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Illusion Test - all signed up people.


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Cryxus, the legendary mp4, and captain of the Crimson Blade, ID 91129, at your service *bows*

Edit: Who the Hell are you? next time you post for something like this dont big yourself up. unless you are legendry of course

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[quote name='Blaze777' post='19822' date='Nov 15 2008, 01:45 AM']Although I would like to know exactly what "reset partialy" means.[/quote]
I'm taking that to mean that there's a chance that things could go very "corrupted data" wrong and the only recovery option would be a manual reset of the affected function. Like for example, say... your wins/losses counter is tested, except something goes wrong and your track record becomes unrecoverable gibberish. At that point your entry would probably be manually reset to 0/0, and there's a chance it could cascade into other parts of your account. Just an example off the top of my head though.

We're signing up for some dangerous stuff so if there's a part of this account you're particularly attached to, I'd be ready for the worst. I do keep my little journal in more than one place, should the unthinkable happen.

Question for this myself. How shall we report anything we find unusual? The normal bug reports section is now not only invalid to all participating, but there's potential spoilers to be had.

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