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Xmas Gift Bug


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lol haha... maybe you have been a naughty boy this year :rolleyes:

that nerver happened to me and i really really wish it doesnt happen :P but if it only happene to 1 or 3 people then its definitely a bug.. when was this? as soon as the gifts was told about? or 1 day after?

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It's more like.. all the time we get the VE bonus (except the one that comes with VP, that is a bonus indeed), it instead sets our VE to that amount, that includes the VE+heat bonus and the restored to full VE bonus (which destroys any VE extra VE we have above max).

Anyways, it's a gift, so it should not really be a problem, isn't it? ^^

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the exra elorin devices and added friends has any had problems with not getting them or just me and my alt... if 6 is still max cool on the heat but on my lvl 3 i did not get a 3rd or anything on the friends list

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