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Christmas Gifts

Death Bell

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hey guys i am sure most of you would have used the christmas gifts :rolleyes: i thought different ones in different sections have diffferent powers but it seems its random... so any1 of you have got anything of high value like... 11k vit (YEAH)..
i want to know if any of you got some high VP ?

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you shouldn't open your gifts before murmas... naughty naughty =P

but, i have to give in that i'm a bit naughty, too... i already opened all 4 big presents =P
i got 3 times +1 point on every stat, and once 6k vit plus 4k value^^

i've also tried a few of the cookies, and they didn't seem to change my max vit... they just gave me some temp extra vit =)

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no i mean couple thousand Vp so i can buy some expensive armor. (the temp one where it reset after counter hits zero.)

yeah manu.. i cant wait for the big gifts.. :rolleyes:

I would like to thank lightsage, and asahina and eiggerreggie for there time. because without these three guys i would never been able to buy the santa or jester :P .. they helped me get over 400k total exp.

I now have 493k total exp :angry:

Edit: manu will the nutcracker stay in the MD shop even after new year and Christmas?

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Well summing everything up from the big presents (Thanks Mur :)) i got: 278 perm VE, 1568 perm VP, an increase in friend list. 73k exp to all my creatures, 35 won battles to all crits., an usless 1 heat device, a bloodpact archer level 3 and some stats increase for an hour. Nice :D

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And in an alt i opened the presents again and i got:
+friend list
+315 vit (perm)
+35 won fights to all crits
+2258 VP (perm)
+26k to all crit
+A Joker
+1 heat storage
+Stat boost.

So you could say, crit exp, battles, VE and VP and creature are the only things that are random

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wow you guys got premium creatures nice... Is it because you guys are in higher mind power level. If so then you guys are so lucky.. since the premium creatures need such a long upgrade cost..
But you guys got the malready upgraded ^_^.

I got (i am mp3)
318 pem VE
1612 perm VP
1 heat slot (still not showing on my page)
Elemental lvl 6
11k exp to all creat
35 won fights to all creat (thanks to this i can upgrade my pimped grasan to max)
creature exp - 713k
total exp 493k

I must say i am VERY LUCKY.... for i was concentrating on only buying the eggs i wont have noticed it.. but thank god i find the presents.

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I got a lv 2 and a maxed joker at my mp3s, but only a lv 6 daimon on my main T_T. And.. about 70k xp for each of my mp3 accounts O_o. I'm gettin the feelinf that mp3s gets better presents.. (nah, I think it was just luck. Anyone got drachorns?)

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