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What do you want for christmas?

Lady Fang

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i want a car and i want a life and i want a first class trip to hawaii...
i want a life time supply of skittles and slurpees and eskimo pie, i want a DVD, a big screen TV...


i'd also love a ticket to a concert of simple plan ;-)
but all i really care for is having a good time with my family, which i happen to see not that often...and 'after the sunset' by stephen king =)

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I wan be .. but sh! this is not Santa's job; I wanna get ... no, neither this

Do you think Santa know the numbers to the lottery?

I'm gonna make the broken pattern GAz and Mur is gonna dress like santa to give me a drakhorn and the Archeopterix I saw at DST.
First things first: Go to make a sacrifice to have place for one more creat or two.

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I want a new keyboard and mouse after my nice wireless receiver died and now im stuck with a crummy 5 year old keyboard and a tiny usb mouse that likes to disconnect its self every 5 mins :'(

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Lets see... Creature Wise I'd like a Wind Dragon or a Santa. I need them both to "Have them All" or at least all that are available at the moment...

More than that I want some cool Astronomy Related Spells... Which really means I just need some Good Ideas and to catch Mur in a good Mood... (Preferably a Super-Power Giving Mood)

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