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RPC list not showing all rpcs


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as title says it all, here is a proof (picture) and omegaweapon is rpc but he isnt showed on list


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If you look right down at the bottom
[quote]RPC's (or game characters) are players with special roles in this game world. They can give rewards or act as their role description states. Do not confuse this with Moderator or Support operator status. [b]There are more RPC's in game but these are considred the one active.[/b][/quote]

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as we are at it: has anyone seen .morpheus. in person? i roamed every realm of mb, asked some of the most ancient beings, but never did i find anyone who actually met the dreamshaper, nor did they know of his whereabouts. just a dying a legend?
his...fabled... existance plays a major role for my char...

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There was this one instance Morpheus came. Was a big clamor. Left.

He doesn't come unless needed. He's still here.. a player that has an ability to travel dream worlds, but can also come into regular game world when called. He's otherwise like any other rpc, you can pm him if you have a link to do so, he can talk, etc. He just doesn't come on often unless someone publically searches his powers.

ome is too busy to fill rpcs duties; he's trying to get a Ph.D.

Gilbert and Speaker of Shades are largely inactive, but still rpcs. Gilbert doesn't yet have a rpc function/special abilities, but there are plans for him. Speaker of Shades, like Morpheus, only comes on when needed. They don't have a description because they haven't submitted one to the game creator yet.

All my supposition, except that seeing Morpheus come and the ome part. Was there when he said that chatting with others.

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Sorry, knew that at first but forgot when reading the other guy's post about Speaker of the Shades... guessing he means Khalz. I meant Shade Sentinel.

Speaker of the Dead was originally protector of that tree in the Path of Loneliness. Players complained he was inactive, and he is. I think Zlei took his place, dunno if Speaker of the Dead will get another role or be removed permanently from the list.

I have no idea what is with that tree.. all it does is bloom, but people are so protective that there have been two official protectors. Not that the average player can harm it. ;)

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The Tree (Bob as his popular name goes, Steve as the Official poll went) first Bloomed to signify the Introduction of Magic (of any sort) to MD. I recall it as being one of the first Public Gatherings that I ever witnessed in MD, it seemed to signify the Rise of RPCs with powers and not to long after that Alliances were introduced in their current format.

I know Mur tried to get rid of the RPCs he considered Inactive, either he knows something we don't about these folks (Gilbert and Speaker for the Dead) or they slipped through the cracks. Also I question that Akasha is still there, I know she did a lot to help the game in it's Early stages but I had heard she was gone for good...

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And it needs protectors because of that? Also annoying how people gather around it and pretend to chat with it, largely because that is the first thing I see when I log on daily to check announcements. Dolts. Ought to move somewhere else sometime, when I feel like spending the energy to click an arrow.

Akasha is still here, logs on regularly. Don't know if her role will expand though, would be cool if it did since it was one of the first... I forget where her branched ended and any consequences of it to the game.

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