rolling.
[05/05/23 22:26] Fyrd Argentus:Ledah and Aksel, pick one RP item or spell stone as prize.
[05/05/23 22:26] Fyrd Argentus:Jak and BSR get two each.
[05/05/23 22:27] Ledah:I wouldn't mind an acousticremains stone ;)
[05/05/23 22:27] :Fyrd Argentus springs up onto the GoE roof, catches his pockets on the eves and flips, landing on his back.
[05/05/23 22:27] Fyrd Argentus:SHOUTS: Oh no! itc282164terhc38mdi344omz454f77a!
[05/05/23 22:28] Lazarus:oh no.
[05/05/23 22:28] Fyrd Argentus:Anyway, we are here to celebrate the closing of the 18th anniversary festival of Magic Duel.
[05/05/23 22:28] Fyrd Argentus:SHOUTS: Dang! itc267482hsrhf41mdi942pik487h13t!
[05/05/23 22:29] Fyrd Argentus:We are happy to see many old faces, but sorry that we miss so many others.
[05/05/23 22:29] Ledah:He is quick
[05/05/23 22:29] Fyrd Argentus:SHOUTS: Drat! itc269087vohsc76mdi845rhz676p88l!
[05/05/23 22:29] Fyrd Argentus:But don't be sad, we will see them all again.
[05/05/23 22:29] Fyrd Argentus:Sometime, I am sure.
[05/05/23 22:29] Chewett:Or we won’t ;)
[05/05/23 22:30] Fyrd Argentus:SHOUTS: Crud! itc269096krvoz35mdi388mmw576p84k!
[05/05/23 22:30] Fyrd Argentus:But we need to look to the positive. See how many new friends we have found...
[05/05/23 22:30] Fyrd Argentus:Aksel.
[05/05/23 22:30] Aksel:Small star fragments
[05/05/23 22:30] Fyrd Argentus:Jongema
[05/05/23 22:31] :Fyrd Argentus passed Small star fragments to Aksel
[05/05/23 22:31] Fyrd Argentus:SHOUTS: Jiminy christmas! itc269095xaukf88mdi499qek472p34z!
[05/05/23 22:32] Fyrd Argentus:And there are old friends that appear to have returned to us for the long haul...
[05/05/23 22:32] Fyrd Argentus:Obrac and Blackshade Rider.
[05/05/23 22:32] Fyrd Argentus:SHOUTS: Drat! itc269094yummy72mdi249sdn563l13c!
[05/05/23 22:32] Fyrd Argentus:Oh well, jsut silver.
[05/05/23 22:32] Aksel:thanks
[05/05/23 22:32] Blackshade Rider:I took 2 :)
[05/05/23 22:33] Fyrd Argentus:So, let's raise our glasses to friends, here and absent.
[05/05/23 22:33] :jakubhi took two too..
[05/05/23 22:33] :jakubhi raises an orange juice
[05/05/23 22:33] :Chewett raises a pint of sherry
[05/05/23 22:33] Fyrd Argentus:Let's drink to those here, and remember those absent, fondly.
[05/05/23 22:33] :Blackshade Rider raises a glass of a strange black liquid
[05/05/23 22:34] :Ledah downs the cider
[05/05/23 22:34] Fyrd Argentus: *tries to grip his pockets.* ITC283612MABLN90MDI922HUL713F85A
[05/05/23 22:34] :Lazarus
[05/05/23 22:34] Fyrd Argentus:And Chewett is here now. So, I suspect he has a few words to say again.
[05/05/23 22:34] Fyrd Argentus:So I'm going to...
[05/05/23 22:34] :jakubhi claps
[05/05/23 22:35] Fyrd Argentus:Oh my aching backside! ITC281864MMOXP74MDI871OMT981F17L
[05/05/23 22:35] Chewett:Alas I am not yet ready, Fyrd may have been a little premature!
[05/05/23 22:35] Fyrd Argentus:I'd better get down off this roof and sew up my pockets before I'm broke.
[05/05/23 22:35] :Fyrd Argentus pauses at the edge of the roof.
[05/05/23 22:36] :jakubhi brings a ladder
[05/05/23 22:36] :Fyrd Argentus wraps some black yarn around his midriff, sealing off his pockets.
[05/05/23 22:36] Fyrd Argentus:Hmm, well then.
[05/05/23 22:36] Fyrd Argentus:Any idea how long you'll need, Chewie?
[05/05/23 22:36] Chewett: (I’m on mobile out and about atm sorry)
[05/05/23 22:37] Ledah:Enough time to make a cuppa
[05/05/23 22:37] Blackshade Rider:Ok anyone up for a small riddle event?
[05/05/23 22:37] :Fyrd Argentus leans over the edge of roof, grips the eves, and flips off, hitting his head on Jak's ladder.
[05/05/23 22:37] :jakubhi googles what is cuppa
[05/05/23 22:37] :Fyrd Argentus slides down into a lump, then does a sommersault and springs to his feet.
[05/05/23 22:37] Fyrd Argentus:Thanks Jak!
[05/05/23 22:38] Fyrd Argentus:Yes, I'm in. But first.....
[05/05/23 22:38] :jakubhi sighs and takes the ladder away
[05/05/23 22:38] :Fyrd Argentus slips behind a bush to relieve himself.
[05/05/23 22:38] :Blackshade Rider laughs
[05/05/23 22:38] jakubhi:now, I am glad you went down from the Gazebo first
[05/05/23 22:39] Fyrd Argentus:That would have been rude.
[05/05/23 22:40] Blackshade Rider: *looks at jakubhi* cuppa is a tea or coffee if I'm not mistaken
[05/05/23 22:40] Fyrd Argentus:"cup of"
[05/05/23 22:40] jakubhi:ah
[05/05/23 22:40] Blackshade Rider:Yes a "cup of"
[05/05/23 22:41] Fyrd Argentus:You can get coffee and free booze at the Cafe beside the Maple.
[05/05/23 22:41] :Blackshade Rider laughs
[05/05/23 22:41] Fyrd Argentus:The former counteracting the latter.
[05/05/23 22:41] Blackshade Rider:I drink maybe 20 cuppas a day
[05/05/23 22:41] Fyrd Argentus:I presume you all know where that is... but too far to run for now...
[05/05/23 22:42] Fyrd Argentus:And Mur gets distressed when I leave empty bottles lying around his realm, so I will refrain....
[05/05/23 22:42] Blackshade Rider:I asked for coffee forever that was useable it's nice to see it's finally been done
[05/05/23 22:42] Blackshade Rider:I saw some coffee on the way to MDA
[05/05/23 22:42] :Fyrd Argentus passed Bottle of Bushies Wine to Blackshade Rider
[05/05/23 22:42] Fyrd Argentus:Here, have a drink on me.
[05/05/23 22:43] :Fyrd Argentus passed Bottle of Bushies Wine to jakubhi
[05/05/23 22:43] jakubhi:ohh, I am going to store this for someone, I only drink on Christmas eve with family
[05/05/23 22:43] Blackshade Rider: Riase ...hic ... aa ...hic ... tsoat ...hic ...
[05/05/23 22:44] Fyrd Argentus:Anybody else?
[05/05/23 22:44] :Lazarus plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Miq
[05/05/23 22:44] : *sriaes his gssla*
[05/05/23 22:44] Fyrd Argentus:Yes, BSR, you found the place. I'm trying to start a little impromptu theatre troop based there.
[05/05/23 22:44] Blackshade Rider: To 18 ...hic ... yrs of this rleam
[05/05/23 22:45] Fyrd Argentus:I've only been blessed to be here for 5 of those years.... off and on.
[05/05/23 22:45] jakubhi:now is the first official time you can actually drink here, since md wasn't adult before !
[05/05/23 22:45] Fyrd Argentus:But yes! *raises his mulled wine.*
[05/05/23 22:46] Blackshade Rider: (ahtt scene is very ctrteueld ...hic ... in my onoipni. Mhgit II ssguegt aa scnee off to the sdie ...hic ... wtih aa pciinc lkie tblae to help dceettulr taht scnee)
[05/05/23 22:46] Fyrd Argentus:Well, drunken-ness is not encourage, but it sure is funny.
[05/05/23 22:46] Fyrd Argentus:Actually, watching this may be good lesson for the youth.
[05/05/23 22:46] jakubhi:... define youth
[05/05/23 22:46] Blackshade Rider: Gaert I'm aa bad emlapex. I'm the only one dnruk rghit now
[05/05/23 22:46] Fyrd Argentus:ctrteueld?
[05/05/23 22:47] :jakubhi laughs
[05/05/23 22:47] Fyrd Argentus:Cluttered?
[05/05/23 22:47] : *ptus dwon the wnie bltote*
[05/05/23 22:47] Fyrd Argentus:I did make the garden scene off to the side....
[05/05/23 22:47] Blackshade Rider: Yes taht
[05/05/23 22:47] Fyrd Argentus:I kind of like it that way....
[05/05/23 22:48] Fyrd Argentus:Needs to be built up, like this spot here.
[05/05/23 22:48] Fyrd Argentus:It's a sanctuary for theatre-minded types.
[05/05/23 22:48] Fyrd Argentus:Those not desiring to grind....
[05/05/23 22:48] Fyrd Argentus:... unlike here.
[05/05/23 22:48] Blackshade Rider: II bvlieee trhee is aa teahetr in the east
[05/05/23 22:48] Fyrd Argentus:But again, we need bodies to make it all work at the same time.
[05/05/23 22:49] Blackshade Rider: II mhgit be worng
[05/05/23 22:49] Fyrd Argentus:Not formal, impromptu.
[05/05/23 22:49] Fyrd Argentus:For lessons, experiments, fun.
[05/05/23 22:49] Fyrd Argentus:Open to all.
[05/05/23 22:49] Fyrd Argentus:And games. Definitely games.
[05/05/23 22:49] Fyrd Argentus:But, Mohammed must go to the mountain, as it were...
[05/05/23 22:50] Fyrd Argentus:I have plans for that game table...
[05/05/23 22:50] jakubhi:I think I am missing some reference here
[05/05/23 22:50] Fyrd Argentus:And possibly the stool...
[05/05/23 22:50] Blackshade Rider: Fryd drink with me and Stava
[05/05/23 22:50] Chewett:Ten minute warning :)
[05/05/23 22:50] Fyrd Argentus:The Cafe next to the maple?
[05/05/23 22:50] Fyrd Argentus: (thanks, Chewie)
[05/05/23 22:51] Chewett: (Depending how fast the wify drives lol)
[05/05/23 22:51] Fyrd Argentus:Or the bit about M going to the mountain, since the mountain won't come to him.
[05/05/23 22:51] Fyrd Argentus: (no sweat)
[05/05/23 22:51] jakubhi: (safe driving )
[05/05/23 22:51] Blackshade Rider: Oh Stava ins't drnuk ayornme
[05/05/23 22:51] jakubhi:the M
[05/05/23 22:52] Fyrd Argentus:It's a famous saying, but I really don't know the context very well.
[05/05/23 22:52] Fyrd Argentus:Islam.
[05/05/23 22:52] jakubhi:something like "we need to make this work with what we have" ?
[05/05/23 22:52] Fyrd Argentus:No matter how important a person is, the earth/mountain will not obey them.
[05/05/23 22:53] Fyrd Argentus:So since the people are here, I must bring the games here.
[05/05/23 22:53] jakubhi: ( https://i.pinimg.com/originals/45/e0/aa/45e0aa4dc5bbd187d37ebc5fd7ccfce5.jpg )
[05/05/23 22:54] Aksel:do pms go puff?
[05/05/23 22:54] Blackshade Rider: Puff?
[05/05/23 22:55] Fyrd Argentus:No... but they get buried...
[05/05/23 22:55] Blackshade Rider: Pms in game do deappisar aetfr aa whlie
[05/05/23 22:55] Aksel:so if I dig I will find pm from long time ago?
[05/05/23 22:55] Aksel:they don't ever get purged?
[05/05/23 22:55] Aksel:what time frame?
[05/05/23 22:56] Blackshade Rider: On frmuos no. Not form what II can tlel
[05/05/23 22:56] Aksel:ingame
[05/05/23 22:56] jakubhi:I dont think you can dig, you just won't find them anymoe
[05/05/23 22:56] Blackshade Rider: In game II thnik the time frmae is aa motnh or two I'm not srue
[05/05/23 22:56] Fyrd Argentus:I find some ancient ones in my deep queue ingame.
[05/05/23 22:56] Aksel:I managed to pull 6 month old
[05/05/23 22:56] Fyrd Argentus:But they're buried under others and you can't scroll that deep.
[05/05/23 22:56] Aksel:I wonder if I can go deeper?
[05/05/23 22:57] Fyrd Argentus:If you have categories, you can sometime find them.
[05/05/23 22:57] jakubhi:I think there is no time limit, just amount limit
[05/05/23 22:57] Chewett:They get deleted after a year I believe
[05/05/23 22:57] Aksel:I mean.... I just want to be able to eventually pull them
[05/05/23 22:57] Chewett:Forum is kept forever
[05/05/23 22:57] Chewett:Well until all participants delete it
[05/05/23 22:58] Aksel:okay managed to dig one from 10 months ago
[05/05/23 22:58] jakubhi: (just found 1 year and 3 days old msg)
[05/05/23 22:58] Aksel:so I should back them up if I don't want to lose them right?
[05/05/23 22:58] Chewett:That’s possibly because the deletion hasn’t run recently Jak
[05/05/23 22:58] :jakubhi nods
[05/05/23 22:58] Aksel:damn son, that's a lot of work
[05/05/23 22:58] Fyrd Argentus:My brain is getting old. Chewie generally knows best.
[05/05/23 22:59] Fyrd Argentus: (Something to be said for using the forum, Aksel....)
[05/05/23 22:59] Aksel:luckly I'm still younger than a year so that means all is still here
[05/05/23 23:00] Aksel:each use of forum means a moment that you are not in game which you would otherwise be in
[05/05/23 23:00] Fyrd Argentus:Ah, but the game encompasses the forum....
[05/05/23 23:01] Aksel:ultimately it's distancing the player out
[05/05/23 23:01] Aksel:no
[05/05/23 23:01] Aksel:forum encompasses the game
[05/05/23 23:01] Aksel:game is integral to forum, forum ain't integral to game
[05/05/23 23:02] Lazarus:That's where MD started ironically enough
[05/05/23 23:02] Aksel:ship started in shipyard
[05/05/23 23:02] Aksel:keeping it in there defeats it's purpose
[05/05/23 23:02] jakubhi:so, the forum was first? I imagine it was the old forum, not this one
[05/05/23 23:03] Aksel:you don't want your ship going into shipyard all the time, now don't you?
[05/05/23 23:03] Fyrd Argentus:Aksel, it's a bulletin board for trades, contests, etc.
[05/05/23 23:03] Fyrd Argentus:Publication of stories of interest.
[05/05/23 23:04] Blackshade Rider:It doesn't have to be used
[05/05/23 23:05] Fyrd Argentus:No, but it enhances the game.
[05/05/23 23:05] jakubhi:well, you need the shipyard for the ship to get the cargo *grins*
[05/05/23 23:05] Blackshade Rider:To a degree
[05/05/23 23:06] jakubhi:it is not easy to share a large message to everyone ingame, like quest announcements
[05/05/23 23:07] Fyrd Argentus:Nor is it fair, due to timezone differences, to neglect speaking with others...
[05/05/23 23:07] Blackshade Rider:My thing is that there should be a constant online NPC like players that mp3 and mp4 can attack to grind on, like the old mp2s used to be found in Golemus and necro
[05/05/23 23:07] Aksel:it's a crutch
[05/05/23 23:07] Fyrd Argentus:So you're a purist, of sorts.
[05/05/23 23:08] Blackshade Rider:They were able to attack them but if they won the fight it would disappear forever supposedly
[05/05/23 23:08] Aksel:new more integrated ways are bound to evolve inside the game, it's just evolution yet didn't catch up
[05/05/23 23:08] Lazarus:Nobody wants to put their ship in the shipyard all the time, but if it's broken that's where it will go
[05/05/23 23:08] Lazarus:AKA bug reports + publications/discussions etc
[05/05/23 23:08] Aksel:exactly
[05/05/23 23:08] Lazarus:It's an integral part of MD
[05/05/23 23:09] Fyrd Argentus:So, there is a billboard by the Well of Fortune.
[05/05/23 23:09] Lazarus:Occasional drama
[05/05/23 23:09] Fyrd Argentus:Do you think it should be reworked to be a realm-wide place for anybody to post anything they want?
[05/05/23 23:09] jakubhi:how can one write on the billboard? just interested
[05/05/23 23:09] Aksel:being necessary doesn't mean it' integral
[05/05/23 23:09] Fyrd Argentus:MDScript or A25 Tools
[05/05/23 23:10] Fyrd Argentus:But if you have neither, A25 could accept and regurgitate bulletins.
[05/05/23 23:10] Chewett:Originally the billboard was meant to be a location to post and complete quests but we moved that to the scroll
[05/05/23 23:10] Blackshade Rider:And MDScript requires multiple wps to unlock it's full potential
[05/05/23 23:10] jakubhi:well, it is worth thinking about, not a bad idea to have a place to "post" things ingame
[05/05/23 23:10] Aksel:I do think there should be ways inside game that pertain to game which would satisfy the needs of play
[05/05/23 23:10] Chewett:MDscriot can be given freely to anyone who asks
[05/05/23 23:11] Chewett:It can also create something that you don’t need mdscriot to use, see the post office
[05/05/23 23:11] Aksel:in other words, I believe that game/play related things should be in game and happen ingame
[05/05/23 23:11] Fyrd Argentus:It would not be a hard A25 project either.
[05/05/23 23:11] :jakubhi would be able to break everything by trying to implement things
[05/05/23 23:11] Aksel:forum is more a place of a metagame
[05/05/23 23:11] Fyrd Argentus:Then there is the Moodpanel....
[05/05/23 23:12] Blackshade Rider:So the WP I used to unlock the ability to use MDScript was wasted when I could had just asked for it freely?
[05/05/23 23:12] jakubhi:eh *shakes his head slightly* moodpanel is not the same
[05/05/23 23:12] Fyrd Argentus:... where you give links to internet docs...
[05/05/23 23:12] Fyrd Argentus:.. that explain rules, etc.
[05/05/23 23:12] :jakubhi goes to grab something sweet
[05/05/23 23:12] Aksel:if you do something pertaining to game interactions and role evoltuions as well as happenings, it should be done inside game not on forums, forums is an outside administative place
[05/05/23 23:13] Blackshade Rider:That's messed up
[05/05/23 23:13] Fyrd Argentus:Chewett, we don't have a post office, do we?
[05/05/23 23:13] Aksel:so yes purist in a way
[05/05/23 23:14] Lazarus:MD is not like PS games where it's self contained with built in playstore etc. This is a browser game with mechanics unlike any other
[05/05/23 23:14] Lazarus:Interactions and game evolutions happens in-game. See adventure logs
[05/05/23 23:14] Aksel:what is PS?
[05/05/23 23:14] Lazarus:Playstation
[05/05/23 23:14] Aksel:don't know never had one
[05/05/23 23:15] Chewett:We did have a post office, it was entirely in MD script. People could leave messages for others
[05/05/23 23:15] Chewett:It was pretty cool
[05/05/23 23:15] Chewett:iMO
[05/05/23 23:15] Chewett:We actually had two at one point lol
[05/05/23 23:15] Aksel:sounds cool
[05/05/23 23:15] Fyrd Argentus:What happened to it?
[05/05/23 23:15] Fyrd Argentus:them?
[05/05/23 23:15] Chewett:Mur banned it and rewarded the creators lol
[05/05/23 23:16] Aksel:why?
[05/05/23 23:16] Blackshade Rider:So if MDScript can be given freely if asked why is it in the WP shop still?
[05/05/23 23:16] Fyrd Argentus:GM's can do whatever they want, BSR.
[05/05/23 23:16] Chewett:There was an announcement
[05/05/23 23:16] :Blackshade Rider mumbles
[05/05/23 23:16] Chewett:Sorry on phone but I shall have a look when back
[05/05/23 23:16] Chewett:Search for post office and see if it comes up
[05/05/23 23:17] Chewett:Can someone post it up if they find it?
[05/05/23 23:17] :jakubhi goes to open all the annis and crash his notebook
[05/05/23 23:17] Aksel:I wanted to create a personal library of sorts for others to see, could it be done in mdscript
[05/05/23 23:18] Ivorak: [Ann. 1495]
[05/05/23 23:18] Blackshade Rider:And here I was using WP on MDScript. *Shakes his head* such a waste
[05/05/23 23:18] Chewett:That’s the one
[05/05/23 23:18] Chewett:The good old days
[05/05/23 23:18] Chewett:He didn’t ban me lll
[05/05/23 23:18] Chewett:Lol
[05/05/23 23:18] Lazarus:Astral plane? As in Cutler's astral plane?
[05/05/23 23:19] Chewett:Were there any others?
[05/05/23 23:19] Lazarus:No clue
[05/05/23 23:20] Aksel:But yes, I mean, what is the purpose of scripting something that already exists in the main interface, I say rule against alternate realities are valid and healthy
[05/05/23 23:21] Chewett:We can rewrite rules as needed, if they make sense
[05/05/23 23:21] Chewett:I need to finish this but I should be there in about fifteen minutes yall
[05/05/23 23:21] Chewett:I have a piece to say on this
[05/05/23 23:23] jakubhi: *whispers* nobody pass the wine to Chew, or we will have MD completely rewritten by tomorrow morning
[05/05/23 23:24] :Blackshade Rider pills his cloak over himself
[05/05/23 23:25] Chewett:Be merry while you wait ;)
[05/05/23 23:26] jakubhi:ha, Fyrd, I found one of your ancient posts
[05/05/23 23:26] :Blackshade Rider pokes his head out his cloak
[05/05/23 23:27] Blackshade Rider:I'm always hungry, I must always be fed. The finger I touch, will soon be red. What am I?
[05/05/23 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:Thorn?
[05/05/23 23:28] Ledah:Pfft, fire
[05/05/23 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:Mosquito?
[05/05/23 23:28] Blackshade Rider:Good guess, but no.
[05/05/23 23:29] Blackshade Rider:Ledah got it
[05/05/23 23:30] Blackshade Rider:Here's another
[05/05/23 23:30] Blackshade Rider:But harder
[05/05/23 23:30] Ivorak:I should probably rename this, because I haven't verified that everything on the list is actually allowed, but here are some things one could do if one was bored: https://miscellaneum.wordpress.com/2022/08/04/things-youre-allowed-to-do-in-magicduel/
[05/05/23 23:30] Blackshade Rider:I am taken from a mine and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost every person. What am I?
[05/05/23 23:31] jakubhi:mattress ?
[05/05/23 23:32] Blackshade Rider:Good guess but no
[05/05/23 23:32] jakubhi:pencil !
[05/05/23 23:32] Fyrd Argentus:clever
[05/05/23 23:33] jakubhi:and well, graphite inside the wood ?
[05/05/23 23:33] Blackshade Rider:More specifically pencil lead, but yes :)
[05/05/23 23:33] jakubhi:I just looked around my table and saw the pencils, otherwise I would not get it, good one *grins*
[05/05/23 23:35] Blackshade Rider:Ok easy one.
[05/05/23 23:36] Chewett:Right
[05/05/23 23:36] Blackshade Rider:I can be made, I can be told, I can be cracked. What am I
[05/05/23 23:36] Chewett:A joke ;)
[05/05/23 23:36] Blackshade Rider:Yes chew.
[05/05/23 23:36] Chewett:But I wouldn't say you are a joke, regardless of what others say!
[05/05/23 23:36] Chewett:Good evening one and all
[05/05/23 23:37] Blackshade Rider: *looks in his book* I know I got a really good one here somewhere
[05/05/23 23:37] Chewett:I first wish to thank Fyrd and others for entertaining us, and suggesting this event
[05/05/23 23:37] Fyrd Argentus:happy to, my pleasure
[05/05/23 23:37] Chewett:I wasn't really sure what we should do, and his suggestion was a good one that also met up well with my availability.
[05/05/23 23:39] Blackshade Rider: *closes his book* I'll continue in a few when chew is done
[05/05/23 23:39] Chewett:But here we are

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