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Rit Destruction


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I don't have a screeny, sadly, but today, my def rit got busted.
The thing is, it never got destroyed, all cfreatures was still at their full health, and the last battle where the def rit was invoked only took me 30% (but took the enemy 100%, could it be that the game mistook it here?). Then the next battle, I was already gettin other rits kickin in, and the def rit mentioned on the title was destroyed and forgotten, when it was actually never destroyed..

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Maybe the burst was what happened, but still, that doesn't explain how my crts are all still alive, as I had 6 crts on that rit and regen skill below 100, so each one should regen only about 16% each, 25% tops with birdie's regen skill (dunno exactly how much they add).

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