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About the Illusion test


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Well guys I just wanna help a bit this test and I´m quite nervous with this so all I can say is:
-Take screenshots of everything on your account
-Minions,their stats
-Your honor
-The wins and losts fight
-Your own stats
-Your equipped items

If something goes wrong this can help somehow and you can use this topic for putting the screensohts of those things in here but only when something goes wrong because spoilers take a lot of space and would be a mess.
So just post this stuff in here if something went bad.
Thank you! =)

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this might be theory-crafting, but if it is for us to know yet:
what's the difference between mp2 and mp7? i am mp4 and have hit the exp cap, so i would become mp2. [spoiler]since i guess one of the differences will be that mp2 can't reduce their player exp[/spoiler], i might want to ascend during the test, depending on its lenght. this might or might not cause complications... so any idea what would happen?
possible outcomes i tought of:

mp2 -> mp5, disjoined from illu test?
mp2 -> mp3, disjoined from illu test?
mp2 -> mp7, test running normaly?
impossible to ascend

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  • Root Admin

asceding from mp2 will have only one outcome ... start of the game as its now, mp3. Mp2 will be the new startig level in a new place, this is one of the reasons i delayed mp4 testing of mp2 becaues i have to stop them from advancing tho their own doom somehow (mp3 start resets everything)

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