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New Layout redesign


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the slideshow on the left side...the screens from king mur himself...everything is just great^^

ps: the .:HOME:. button bugs me a bit...it doesn't fit with all the other artwork on the page... maybe a simple shade of grey - brown would fit better than violet...and another font, maybe [font="Book Antiqua"]Book Antiqua[/font], or [font="Century Gothic"]Century Gothic[/font]^^
plus, it should be either on every page or on none (i'd prefer on none, the navigation on top is cool enough)

but that's just me searching for hair in the soup =) it's still great^^

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[quote name='Gargant' post='21227' date='Dec 4 2008, 01:10 PM']Was left nearly speechless by it.

I can only describe my reactions by a series of small yellow faces:

*ahem* then I recomposed myself and logged in.

Nice one Manu!!

(And El trunko)[/quote]

Totally agree with Garg :)

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Ok ok i agree its very nice but the point i think that mur wants us to talk about it is to...praise him:P and also, to find anything we think should be made better? So lets all say thank you its great:)

Now, things we could consider *not saying its bad everything looks nice:)*
-Why is...the create new character...whys the area around it also made as a link? Maybe its a trick:P bt maybe there can be a hyperlink ONLY to the create character botten.
-The left hand side...i suppose its murs trade mark, very nice. The annimation is very atractive i must say...although...why does my mouse show i can press something? Can it not just run...by itself without showing its a link when its not? Other than that perfect:)
-The top of the web page where the links for log in, register, forums, old stuff etc...can it not be adjusted a bit more to the left? It looks like its squished all into the right.
-Color...nice:) I dont have anything to say about it i like it:)
-Music...sorry my sound system is not working atm...i may listen to it some other time but im sure its good:)


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The new layout is very good.... [img]http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/grinser/grinning-smiley-003.gif[/img]

Just to tell that there is a pixel, right in the bottom of the page, beneath the "Phone: +40.720.665.996 (Romania)".
A white pixel that redirects to "http://www.trafic.ro/?rid=magicduelcom"

Continue with the great work...


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[quote name='lightsage' post='21266' date='Dec 4 2008, 07:09 PM']It's just the frontpage only reason to make a new account is to check out MP2

PS it looks great but maybe size the login button up a bit?[/quote]

Hmm...i didnt consider adding the log in botton onto...my previous post, i usually log in using a link saved on my favorites.

Although it is a good idea to resize it...

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I honestly don't like it, it seems too main stream in terms of online gaming, which was part of the appeal to this game at least for me, the simplistic looking home page yet amazing game world..

It's tacky and I hate it :)

[spoiler](yes everyone is entitled to MY opinion)[/spoiler]

Plus its not Gopher friendly :(

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I see the tree has been put up there, nice touch B). And I like the animation~ at least until Granos spoiled it for me with his opinion :/

*easily influenced*

One thing is the darker color of the... paper? It just looks too dark for me, even if it fits better with the dark brown in the background. And the diagram of that one really famous math figure that I forget, being the lowly, uninformed and forgetful person that I am, part of it goes onto the background and it's hard to see. Might vary with resolution/browser, don't know.

Is there music still? :/ I thought the song was nice, but honestly, I had to avoid it every time I logged on. Reminded my family I was logging onto a computer game, and eh..

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I like the new layout over all, but there's a few small things that bug me.

The animation on the Left Side, it looks great, but I'm not sure why you have to rollover it to start it.

The General Info page is also rather weak... I think it would be a better to have that text on the Homepage and just not have a special Section for it.

Love the new Screen shots (I'm Immortalized as having Revised something about the Moon now :))

And for those who didn't know, the Music is the same great little tune that it was before.

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It looks pretty, much less eye-hurting than the previous page if I recall correctly. But at the same time, it just seems to conflict with Magicduel's theme of beauty in simplicity. But, no, not really the design. The color. Black thin lines white body gold highlight? I can see that it's sort of preserved in the new page but it's not loyal. It isn't the same clear-cut contrast.

But I think it is an adequately attractive homepage, and maybe it ought to be different since the homepage as advertisement has a different tone from the game anyway. I'm just not sure I wouldn't like it the other way better.

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I agree with Myrrh. The entire game does not have a blue in it (and if it does it is a very small part) and consists of oranges, red, white, and black. Why then is the homepage so colorful?

If the homepage is supposed to be a snapshot of what the game has to offer... it's currently showing a very different game. Not to mention that most of the creatures in the sideshow are not available (correct me if I'm wrong).

I don't mind the flashy part so much, actually it's very aesthetically pleasing, especially Mur's signature. But maybe a slight shift in color pallet more towards that of the real game, and it would more than just wonderful. It would be perfect.


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[quote name='awiiya' post='21481' date='Dec 7 2008, 08:55 PM']I agree with Myrrh. The entire game does not have a blue in it (and if it does it is a very small part) and consists of oranges, red, white, and black. Why then is the homepage so colorful?[/quote]

Maybe Mur is going to change the game skin... :)

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