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Unable to Connect to Server


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Hello. I've been playing for 4 months, and this is the first time I've got this kind of problem. I seem to be unable to even connect to the magicduel server at all. It has been working fine before and it just suddenly not working anymore earlier today (around 8 hours ago). The page just won't load. I tried using both IE and firefox, and neither was successful. I even tried magicduel .org but also to no avail. I had consulted about this with chewett earlier, and he said that it usually loads after 5 minutes of retrying. However, it seems that I might be experiencing something different, as it has been 8 hours and I still get the same response. The server is taking too long to respond on mozilla, and simply the page cannot be displayed on IE. Anyone has any idea what happened?
Btw, my region is on South East Asia, Indonesia to be precise.

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Sometimes that happens to me too. I get periods of time where the page just won't load. Its usually because of my wonky wireless which cause lag issues *rolls eyes*. I wonder it happens more for players not living in the US/Europe. I vaguely remember Udgard living somewhere near where I live.

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I'm in the US and this has happened to me to... and yes I have that add-on to... :P it gets annoying when you are exploring a site where the coding is 'supposedly' base in one country while the server is somewhere else.... well at least i finally figured out how to turn that single alert off.... also something else i would like to say is that if you go idle on the .org and click resume play it brings you to the .com. hope you fix this soon, with where i am stuck i am using both websites a lot, and also if you are logged into lets say the .com version then logg in to the .org then go idle for a while it will log you out on the .org and keep you logged in on the .com version, also if you hit the logout button on the .com version both versions log out but if you hit log out on the .org version it only logs the .org version out.

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