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Awards ceremony, final stage


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You are all formally invited to the First annual Magic duel end of year awards ceremony.

The ceremony will take place at the following location
Sage's keep interior (Assuming mur will be okay with this, Calyx has agreed to take us in there)

at: 21:00 Server time (19:00 GMT)

on: Wednesday 17th of december.

All nominees will be brought inside

Anyone else who wishes to attend should place their name here including any .'s or *'s

I hope this topic will pick up speed and we'll have a good crowd.

Thanks for your support

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Yes chewett I will post a full list of winners after the event.

And yes please post player names here as it makes life easier.

Also if anyone cannot make it please don't be surprised if you wake up in the keep, it just means you are a nominee. It also makes it easier for me to give you your award (Yes we have ACTUAL awards :P) all at once rather than chasing people around for weeks after


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