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Inner Sun - Free No one and I am Bored


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Well, here I am starting a support group for those who got trapped. (Why am I the one to write this anyways...?)

Any ideas? Also nice would be if those interested in a rescue would write here so I can make a list..especially if they have free access to Necrovion. (That makes a rescue easier, since we do not need .Khalazdad. to open the gates then)

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Hmm...it is a bit hard to differentiate..I personally think they are in Necrovion, where an archive rests (and nobody heard of)

Otherwise you cannot explain the part with the Shades mentioned.

But who knows? It might be a bit too early to start a support group yet..let's see what they discover. This is more meant to get things done beforehand instead of waiting a long time for everyone to gather.

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Hm. I would like to go in ^^

I was wondering about this particular plot, being called the Inner Sun and all, could it be related with Mur/Shoeps as they are "Soldiers of the Inner Sun" (I think O.o)?

I guess we couldn't do much yet and let Noone and IamB explore a while, maybe will reveal clues and such.

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I'd be glad to provide any help I can.

If they're really at the house of tainted times, then getting to them could prove to be quite challenging. I don't know that there is a way in. Is there anyone that can freely enter at this point?

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They cannot be reached by conventional means, there is no way to get to them from the archives nor from Outer Necro.. And yes I already tried hi jacking Renavoid's spaceship.. The pillars may work, The teleporter device (if you know about it good if not too bad :P) and the Ferry Man will not grant access to inner necro which from what Ive been told is where they are "located"...

So Ive been working on a spell to free them.. If you wish to aid me or have another idea please pm I'm usually at the fountain of dark vibrations..

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[quote name='I am Bored' post='19209' date='Oct 31 2008, 05:37 AM']i have used the transporter before to go into the house am i who you are thinking of?[/quote]

Actually, yes =D
I was thinking that my memory was not serving me well, but I guess, good job memory!

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