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i'd love it if the honor system was gone for good, there was a lot of clamoring about it...now ppl will have to find a new feature that bugs them, i wonder what's going to be the next^^

another question: why sheath? i don't get it...
can anyone explain me what's meant with that? giving up includes sheathing one's sword, i know that much, but i don't get how it fits with the new way to say win, which is sword... the winner gives the loser the deadly blow with the SWORD while the loser is holding his SHEATH up to sheath his sword as gesture of retreating? or does he block the blow with the sheath? why not with the sword?

please explain^^

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  • Root Admin

the info on the right side about honor, win, loss was in a bad place because it was not updating as you played but just showing info since last refresh. That was very confusing and was causing people to ask why they dont see fights count increase or honor changes. The realtime values you see by clicking your playername in the online player list.

No changes to the honor system yet, but i am not done.

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very few people care for honor ; could it be a greater reward for those over 5000?

let's say if I fight with honnor (5000+) I do not lose exp or Value points [spoiler]even if I beat those trees
IMHO this is gonna bring some ballance weight ...
...on the fair side

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dst, you can't see it because you are in an ally ;-)
neither can i, for that matter... but hey, who cares for honor, the system tells you once you go under -500, and as long as that doesn't happen, why should i mind my honor? there's nothing you can gain from having high honor anyway =D

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