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The Kelle'tha Order archives have been locked ages ago, with some posts dating back 15+years ago.

They represent bits and pieces of debates and first-hand information , from the young ages of MagicDuel, many things inspired from documents prepared before MD, as part of its design concepts.


Its been so many years since these archive closed, and i decided its a pity to lose all this valuable information, so i am unlocking access to these records, for research purposes, but also historic purposes. I moved all records from the "Kelle'tha Records" section to one of the locked sections, many had duplicates, posted about same time (not sure why). I wanted to preserve the records as they where so i did not combine the informations under same topics, instead you will find them all as they where, including the duplicate (or almost duplicate) records.

Each subforum is protected by a password, and you will be able to reach that password through a quest created by Aelis (under my supervision). 

This access is about knowledge , and so will be the path leading to it.

Obtaining the password to all subforums does not entitle you to any rights regarding the Kelle'tha in-game Guild, currently locked. If this guild will ever be unlocked and usable, and in what way, it will depend mostly on overall MD activity, and the opinion of former order members, if they are reachable.

I enabled posting and replying to members of Border Research and A25 group, so they can complete the archive with valuable information, if they want to. They will still need to discover the access password to these forums, so not everyone in these groups may respond, but anyone obtaining the password can view the records.

Aelis will followup with details about the quest when it will be ready.

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  • Root Admin


Many of the records in this archive are ancient, some of the concepts presented here i perfected, fine-tuned over the years, others are not even things i agree with. I kept the views of who wrote the posts as they where, as they are valuable research. 

Many things found in the archvies are common knowledge in MD now, but please keep in mind that at the time of their writing, these where secrets.

These archives are a journey into the past.

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