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There are a number of puzzles, finished or otherwise in Golemus. The Pilars of harmony is only one. Tremir is right on the number of possibilities, six to the sixth or 46,656. A program to solve it exhaustively would need to have a dictionary and other capabilities. Better to just your your brain.

Those who got in were lucky. Simplyzero did this without taling to MrD, let alone Yrthilian or Wodin Ullr. All three were very upset and the Mr's struggled valiantly to save their whom from what, to them, appeared to an attack. I've seen one of Mur's PM to MrD, talked to him, Yr, Wodin, and Shoeps. The Mr's were acting entirely as they should have. From personal experience I can say this, show respect, ask politely, and you might be invited in on another occasion. That's my speculation, based on having asked for and received permission to remain without being attacked.

No of that is germane to the puzzles. It just gives some context.

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just that you know,

good news:

the pillars WORK, they are currently setup to open portals to several destinations, including secret destinations , or realy secret destinations lol

bad news:

there are no clues on how to use them, clues are in work and they will be truly awsome to research and discover once they are ready.

bad news no2:

once clues are ready the activation codes for all the destinations will change, and casting will also involve a ap or xpl cost to prevent automated attempts. So finding out the combinations right nwo its pure luck, and useless on the long run, but it can still be fun.

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