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Lost Knator Story


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(I decided to try to write a story for fun, I will be releasing some short parts of it in irregular intervals. Maybe more  people will read it when it is not one long paragraph, hmm. The main idea of this story is to.. give certain areas in MD a bit of attention and life, I guess. I would be happy for any feedback. )



As a certain author once wrote:

 „Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one.

But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten. „

And so, a young knator ended up on a Gateway Island. It was unknown what took him away from the deep Loreroot forest, whether it was someone fooling around with spells or a hole in a reality.

But one thing was for sure. The knator did not have the slightest idea how to get back.

It was confused. And scared. It wanted to be home, in the forest, not.. whenever it currently was. 

Looking around, the knator found only an empty beach, a tall cliff, and an ocean. Above the ocean, there was a storm. It was not moving left nor right. As if it was just.. floating there. And getting larger. And larger.

The young knator realised that he needed to find a place to hide. And fast.



PS: I thought knators had tails, but now that I am looking, I can't find any in the pictures


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(Part 2)

The knator was running on the beach. It was full of sand, which the knator quickly started to hate. It was coarse and rough and irritating and it got everywhere.

The first arrived the wind. There was no transition from a slight breeze to a powerful gale. One moment, there was nothing. And in the next one, the young knator nearly lost balance from the strong force pushing him from the side.

The knator knew he could not stop.

The wind moved around the knator like a hunter circling prey. It was wild, quickly changing sides from which it blew, making the knator wobble from one side to another.

The visibility was also getting worse with all the sand in the air.

Even if there was some sort of shelter nearby, the knator would need to be very close to it to spot it.

A line of light appeared in the knator’s vision, and was gone as soon as it appeared.

The sound of thunder striking came a few second later.

And the knator continued to run.

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(Part 3)

Pain. Each breath hurt, each step he took felt like his last.

Everything was getting dark. The young knator was not sure whether it was because of the coming storm darkening the sky or his mind slowly dying.

He knew that if he stopped, he would not be able to continue searching.

And then.. he stopped. Something knocked his legs from under him, and he fell. The fall was hard and his head hurt. The ground was rough. The feeling of its surface reminded him of the Loreroot, of its beautiful trees.

The Knator looked down.

Wood. He was lying on wooden planks. That was why he fell, he must have hit some wooden structure.

With the last reserves of energy he did not even know he had, he managed to get up. Slowly, he walked on the wooden planks, following where they led.

After only a few steps, the wood ended. He saw that there was something surrounding him, like he was in a tunnel. The storm and sand obscured what it was. The wind became a bit better, and the knator quickened his pace. The tunnel-like environment ended, and he was back in an open area, still  a bit obscured by the flying sand.

And before him, a single tree stood.

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