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Useful but annoying Surveyors obelisk

Blackshade Rider

Do you feel the obelisk blocks the beauty of the artwork once used up  

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Hello good day all. 

I'd like the opinions on if we should have these obelisk removed from the scenes after their use is not needed. 

It blocks the beautiful artwork!!!!!!!!!!

While yes, these obelisk are very useful for someone who has not gotten all the use out of them, thy serve no purpose when use up and out get a nic little message saying "nothing new". 

If I remember correctly these all had a limit how many times a player could use them. Some gave rp items some gave other stuff. But all were set to limited uses per player (if I remember correctly)

I feel it is possible for A25 to preform a simple fix to make these disappear for players who have used them up. And maybe if something new appear after used up they reappear. 

Here is an example of the cemetery. I have nothing new I can do with this one, but look at the beauty of the cemetery behind it. Haven't you ever dreamed of going further into the cemetery? No? Well still look at that beautiful work. Why block it when the obelisk has no more purpose for that specific player.


Would you agree to have these removed once the use of fulfilled? 

I also ask A25 users the opinions on how hard this may be.

Thanks all




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If they were all single-use, it would be easy to make them disappear after use.

I don't think they're supposed to reset when you go up a level - that was a bug once.  Would be BIG problem.

Unfortunately, all of the RP donor things have several uses before they are used up and A25 does not currently have access to the count.

So... the carto obelisks, easy.  The RP item ones, not.

Is this a one-by one project, where it's most important, or do you advocate doing them all?  I'd do one for you without discussion, but not all of them (assuming I could even find all of them...).

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p.s. Would you be happy if I just moved it up and to the right, in this case, so it doesn't block the view?

I need coords - don't recognize the spot.

Nope, won't work.  I found it and checked.  Would have to shrink the image (losing resolution).

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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8 minutes ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

p.s. Would you be happy if I just moved it up and to the right, in this case, so it doesn't block the view?

I need coords - don't recognize the spot.

This is the cemetery. Where we all go when we die :) it's a beautiful place. I've heard there is another scene walking up. 

I do not have A25 powers no longer or id gladly help but if you are willing to remove just one for me I'd vote for this one in the cemetery. I can not remember if it gave rp items. But it was a very long time ago. 

If I can help somehow just let me know :)


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I've made it so that you only have to click that obelisk one more time, and it vanishes.

If people want it to NOT disappear for them (or for anybody at all), I can turn off the key-giving part and leave it invisible for BSR.

If people have other precious places they wish it to disappear, let me know.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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  • Root Admin

Have you changed them all Fyrd? We should make them all uniform.

Rather than polluting the keys and adding another one, just use the key it uses to check if you have given the skill.

Can you change it to that so we can have a look and think. Its important to keep them as they will have other uses in the future :) (spoilers!)

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I have only changed the one, by adding a line of normal action and using that key to hide that one obelisk.

I did not presume to undertake finding every single obelisk.... (or have the energy for it).

I don't know that I have access to the key to which you refer.

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