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Do You Believe In Santa Claus?



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[quote name='dst' post='21534' date='Dec 8 2008, 02:55 PM']I believe in everyone that brings me presents :mellow:[/quote]

lol I guess that would be true. But in time we are atm only really small child's believe in Santa. I would like to believe but to many things are against it XD

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[quote name='Chewett' post='21601' date='Dec 9 2008, 06:57 AM']Damm. might have to go get the video player out and see if it still works.[/quote]

I dont believe in santa claus...but if anyone does see him, tell him he owns me present BIG TIME and im gna kick his ass for missing a few presents for a couple of years!!!

I agree with dst i like people that bring me presents XD

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[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' post='23146' date='Dec 30 2008, 07:43 PM']Santa isn't real people, sorry to break it to you... ;)[/quote]

Then who puts all the presents under the tree and eats the cookies I leave out for him?

Answer that Mr Know-It-All :)

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your parents eat the cookies, and an angel brings the gifts and lights the candles, i thought everyone knew that...

i wonder if anybody here knows that tale, watching the x-mas movies, i get the strange feeling that the fat red guy is more common than the christmas angel in most countries ...

PS: kiddies, don't drink coke, you see how fat you grow when you do it!! :lol:

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Santa claus Can't be real. the dutch people emigrating to Amerika took our tradition 'sinter klaas, their. wich was a holy men during 1400, wich brought money to the girls who coulden't effort the wedding gifts. but because most people coulden't pernounce it, it was made 'santa claus, ..

you can see that they sound pretty much the same? sinter klaas, santa claus?

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*can't*? prove it....

isn't likely, perhaps, but i disagree

there are many different explanations as to how the name came about, that is just one of them, a popular one, but still one of many

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I believe In Santa,right with the Easter Bunny and the Little Itsy Bitsy Chubby Cupid........What?!Cant i have some hope....sad people who believe in air but cant believe in Santa....

Obs.:Please dont make a fool of yourself the red colour isnt from Coca-Cola,my teacher once said that and i had the intent to throw him a book of religion.....bible to be precise...its the biggest book a iver saw lol...the red comes from the legends and tradition it doesnt have anything to do with coca cola except the fact that those cute pole bears really drink coca cola!

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